October 16, 2016

Janice Wong Restaurant @ National Museum Singapore ~ Where Food Meets Art? Not Your Ordinary Dim Sum

It was a moment of déjà vu for me when our meal at Janice Wong Restaurant was over.

Janice who? Janice Wong.

For the uninitiated, she is the acclaimed local pastry chef who has learned from some of the world's best chefs including Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Oriol Balaguer, and Pierre Hermé, and is named Asia's Best Pastry Chef by San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best for 2013 & 2014.

Janice Wong Restaurant is her eponymous flagship establishment for her sweets retail shop that also includes a 40-seater restaurant serving Mod-Chinese savory fare.

This is her latest venture after opening 2am:dessert bar in Singapore's Holland Village back in 2007, followed by 2am:lab as well as outposts in Tokyo and Hong Kong. So impressive for a young girl who is only in her early-30s! However.....

October 12, 2016

Sin Huat Seafood Restaurant @ Sin Huat Eating House, Geylang ~ That AWESOME Crab Bee Hoon!!!

The food is supposedly so good that renowned chef Anthony Bourdain proclaimed it to be one of the 13 Places to Eat Before You Die, and 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore deemed it worthy of a Bib Gourmand acknowledgement.

Even so, we had hesitated about visiting Sin Huat Seafood Restaurant for the longest time because of the reputed negativities. Exorbitant prices. "Food nazi" chef. Rude service. Long waiting time. All are infamously as famous as Sin Huat's legendary crab bee hoon dish.

But when we finally plucked up our courage, we were rewarded with the most most most AWESOME CRAB BEE HOON! The best I've ever eaten in my life! #notexaggerating #notanyhowsaysay

October 10, 2016

Whitegrass Restaurant @ Chijmes ~ Lovely Modern Australian Cuisine In A Most Beautiful Setting

One of the most beautiful restaurants I've dined at this year is..... Whitegrass.

Situated within the historic grounds of Chijmes, the Australian fine dining restaurant is prettily dressed in feminine shades of turquoise and pastel pink, with gorgeous mural of whimsical motifs of flowers, birds and fishes hand-painted across a side of the wall.

As for the food, it was just as lovely in both presentation and taste. What a heavenly match.

October 08, 2016

Mondo Mio Italian Restaurant @ Robertson Quay ~ 10th Anniversary 4-Course Set Menu at Only $45++ Per Person

Mondo Mio Italian Restaurant is one of the numerous establishments in Roberston Quay which we might have passed by before but never really take notice, until we were made aware recently that the Southern Italian restaurant has introduced a collection of off-the-menu specials on top of a freshly revamped menu in light of its 10th anniversary.

What?! 10 years! I was pretty astounded for it's no mean feat for any independent dining joint to survive this long in our competitive local F&B scene. Foodies (myself included) can be an "unfaithful" bunch as we are always in search of NEW openings, or the next Instagram-worthy darling.

How did Mondo Mio manage to survive for so long? Two reasons came to mind: Either the food is damn good, or .....

October 06, 2016

Seoul Jjimdak @ City Square Mall ~ Hearty Korean Braised Chicken & Army Stew! Delicious!

PinkyPiggu was in a taxi on her way to City Square Mall at Kitchener Road when the driver asked, "you go there for what? There very quiet leh. Got things to see meh?".

Aiyah, the taxi uncle don't know lah. The mall may not be the most bustling or have the trendiest shops, but its F&B outlets have sufficient draw to lure us over.

Besides Wok Master for zhi char meals, there is also Seoul Jjimdak, a casual restaurant specializing in hearty Korean fare such as Jjimdak and Budae Jjigae.

I must emphasize: DELICIOUS Jjimdak and Budae Jjigae!

October 02, 2016

Saigon Alley @ Novena Gardens ~ Affordable & Tasty Vietnamese Fare! Go! Go! Go!

There is so much more to adore about Vietnamese cuisine besides the ubiquitous pho, banh mi and rice paper roll. That is what we discovered during our recent trip to Saigon Alley.

Located at Novena Gardens (next to Revenue House), Saigon Alley is a casual dining concept serving a range of comforting home-style Vietnamese cuisine inspired by the street food of Ho Chi Minh City and the colorful vibes of Saigon.

We went, we ate, we fell in love with the yummy food and quaint little place.

September 30, 2016

Sumptuous Weekend Barbecue Buffet Dinner @ Cocobolo Poolside Bar + Grill, Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Barbecue feasting under the stars!

That's exactly what we did just a few moons ago when we had a firsthand preview of Cocobolo Poolside Bar + Grill's revamped weekend barbecue buffet menu.

Come 30th September 2016, the new menu will feature an upsized variety of premium meats and seafood items, along with an expanded selection of appetizers and hot mains.

September 28, 2016

Wok Master @ City Square Mall ~ Recommended For Hearty Zhi Char & Claypot Delights!

He jio, we go. This time it's for zhi char!

Not at a typical coffeshop zhi char stall though. The intended place is Wok Master which serves up an array of claypot and wok-fried dishes in the comfort of a casual restaurant setting. Situated within level 2 of City Square Mall, the location is directly connected to Farrer Park Mrt Station (NE8) so no worries about being caught in any temperamental weather situations either.

Ahh... a sumptuous zhi char meal in a convenient location with air-conditioning! This sounds like a great plan!

September 26, 2016

Boruto Japanese Tapas & Sake Bar @ South Bridge Road ~ Totally Adored Its Excellent Food, Service & Energetic Vibes!

Instead of the vibrant, anime world of "Boruto", we stepped into a dimly-lit, minimalist industrial-chic space with raw, concrete flooring and metal finishing. Meaning "vault" in Japanese, this is a nod to the premise's past life as a bank.

Welcome to Boruto Japanese Tapas & Sake Bar, a double-storey establishment located along South Bridge Road that offers modern tapas dishes, as well as a wide variety of sake, shoju and Japanese whisky, most of which are exclusively brought in.

Not too much of drinkers ourselves (PinkyPiggu prefers to eat her calories), we indulged in their food which turned out to be so memorably good that we made repeated visits. Ooh that Uni Pasta and Saga Beef & Foie Gras Rice Bowl!!!

September 22, 2016

White Restaurant, The Original Sembawang White Bee Hoon @ Toa Payoh ~ Other Branches At Sembawang, Sun Plaza & Punggol

When mummy suggested to have Sembawang white beehoon for dinner, my first reaction was, "Aiyah don't want lah. Sembawang so far, so hot, and you want to queue meh?"

I then realized she meant the branch at Toa Payoh near where she stays. Oh yes, there is air-conditioned comfort and the queue wasn't too long since we chiong-ed for early dinner.

For those who have yet to know, the popular Sembawang White Bee Hoon at Jalan Tampang's You Huak Restaurant has went on to open more branches at Punggol, Sun Plaza and Toa Payoh since the 2nd generation owner took over. It is now rebranded as White Restaurant, The Original Sembawang White Beehoon, in relation to their signature dish.

September 20, 2016

Ryo Sushi @ Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar ~ Japanese Diner With Cheap $18, $38 & $68 Sushi Omakase & That Bitter Uni Bowl

Contemporary sushi diner Ryo Sushi has opened last week at Orchid Hotel, at the exact spot where Cake Spade used to be before they moved to a bigger unit down Tanjong Pagar Road.

The "24 Hr Diner" signage can be misleading as the sushi bar currently opens only for certain hours during lunch and dinner services, and is closed on Sundays, though there are plans to move into the round-the-clock concept once operations settles down with sufficient manpower.

With a opening promotion that offers diners a chance to experience 10-course Omakase menu at a jaw-dropping cheap price of $18nett, we were sold....

September 18, 2016

Lewin Terrace @ Fort Canning Park ~ Lovely Japanese-French Fusion Restaurant With Exquisite Cuisine. The Autumn Sho-Ki Menu Is Worth The Indulgence!

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Which season is the most..... beautiful delicious?

Our perpetually sunny Singapore might not be in a locational position to live through any weather changes of the four seasons, but we are blessed to be a gastronomic island where different periods of the year can be experienced through..... food!

Starting this September for 3 months, Lewin Terrace presents flavors of Japanese Autumn through beautifully-crafted Japanese-French fusion dishes in its latest Sho-Mi menu.

September 16, 2016

Butterknife Folk @ River Valley Road ~ Captivating Cakes, Gelato & More! Go Go Go!

Let us eat cake. Lots and lots of cakes.

My balloon-like waistline was prepared to let it go when my friend and I made plans to meet for afternoon tea and cakes at Butterknife Folk. Literally a new kid on the shophouse block along River Valley Road, the recently-opened patisserie specializes in French-inspired cakes, as well as gelato and coffee.

If these doesn't sound enticing yet, wait till the moment when those luscious cakes come into sight.

September 12, 2016

DW Workshop, Bistro, Café, & Retail @ Rochester Drive, Buona Vista ~ What A Hidden Gem!

PinkyPiggu loves DW Workshop! And there are good reasons for making such a bold statement.

Occupying a charming black and white colonial heritage building, DW has several concepts converging at one location. It is a bistro, hipster café, as much as it is a design workshop and retail space as well.

Eat, drink, create, shop, all at once. Its premises is sooooo chio and so Instagrammable too!

If there is a best-kept "secret" in the Rochester Drive, it could very well be DW.

September 10, 2016

Peach Blossoms @ Marina Mandarin Singapore ~ Chinese Restaurant Launches New Organic Healthy Food Menu

Let's eat healthy and get healthier!

Those who want to start eating light and right might want to check out Peach Blossoms' specially-crafted Organic Healthy Food menu that is available only for the month of September.

Featuring predominately organic plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients such as mushrooms, beancurd and a wide variety of vegetables, the new dishes are a refreshing change from the heaviness of a typical Chinese meal.

Lest you think vegetables are boring, I shall tell you why it is more interesting than imagine.