May 07, 2023

How's Catering ~ Delicious iHeat Self Heating Mini Buffet for Parent's Day


It's only one week away to Mother's Day! Have you made plans for your mother yet?

Besides restaurant dining, catering service is a good option to explore if your family (like mine) prefers to enjoy a meal away from the crowd. How's Catering (under Neo Group) seems to be reliable as the brand has been established since 1991.

I mean, if the business can survive in this competitive F&B industry for over 30 years, the food and service should be rather good right? According to its website, their kitchen is graded A, food handlers are food hygiene-trained and certified, kitchen and workflow comply with the ISO 22000 standard.

All seems well and I see mostly positive online reviews from customers. So we went ahead to try its Parent's Day Oriental Menu and were... impressed!

It's a fixed menu so we're not able to customize our preferences, but not a big issue as the selection has an agreeable mix of chicken, seafood, vegetables, carb, and desserts. How's Catering is halal-certified so the dishes contain no pork and no lard definitely.

The delivery arrived promptly on time. Food were warm, nicely-presented and well-packaged with no spills. Even the disposable table cover and cutlery were neatly packed in a box.

This being an iHeat self-heating mini buffet, each dish also came with self-heating box and elements, completed with clear instructions for us to conveniently reheat the food anytime, anywhere.

I didn't think much of this plus-point at first since the food already arrived warm, but it has proven to be real useful especially for dishes with gravy. That Slipper Lobster with Creamy Salted Butter Sauce became even nicer when heated to a higher temperature. Dipped the Deep-fried Mantou into the warm, creamy sauce. Bliss! Ditto for the fragrant Curry Barramundi.

The Poached Chicken was simply lovely with the ginger scallion dip. Light and fresh flavours of Scallops paired with broccoli and mushrooms was a hit around the table. I especially love the crisp Tempura Shrimp Balls oozing with melted cheese. Very addictive!

For desserts, the gently-sweet Lychee Osmanthus Soup with Muscat Peach Jelly came generously loaded with ingredients, while the Blueberry Almond Cake with Lemon Yuzu & Cream Cheese Cake provided a refreshing tanginess.

All in all, we were very satisfied with this catered mini buffet.

If you're keen to try it too, suggest to place your order early for Mother’s or Father’s Day gathering. Menu is available till 30 June 2023. There's an option to add on the Amethyst Flower Dome ($28) as a Mother’s Day gift.

How's Catering Parent's Day 2023 Oriental Menu is priced at $298 ($321.84 w/gst), and serves 8-10pax.

  • Duo Chicken (Garlic Roasted Chicken and Poached Chicken with Ginger)
  • Locally-farmed Barramundi with Homemade Curry Sauce
  • Braised Broccoli with US Scallop & Chinese Mushroom
  • Slipper Lobster with Creamy Salted Butter Sauce & Deep-fried Mantou
  • Tempura Cheese Shrimp Balls
  • Wok-fried Ramen with Chicken & Assorted Vegetables
  • Lychee Osmanthus Soup with Muscat Peach Jelly
  • Blueberry Almond Cake with Lemon Yuzu & Cream Cheese Cake

How's Catering
Address: 8A Admiralty Street, #03-20/21/22, Food Xchange, Singapore 757437
Contact: +65 6852 2852 / +65 9830 3430

All prices are in Singapore dollars. Information is correct at point of published date.

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