January 30, 2016

Peony Jade Restaurant's 2016 CNY Artful Creations

[CNY 2016] Peony Jade Restaurant at Keppel Club might not be located at the most accessible of locations without car transport, but still I made my way over again this year because the previous Lo Hei meal I had there made quite an impression.

The branch at Clarke Quay could be more convenient for most, but no matter which is your preferred branch, Peony Jade is already poised to welcome the prosperous year of the monkey with new artful creations, unique bites, meticulously planned set menus, and takeaway packages from 14 January to 22 February 2016.

January 28, 2016

Wo Peng Cuisine 和平宴 @ Furama Hotel ~ Chef Julian Tam, Founder Of Singapore Traditional Poon Choy Continues To Serve His Signature Dish This CNY

[CNY 2016] Chinese New Year feasting continues as we made our way to level 3 of Furama Hotel in Chinatown, where Wo Peng Cuisine 和平宴 is located.

The restaurant is still exactly how I remembered it to be when I first visited for a Makansutra dinner a few years back: Utterly dated with cheesy decorations just like a scene from those olden Chinese movies of glorious past. But discerning diners who are in the know, would know that this place is a culinary gem helmed by Chef Julian Tam Kwok Fai, a Hong Kong Platinum Awarded Winner.

January 26, 2016

20F Specialty Coffeehouse @ Foch Road ~ Lovely Café At Jalan Besar Area

We cabbed our way over to 20 Foch Road in the café-populated Jalan Besar area, in search for yet another café.

Named after the address it sits on, 20F Specialty Coffeehouse sets itself to be the place for artisanal coffee and cocktails, supported by a food menu for brunch (10am-5pm), lunch (11am-5pm) and dinner (5pm onwards).

Tables were easily available when we visited on a Sunday afternoon, which was quite surprising. Hmm isn't Singapore crowded everywhere during weekends? Good for us but bad for business I guess.

January 22, 2016

Tien Court 天厨 @ Copthorne King's Hotel ~ Usher In The Year of Monkey With A Sumptuous Feast!

[CNY 2016] Herald the Lunar year of Monkey with a sumptuous feast at Tien Court 天厨!

The well-loved Chinese restaurant, best known for its host of Cantonese and Szechuan delicacies, has much to offer in terms of auspicious creations and enticing takeaways during this festive season.

So off I went, highly in anticipation of the highlights that Tien Court has in store. Prosperity Pen Cai! Sautéed Lobster with Foie Gras! Oh my Tien! I'm coming!

January 20, 2016

Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore ~ A Feast of Abundance for this Lunar New Year

[CNY 2016] Golden Peony is ushering in the Lunar Year of Fiery Monkey with much aplomb! Lead by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung, the highly acclaimed Chinese restaurant at Conrad Centennial Singapore presents its Chinese New Year Prosperity Specials which are available for both dine-in and takeaway.

What we can expect are innovative dishes such as Roast Suckling Pig stuffed with Hainanese Chicken Rice, Crispy Filo Swan filled with Foie Gras, Truffle & Minced Chicken, and Canadian Sea Perch Roll filled with Lobster, Mince Shrimp & Fish Roe in Spinach Purée, on top of their signature refined Cantonese fare.

January 18, 2016

Truly Test Kitchen @ Jun Jie Industrial Building, Macpherson ~ Young Singapore Hawkers Selling Curry Rice! Quality Food At Great Value & Big Portion!

"Are you sure here got things to eat?" The kind taxi uncle drove me around Jun Jie Industrial Building twice, helping me look out for a food canteen before I checked the address again and realized that Truly Test Kitchen is located within level 7. Okay, a hungry PinkyPiggu is a blur PinkyPiggu :p

It has been quite some time since I last went for Truly Curry Rice. The stall has moved away from Telok Blangah to its current 3000 square feet premises at Macpherson industrial area just a few months ago, and has now evolved to become Truly Test Kitchen.

The expanded space is able to accommodate the ideal concept that the young hawker entrepreneurs (Deniece, Joel and Joshua) has in mind: Five unique food stalls to provide quality food at great value, all housed under the same roof, singlehandedly created and meticulously managed by the same team.

January 15, 2016

Crystal Jade Celebrates CNY 2016 With A Host of Festive Dishes!

[CNY 2016] Founded in Singapore in 1991, Crystal Jade is a well-known household name in Asia that is committed to preserving the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine though its various dining concepts ranging from fine dining restaurants and casual dining eateries to specialty bakeries

For the coming Lunar New Year, a tempting line-up of specially-crafted savory festive dishes and celebratory sweet treats are in store for takeway or dine-in. Set menus featuring a lavish selection of exquisite plates are available from 25th January to 22nd February 2016.

PinkyPiggu went for a preview to check out the selections and here's sharing with you what's good.

January 12, 2016

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒 @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza ~ New Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Presents Lunar New Year Epicurean Treasures!

[CNY 2016] As award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒 at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza welcomes its new Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean, what diners can expect are signature creations by this talented 32 year-old young man who already has more than 15 years of culinary expertise under his apron.

He also presents a host of epicurean treasures and an exquisite line-up of prosperity set menus for the upcoming Lunar New Year, available from 18 January to 22 February 2016.

Highlights include the Salmon, Scallop, Caviar, Tuna & Lobster Yu Sheng (至尊捞鱼生), Wan Hao Deluxe Pen Cai with Pig Trotter (黄金盆菜), Braised 3-head Whole Abalone with Baby White Cabbage & Brown Sauce (原只红烧三头鲍拌白菜苗), and Barbecued Whole Boneless Suckling Pig (乳猪全体).

January 10, 2016

Open Farm Community @ Minden Road ~ Undoubtedly One Of The Best Cafés In Singapore!

I found my favorite café of 2015 on the very last day of the year.

Open Farm Community (OFC) has been on my to-go-list for the last couple of months since it opened at 130E Minden Road (near Dempsey Hill) in July, but it was only on New Year's Eve when we couldn't score any reservations at some of the fine-dining establishments that was on our plans when OFC came to mind again. "Hey, let's just go to OFC and chill".

A collaboration between The Spa Esprit Group, chef-owner of Tippling Club, Ryan Clift, and award-winning food garden specialists, Edible Garden City, we found OFC to be such a refreshing breathe of air in the saturated café scene.

January 07, 2016

Ciao@ Italian Risto-Bar ~ Hearty Fare At Haji Lane, Singapore

"Ciao" is a casual Italian term which can mean both "hello" and "goodbye". My friend quipped, "why the restaurant choose this name? Very suay one leh (inauspicious)". Haha I think he thinks too much.

I visited Ciao@ Risto-Bar 2 months back when it just opened, and found it to be quite a suitable place for gatherings with friends and colleagues.

If you're in the Haji Lane vicinity and hankering for some hearty Italian fare such as pastas and pizzas, as well as cocktails and wines to go with it, Ciao@ is one of the places to satiate those cravings.

January 05, 2016

Top-Selling Best Japanese Snacks & Tea From Shizuoka, Japan!

Whenever I have friends or relatives visiting Japan, they will always bring back a host of local delicacies, mainly snacks from Tokyo and Hokkaido. It is something which I always look forward to.

Now with the convenience of online shopping offered by stores such as Rakuten, we can enjoy goodies from Shizuoka as well! Anytime when we feel like it.

Shizuoka is a prefecture of Japan, known as the home of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most famous mountain. It is also a confectionery treasure waiting to be discovered, boasting of artisanal products that are handmade with the finest ingredients.

Think French-inspired Japanese pastries, Japanese donuts and castella cakes like those from Un-Fleurys! Who can resist them? Without further ado, let me introduce you some of the must-try items from Shizuoka!

January 02, 2016

PinkyPiggu's Best 10 Lists Of 2015 ~ Best 10 Dining Experiences, Best 10 Cafés & Top 10 Unforgettable Dishes!

2015 has been a super tummy-fulfilling year of deliciousness for PinkyPiggu! So abundantly blessed, I've to expand the usual Best 10 into 3 separate listings lol!

So here it is, presenting to you PinkyPiggu's Best 10 Dining Experiences, Best 10 Cafés and Top 10 Unforgettable Dishes of 2015!

Taking about lists, it was a crazy year when I started to document the food which I enjoyed into a somewhat comprehensive guide to share with you who might hold the same gastronomy interest. That's how Best 10 Stalls To Try At Zion Riverside Food Centre, Best Beef Bowl ~ 25 Places In Singapore To Try and 33 Different Foie Gras Dishes In Singapore, came about. I went to all the places one by one, and ate all the dishes that was featured. A lot of people asked why am I doing this (stupid lah, can just grab the pictures from other websites mah). I feel the need to be responsible for what I write. I guess this is what you call passion.

It is also passion that brought the few of us to organize the inaugural Food + Socialikes Connect 2015, A Food And Social Media Conference For And By Food Bloggers And Instagrammers. We are immensely grateful to all the speakers, delegates and sponsors who believe in what the FSC team is doing, and agreed without hesitation to commit your time and efforts.

Thank you everyone, for making this food blogging journey even more meaningful and memorable.