December 26, 2020

Café Bakeaholic @ Springside Green ~ New Café Opened by Daughter Of Veteran Hong Kong Actor Benz Hui


From home-baker to café owner, Charmaine Hui did it!

The Covid-19 pandemic left this young lady with little choice but to shelve plans to pursue her Masters degree in UK this year. Stuck in Singapore and with time on her hands, Charmaine picked up baking and started an online bakery business from her home kitchen.

Fast forward a few months later, Charmaine's dream of opening a bakery cafe is materialized as Café Bakeholic opened its doors to welcome its dine-in customers just before Christmas.

This is especially good news for people residing in the Northern part of Singapore where there is a lack of decent cafés.

The spacious two-unit Bakeaholic is located at The Brooks II, a mix of residental and retail property along Springside Green.

With tall ceilings, terrazzo tabletops, colourful walls and furniture, the space is vibrant and inviting. It even has an Instagram-worthy corner for you to take that OOTD shot!

I wasn't too surprised to spot veteran actor Benz Hui "欢喜哥" 许绍雄 in the café, as Charmaine is his daughter born with his Singaporean wife.

If you watch Hong Kong films and drama serials, you will surely recognize Benz from his many iconic roles.

What I didn't expect was how warm and humble the family is. They were very hands-on with the operations, making small talks with customers, and made us felt so welcome. Mrs. Hui even took time to share the story behind the café's opening with us.

The same sincerity can be felt in Charmaine's bakes.

All the pastries are baked by Charmaine herself, and the selection varies each day.

On the day of our visit, there were Lemon Madeleines ($3.90 single | $22 box of 6), Sugar Donut ($2.80), Cinnamon Sugar Donut ($3), and Sea Salt Brookies ($12 small | $23 big bag).

No point choosing what to get as all looked tempting so we got it all lol!

The Sea Sea Brookies was our unanimously favorite. A cross between brownie and cookie, the brookie's texture was soft and fudgy with a little bit of chew. The light sprinkle of sea salt cut though its chocolatey richness just nicely.

We enjoyed the fluffy donuts, and those dainty pieces of spongy, buttery lemon madeleines too. Depending on your day of visit, you might get to try the Madeleines in other flavors like Earl Grey, Genmai Matcha, and Red Velvet.

For beverages, expect the usual coffee options like Espresso ($5), Long Black ($6), Cappuccino ($7) Latte ($7) (+1 extra shot | +$1 iced). Tea selection sounds a lot more interesting with Nutcracker ($7.50), Milky Popcorn ($8), and Blood Orange ($7).

There's the Matcha series including Matcha Latte ($6, +$1 iced), Sparkling Matcha Yuzu ($8), and Matcha Affogato ($8) which green tea lovers might want to check out.

As it's the festive season now, Bakeaholic is serving up their Christmas specials - Cocoa Ornabombs ($8), and Matcha Ornabombs ($8).

Get the cameras ready to capture the moment as hot milk is poured over the orb to melt and reveal the cocoa or matcha contents within.

I'm personally very happy that Café Bakeaholic has opened near my hood, providing us a place to chill and enjoy delectable bakes. For you who live in other parts of the island, there's a reason for you to travel to the North now. Who knows, you might also catch 欢喜哥 in the café too :)

Café Bakeaholic
Address: The Brooks II, 25 Springside Green, #01-12/13, Singapore 786015
Contact: Not available
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge (no GST). Information is correct at point of published date.

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