January 30, 2014

Reunion Lunch 2014 ~ Galloping Into The Year of Horse With A Sumptuous Feast!

It's time to say bye bye to the Year of Snake and usher in the Year of Horse! Continuing our family tradition, we had our all-important Reunion Meal ~ 团圆饭 on the eve of Lunar New Year during lunch, instead of dinner which is more common among the other households. Why is that so? Because, the meal is always laden with delectable auspicious dishes, we can't wait till dinner time to start the sumptuous feasting as early as possible lol!!

January 27, 2014

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul @ Lebuh Keng Kwee, Georgetown ~ CHENDOL! ASSAM LAKSA! ROJAK! What's Your Favorite?

When proposing a couple of locations for the company work trip, I secretly rooted for Penang or Malacca to be chosen because..... these two Malaysian states are well known for their glorious food! Haha! We landed in Penang eventually and though the agenda will have to be spent mainly in the hotel for meetings, we still got a little free and easy time off. Big yay to having some like-minded colleagues who also feels that a trip to Penang is not complete without a sampling of their signature street food such as Char Koay Teow and Assam Laksa! We soon made our way to Lebuh Keng Kwee at Georgetown, where the famous stall called Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul is located, selling what many reviews named as the best chendol in Penang. This would also be where most locals will point you to if you asked them, "What to eat in Penang huh?"

January 24, 2014

Whampoa Food Street (Keng) Fish Head Steamboat 黄埔庆 @ Balestier Road ~ Still One Of The Best After All These Years!

Compared to the previous few Makansutra dinners which I've attended, the session at Whampoa Food Street (Keng) Fish Head Steamboat 黄埔庆 was a lot simpler. The venue wasn't fancy, the food was unpretentiously presented and mostly what we would have ordered at a regular zhi char stall. So what's the draw? It's their signature fish head steamboat which magneted us over!! From its humble beginning in 1990 as a hawker stall to the current two restaurants at Balestier Road and Rangoon Road, as well as a chain of profitable food outlets with its own central kitchen and catering arm, Whampoa Keng has certainly come a long way under the leadership of Mr Keng. His first wife now manages the main branch at Balestier Road, while his second wife takes care of the Rangoon Road outlet. I believe Mr Keng not only has a talent for business, but in time management as well.

January 22, 2014

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen 豚骨火山ラーメン @ Liang Court ~ A Japanese Volcano Ramen Experience!

A humble meal of soupy noodles takes on a fun note at Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen 豚骨火山ラーメン! Rather than the usual way of simply presenting a bowl of ramen, well, in just a bowl, a server brought to our table a preheated 300°C stone bowl with noodles and assorted ingredients already placed inside, before pouring tonkotsu broth over and covering it with a funnel lid. A great deal of steam is soon released through the top opening, like a volcano going to erupt! That's how Tonkotsu Kazen Ramen got its name ~ 'Volcano Ramen' (kazan means volcano). The origins of its creation can be traced back to Osaka, Japan. Now it can be enjoyed at its two branches at Novena Square 2 and Liang Court in Singapore.

January 20, 2014

SMOKE HOUSE Charcoal BBQ ~ A New Retail Cum Self-Service Dine-In Japanese BBQ Concept At Great World City

One of the favourite activities of BFF and myself is to go 'window-supermarketing'. BFF always say the basement of any shopping mall is the best because that's where the supermarkets and food outlets are usually located. The rows and rows of food products never fails to inspire and excite, especially when we see produce which are so fresh that we feel the urge to just purchase it, go home, cook and eat it. It seldom materialize as we lived too far apart and hunger can't survive the distance, but now with the opening of Smoke House Charcoal BBQ at Great World City, problem solved! It offers us the chance to shop and do our own barbequing, all under one roof!

January 16, 2014

BreadTalk ~ Chinese New Year Buns To Usher In The Year Of The Horse

Afternoon tea time in the office today was brightened up with adorable buns from BreadTalk! My colleagues who saw the breads were gushing about how cute it all looked, especially Horseperity, the one which has the unmistakable look of the horse. Together with Lucky Charm which is designed to resemble a horseshoe, both are specially created to aptly usher in the Chinese New Year of the Horse!

January 14, 2014

Bochinche ~ Modern Argentinean Cuisine At Martin Road

My first encounter with Argentinean cuisine was quite sometime back at Salta, and the main impression was of the heartily portioned slabs and slabs of barbequed meat. But Argentinean food isn't just about that, as seen in Bochinche, an Argentinean restaurant opened since August last year. Located above the popular coffee joint Common Man Coffee Roasters at Martin Road, Bochinche's focus is on showcasing more on the diverse produce of Argentina and presenting a refined twist on traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Diners get to enjoy food that are mostly served tapas-style in small plates, perfect for sharing and fully enjoying the bouquet of variety it has to offer.

January 12, 2014

One Of The BEST ROASTED PORK BELLY I've Tried in Singapore! Find It At Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat, Tampines.

By the time I'm writing this, I have already specially visited a stall called Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat (尖沙嘴港式烧臘) three times within a short period of one month, all because of its Roasted Pork Belly. Be it called Sio Bak in Hokkein, or Siew Yoke in Cantonese, ooh... the allure of this boneless cut from the belly of a pig with its interweaving layers of fat and meat, and skin roasted to a crackling crisp is undeniably irresistible! Nestled deep within the labyrinth of Tampines street 44 shops cluster, the coffeeshop stall might be a little difficult to locate, but with a little patience (and maybe lots of walking for the directional challenged), it would ultimately be worth it. My friend calls this place a hidden gem. And it really is. Literally.

January 10, 2014

District 10 Bar & Restaurant (UE Square) Unveils New Look and Dining Menu

A quick walk passed the alfreso area of District 10 Bar & Restaurant at UE Square (located across Robertson walk) would have me dismissed it as just another after-work watering hole, if I did not venture deeper into their premises which also houses an indoor bar, dining hall and private dining room. Recently revamped, the new spruced up look of this District 10 flagship outlet (the other outlets are at Star Vista and Clarke Quay) is of absolute chic gorgeousness, reflecting a gastrobar concept which is contemporary yet suitably cosy for dinner and drinks in a relaxed ambience.

January 07, 2014

Mr Bean ~ Their New Signature Savory Beancurd Is A Must-Try! Only At Bedok Mall!

We can't miss it! Mr Bean is everywhere! I'm not quite exaggerating to say this when the popular chain of soya bean food & beverage retailer has indeed more 60 outlets located across our sunny island. Their cold Soya Milk has always been enjoyable, especially the refreshing Fruity Soya Milk range with real fruits blended in. Love the Pancakes stuffed with a variety of fillings which never fails to make a satisfying snack and Soya Ice Cream is an indulgence treat made less guilty with lower sugar and fats content compared to most ice creams. So now, the question is... what's next? I couldn't be more surprised when the answer came in form of.... Savory Beancurd!

January 04, 2014

Twe Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice ~ A Sharing Of Tradition And Delicious Food!

It was during a lunch session at Goldleaf restaurant when I was introduced to Uncle Smart, a makan guru with not only a discerning palate, but brimming with great knowledge of food and well equipped with an excellent in-built gastronomic radar for sussing out hidden gems too! The group were talking about one of Singapore's beloved national dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice (essentially a dish of poached chicken served with flavoured rice) when the name "Twe Kee" was mentioned. Everyone was raving about this defunct stall at East Coast Road where the natural flavours of the chicken was very apparent, totally unlike the mass versions which are heavily masked in soya sauce seasoning. Sigh, I can only imagine the taste. But.....

January 02, 2014

BlissHouse ~ A Pretty Garden Theme Restaurant at The Central, Clarke Quay

If what is written holds true, then be ready to be abounded in supreme happiness because "A spell has been cast in Blisshouse that allows anyone who steps into it to feel bliss." So fairy-tale-like! I was at Blisshouse, a garden theme restaurant situated in The Central, Clarke Quay for a dinner tasting of modern European cuisine, when this line from their printed menu caught my eye's attention.