July 22, 2016

Four Points Eatery & The Best Brew @ Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview (Former Riverview Hotel)

Bye bye to Riverview Hotel. Hello to Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview!

The former Riverview Hotel along Havelock Road have recently gone through a revamp. After 16 months of renovation works, it has been transformed and rebranded to Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview.

What got us interested is their refreshed dining concepts (of course haha)! Four Points Eatery will be launching a Seafood Buffet (to replace the current international buffet) by 1st August 2016, and The Best Brew will serve up international brews and bar bites alongside regular screenings of top sporting events from around the world.

Here's a first look at what diners can expect.

July 20, 2016

Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら 琥珀 @ Eat At Seven, Suntec City ~ One Of The Best Tendon In Singapore!

Fried food for Fri-Yay! So we headed down to Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら 琥珀!

Recently opened in early-July, Tempura Kohaku joins neighboring Tokyo Sundubu and Menya Takeichi as one of the casual eateries at Eat At Seven, a gastronomic hall that houses multi-flavors of Japan under one roof.

Its specialization is in tendon, a Japanese perennial donburi favorite which brings tempura prawns and other deep-fried delights together with rice into one bowl.

And we all agreed that Kohaku does know what it takes to serve up an utterly delicious bowl!

July 18, 2016

Burnt Ends @ Teck Lim Road, Chinatown ~ Modern Australian BBQ Restaurant with Hot Food, Cold Service

On its website, Burnt Ends pitch itself as "A modern Australian barbeque offering casual dining with seating at countertop table looking directly into the open kitchen".

Well, we did sit at one of the counter seats, looked into the open kitchen, and I must add, a lot of stoic faces as the crew went about churning out fare that's worthy of accolades. Burnt Ends is voted #14 in the Asia's 50 Best 2016 and #30 in 2015, and debuted at #70 on World's Best 2016.

No doubt the food is of delectable quality, also based on the numerous positive reviews online and my personal experience during the visit last week. Each dish we had looked simple yet encompassed intense flavors. Tasty and certainly engaging on the palate.

July 16, 2016

Two Wings @ Timbre+ One North ~ Possibly The BEST CHICKEN WINGS In Singapore Launches New CHILLI CRAB WINGS!

Just got back to Singapore and I'm off to Two Wings, considered by many to be the best chicken wings stall in Singapore, for some deep-fried chicken wings goodness! Miss you much much!

It is my first time to their latest outlet at Timbre+ One North, a shipping container and food truck-style gastropark with graffiti walls, live music, a gastronomic mix of 35 restaurant brands and hawker stalls. Wow, this must be the most hipster hawker centre in Singapore currently.

Sharp-eyed patrons of Two Wings might have noticed something new printed on the menu recently (there's no pictures of the item yet): CHILLI CRAB WINGS!


July 12, 2016

Ultimate Guide To BEST UNI (Sea Urchin) PASTA In Singapore!

What is your favorite pasta?

More often than not, the common answer would probably be "aglio olio" or "carbonara" or "vongole". Ask me the question now, the immediate reply would be "UNI PASTA!" (okay, a close fight with Chilled Angel Hair Pasta).

What is Uni (Japanese for sea urchin)? For the uninitiated, that grainy, tongue-like looking delicacy is actually the gonads aka sexual reproductive organs of the sea urchin.

Even though uni is already full of umami sweetness on its own and best savored au naturel, its coagulating properties and silky, custard-like mouthfeel makes it an ideal addition which provided that desirous depth of luxuriousness into any pasta sauce. Crown any uni pasta dish with more of those vibrant orangey curls, the visual and taste factor is immediately oomph to another euphoric high.

Uni, uni, are you the uni one for me? After 18 plates of uni pasta in Singapore, I found a few that has captured my heart.

PinkyPiggu's personal Best 5 Uni Pasta is revealed at end of post.

The below are listed in alphabetical order by restaurant name.

July 10, 2016

South Union Park @ Jalan Kembangan ~ A Homey Café That Serves Awesome Honey Butter Fried Chicken!

The search for Best Honey Butter Chicken in Singapore led PinkyPiggu all the way to South Union Park, a homey café nestled in the quiet residential estate of Kembangan (10 to 15 minutes walk from EW6 Kembangan mrt station).

Quite a distance to travel if you're not living around the eastern part of the island, but hey hey, it's worth the journey imho. The food that's being served might not be the most fancy, but it encompasses sufficient quality to wake up any tastebuds (mine was!) that's jaded by frequent bouts of mediocre café offerings.

July 08, 2016

Moosehead Kitchen Bar @ Telok Ayer Street ~ New Look! New Chef! New Menu! Still Loving It!

Many a times I seldom return to the same food establishments as there are always new openings to check out. Sometimes it's because the dining experience was so awesome, I want it to immortalize it as awesome in my memory forever. First visit (like first love) are always the most memorable. What if the second time round isn't as good?

For this reason, I haven't been back to Moosehead Kitchen Bar since two years ago, even though I've been recommending the place to friends for their delectable Mediterranean-based cuisine with global flavors.

Already into its 3rd year of operations, Moosehead has recently undergone an update in interiors, welcomed a new head chef and refreshed its menu.

I think it's about time for a re-visit. My gut feel told me to "Just Go!!!"..... and I'm so happy that I did.

July 06, 2016

Souper Tang 汤师父 @ Orchard Centrepoint ~ Malaysia's Famous Soup Restaurant Chain Is Now In Singapore!

Feeling rather tired physically (and mentally) of late, I couldn't be more glad to hop over to Souper Tang 汤师父 for dinner. Why? Because the restaurant is best known for their lineup of herbal soups and nourishing fare. Need that boost of vitality real badly.

If the brand name sounds familiar, it's because the well-respected chain from Malaysia has 18 branches across its homeland. You might have came across it before when in Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, and Ipoh?

The recently-opened outlet at level 2 of Singapore's newly-revamped Centrepoint mall marks their first overseas outpost.

July 02, 2016

UsQuBa Scottish Restaurant & Bar @ One Fullerton ~ Good Food, Gorgeous View

Are you ready for another new restaurant? Make it a "Yes" as UsQuBa, a recently-opened Scottish restaurant and bar at One Fullerton is worth checking out.

Deriving its name from the Gaelic word Usquebaugh, meaning 'Water of Life', or simply, 'Whisky', UsQuBa's focus is on New Scottish cuisine crafted using produce sourced mainly from Scotland, as well as a carefully curated selection of rare and exclusive whiskies, and Scotland's finest craft gins and beers. Expect some reworked classic cocktails too.

The warmly-lighted premises hosts a 160-seater dining room, long bar and den, and a retail corner stocked with fine whisky, craft gin, and other unique Scottish products. Being situated on the waterfront overlooking Marina Bay, the view is... (needless to say)... Gorgeous!

June 30, 2016

Full Of Luck Club 福乐 @ Holland Village ~ Contemporary Cantonese Fare For The Young Ones

We went to Full of Luck Club 福乐, hoping to get 'heng heng' (lucky lucky) LOL!!!

Just kidding! It was to check out the latest vibrant entry to the competitive Holland Village dining scene and get our tummies filled.

From the successful team behind Li Bai Cantonese Resaurant, Full of Luck Club offers contemporary Cantonese dining in a chic casual setting designed to attract the younger generation of food lovers.

Chinese-style burgers? Check!..... Dishes with salted egg yolk or truffle? Check!..... Instagram worthiness? Check check check!

June 28, 2016

Froth @ Ascott Raffles Place Singapore ~ New Location, New Menu. Duck Bak Kut Teh And Five-spice Ngoh Hiang Wagyu Beef Burger, Anyone?

In case you're unaware, Froth has recently ceased its operations at Big Hotel due to tenancy issues, and taken up a new home at Ascott Raflles Place Singapore.

New place, new concept, new menu. From a café to a casual dining restaurant serving Asian fusion dishes. Besides the shift of location, the revamp is quite apparent on all fronts.

We wondered if fans of old Froth will miss it, but most importantly, will the new Froth find new fans?

June 26, 2016

ALBA 1836 Wine Bar & Restaurant, Italian Wine & Dine @ Duxton Hill

Mention Alba, the first thing that comes to mind is those luxurious Alba white truffles, the coveted "diamonds of the kitchen". But in this blog post, the focus is on ALBA 1836, an Italian wine bar and restaurant located in a quiet corner of Duxton Hill.

Occupying a charming white colonial building, ALBA 1836 radiates a mix of elegance and old world charm. We walked through the entrance into an impressive floor to ceiling wine cellar which led us into the inner courtyard. The feel is spacious and tables are set comfortably apart.

Particularly eye-catching is the open kitchen, allowing us to take a peek into the meal preparation as Chef de Cuisine Luca Piras and his team work away.

June 22, 2016

Teppan Bar Q @ Robertson Quay ~ Hakata-style Teppanyaki & Spanish-Japanese Fusion Dishes!

Like your food straight off the teppanyaki's iron griddle and piping hot? Teppan Bar Q offers us exactly that enjoyable gastronomic experience!

But Teppan Bar Q is more than just a typical teppanyaki restaurant. It is a contemporary one that pulsate with a Spanish twist to its dishes by marrying the flamboyance of Hakata-style teppanyaki cooking with the intricacy and attention to details found in tapas cuisine.

The best of both worlds, if I might boldly say.

June 20, 2016

Big Lazy Chop 大懒排 @ Short Street ~ Grab These Delicious Ribs & Money Bags!

Big Lazy Chop
..... 大懒排..... tua lan xx..... err wait, I'm stopping the Hokkein translation in its track in case anyone finds the descriptive offensive. Oops :p

But it is all in cheeky fun that the folks behind Big Lazy Chop named it as such. Inspired by lazy days indulging in great food, the bistro aims to serve up Chinese fare such as their Signature Pork Ribs and Sri Lankan Crabs in a modern, laidback ambience.

 "Zhi char with air-con"? Yes! My friends would probably agree with me that it's not too far off to label it as such.

June 18, 2016

HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN! Where To Find The BEST In Singapore!

Honey Butter + Fried Chicken? Yes! Yes! Yes!

After Honey Butter Chips and All Things Honey Butter, this post is dedicated to HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN, a divinely delicious combination of sweet savory taste with the sinful addictiveness of crispy fried chicken.

There might not be many food establishments in Singapore offering this flavor of fried chicken yet, but the few that do have it, most did a pretty awesome job of bringing out the unique lusciousness of honey and butter pairing.

Which rendition is the BEST among all? The only way to find out is..... to eat Eat EAT it all! Lol!