December 10, 2017

Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi @ 100AM ~ Japanese Soba Restaurant With First-Ever Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot!

No, it is not a hallucination. The hotpot you see in the picture above really does look like an ice mountain!

Aptly named Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot, the eye-catching offering is said to be Singapore's first and only ice hotpot. Launched by and only available at Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, the Japanese soba restaurant located on the third level of 100AM mall at Tanjong Pagar.

Though there is only one store locally, Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi boasts of 119 outlets in Japan where the brand originated from, and prides itself on serving soba noodles that are made freshly in store using high-grade buckwheat flour and wheat flour.

December 02, 2017

Goodwood Park Hotel Christmas 2017 ~ Sparkling With Both Sweet And Savory Treats!

With the season of sharing and merry feasting around the corner, Goodwood Park Hotel introduces a host of new takeaway gourmet treats which are available at The Deli from 1st to 26th December 2017!

Highlights include 12 Treasures Turkey, Around the World in 'Turkey' Days, Roast Turkey Roulade with Pork & Chestnut Stuffing, Cold Capellini Pasta with Alaskan Crab, Ebi, Caviar & Truffle Vinaigrette, Zesty Logs, Silent Night Sphere, and Mini Mousse-icles.

Now, now, the superb line-up is really giving Christmas parties and year-end gatherings something irresistible to look forward to. I'm still reminiscing all its deliciousness as I'm writing this. Let me share with you what's good 'cos I've already tried the food! Ho ho ho!