July 29, 2013

Le Chasseur ~ The Chicken Claypot Rice and Pork Knuckle Is Awesome!

We agreed that we do not want to eat rice when thinking of a place for dinner in the Clarke Quay area, but when my friend mentioned that he has never tried the Chicken Claypot Rice at Le Chasseur before, all no-carbs diet plans are thrown out and we found ourselves at this restaurant located at New Bridge Road, just across the road from The Central.

Pork Knuckle Porridge ~ Recipe Included!

We were at Le Chasseur (Read: Le Chasseur ~ The Chicken Claypot Rice and Pork Knuckle Is Awesome!) for dinner and ordered way too much food. Needless to say, we couldn't finished it all. Then I did something which I would never do in my younger days, I asked to 'dabao' (takeaway) the leftover Pork Knuckle haha. What I used to consider to be an unthinkably 'xia suay' (embarrasing) and uncool request is now acceptable and a practical way of not wasting food, especially when it's delicious food.

July 26, 2013

Folks Collective ~ A Hip New Thai Restaurant @ China Square Central

The visit to Folks Collective came after a friend's recommendation. New places always gets us excited and I guess many others too, judging by the crowd that filled the 3-month old modern Thai restaurant when we went during lunch one Friday afternoon. Right smacked in the CBD area of China Square Central, it's not surprising to see flocks of office workers chomping down their fare with a oomph that rivals the music and energetic chatter in the background. It's TGIF, folks! :D

July 23, 2013

MooJaa ~ Singapore's No.1 Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat!

We love our BBQ, we love our steamboat! Mookata, a Thai-style BBQ steamboat, married our two loves and captured our hearts. What fired up a regular simmering pot of soupy goodness is the touch of sizzling smokey fragrance most irresistible and tummy gratifying, an experience which we thoroughly enjoyed at MooJaa, a Mookata restaurant situated along Keong Saik Road. "Mookata" literally means "Pork Skillet" in Thai and refers to the special cooking apparatus created to enjoy both barbeque and hot pot at the same time.

July 22, 2013

Rice & Fries @ Changi Road ~ A Vibrant Family-Friendly Resto-Café in the East

Nestled among the row of shophouses along Changi Road (off Frankel Avenue), Rice & Fries is much more accessible than it sounds. Alight at Kembangan mrt station, cross the road, walk along the canal, you'd find yourself at the family-friendly café after 5 minutes. It's not difficult to find your way over, unless you're as directional challenged as me. Well, I do not travel to the East often, but I would say this was quite worth the trip for some unpretentious, hearty fare.

July 19, 2013

Jamie's Italian Singapore Opens Its Door At VivoCity!

Jamie Oliver ~ In Singapore! Haha before you get too excited, I'm not referring to the man himself, but Jamie's Italian, his inaugural restaurant in Asia which officially opened its doors at Singapore's VivoCity on July 17, 2013. That's where I'm gonna head to for a taste of the British celebrity chef's take on authentic Italian cuisine.

July 17, 2013

928 Yishun Laksa ~ Laksa, Laksa In A Bowl, Which Is The Best Of Them All?

Laksa, laksa in a bowl, which is the best of them all? Seriously, I don't care. As long as the taste resonate with my tastebud, it's a good bowl of laksa. There is beauty in diversity, I appreciate that the same dish receive different interpretations under different hands, else every dish will taste the same and it will become... boring. I wouldn't say 928 Yishun Laksa is the best among all, but I would say it's one of my favorite stalls. Those residing in the north would not be unfamilar with it I guess.

July 15, 2013

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ Macpherson Road ~ Makankakis, I'm Back!

It has been more than 2 years since I attended my first Makansutra dinner! The initial interest of simply checking out different food places has since evolved into a monthly affair where meeting up with my fellow makankakis matters more than the food itself. Where's the venue? What's on the menu? How much does it cost? All these doesn't concern me that much anymore, just go lah! Company takes precedence and I've faith in the event which is always well-planned by the organizers. After a 2 month hiatus due to the additional of a most privileged duty in my life, I'm back to attend the Makansutra dinner in June after some adjustment to my schedule. I'm so happy that things had worked out for my tummy good! Blessed much! PTL!

That June makan night was a night where the mountain tortoise (suaku) met the creatures of the sea lol. Haha ya, the mountain tortoise is suaku PinkyPiggu, who has never been to one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Singapore, Ming Kee Live Seafood at Macpherson Road. Ooh and what a meeting! Crabs! Lobsters! Oysters! The sparks flew and flew and flew!

July 14, 2013

What to eat in Admiralty? YCC Kitchen Zhi Char (煮炒) Opens Late till 2am!

Sometimes you still go out for dinner even though you don't feel like eating only because you wanna see your friends more than anything else. I'm glad I did, because it was a great impromptu catch-up with everyone. They took me to YCC Kitchen, a zhi char (煮炒) stall located in 688 Eating House, a coffeeshop which is 10 minutes walk away from Admiralty mrt station, very close to where we live.

July 10, 2013

One Pan + One Pot = One Blessed Home-cooked Meal

You know, no matter how many old or new eating places there are, or whether if you have a list of to-try-restaurants, there will always be times when you just can’t decide where to eat. It has to be centrally located for easy access for everyone, must satisfy what the mouth craves for and most importantly, portions must be substantial enough to fill up our voracious appetite without breaking our wallets.

July 07, 2013

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 ~ The Announcement of Winners @ Shanghai Dolly

After weeks of voting and judging, the winners of the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 are finally announced! It was an afternoon of anticipation as the finalists and their invited guests gathered at Shanghai Dolly for the awards ceremony. Who will win? Which blog will find favor? Will my favorite blogs be the best blog in their category? Together with my BFF, I was there to find out! To fit into the 60's Fever theme, I was all dressed up in a (not surprisingly) pink retro dress. Most of the guests were dressed to theme too, I had to take a double look before recognizing some of my friends lol!!

July 02, 2013

Ristorante Pietrasanta @ Wessex Estate ~ A Leisure OpenRice Afternoon

OpenRice, Asia's No.1 dining guide has been known for bringing numerous honest and quality food reviews to hungry diners in Singapore and across the region. Always in the forefront with latest news and exciting events, it brought this PinkyPiggu to Ristorante Pietrasanta for an afternoon of scrumptious Italian feast. I'm excited to be part of this community and meet up with fellow food lovers!