August 30, 2015

Sum Yi Tai @ Boon Tat Street ~ Chinese Tapas, Dining Club & Rooftop Bar

We want to eat, but don't want to eat too much, so Chinese-style tapas sounded like a really great idea!

Situated in the Telok Ayer vicinity along Boon Tat Street, Sum Yi Tai means "third mistress" in Cantonese. My brain conjured images of the rich living in free-spirited indulgence with lots of rivalry in the house clothed under a perceived glamour of money and power. Maybe I watched too many Hong Kong dramas back then lol.

Conceptualized to pay tribute to the decadent glamour of 1980s Hong Kong, the "rivalry" one can expect from Sum Yi Tai would be its 3 concepts vying for our attention.

August 28, 2015

Café de Hong Kong @ Balestier Road ~ Possibly The Best Hong-Kong-Style French Toast One Can Find In Singapore!

Café de Hong Kong is not a café per se, but more of a zhi char eatery offering Hong Kong-style homecooked food. We always joke that it should be called "Zhi Char de Hong Kong" instead! Lol!

Located along Balestier Road, this is one of our favorite haunts whenever we crave for something unpretentious and highly satisfying. The delicious food always impressed every time we were there.

August 25, 2015

Sushi Jin @ One Farrer Hotel ~ Casual Japanese Restaurant By Les Amis. Go Go Go For The Wagyu Beef Don!

Sushi Jin may appear to be like just any typical Japanese restaurant from the outside. But the moment I stepped in, there was a sense of refinement in the ambience, and the server's polite and attentive service immediately set it apart from other mid-priced casual joints.

Opened by the Les Amis Group, Sushi Jin aims to bridge the gap between the mass-market and fine-dining tier of Japanese cuisine by offering 6-star experience at 4-star prices. I can't afford to go to Aoki or Fat Cow all the time, but I can certainly see myself returning to Sushi Jin on a frequent basis.

August 22, 2015

Catalunya Singapore @ Fullerton Pavilion ~ Awesome Weekend Brunch! Must-Try!

Every time I passed by Marina Bay, I couldn't help but be in awe of the sight of our beautiful iconic structures against the skyline. One building called Fullerton Pavilion always stands out in particular. I always thought it look like an UFO floating atop the waters of Marina Bay!

It is in this unique glass-encased dome that Catalunya, a contemporary Spanish restaurant and tapas bar, is nestled. The spectacular view setting couldn't be more apt for indulging in some wine and dine.

August 20, 2015

Katsuya @ East Coast Road ~ Possibly The Best Japanese Tonkatsu In Singapore!

It was a love for tonkatsu that brought us to Katsuya, a Japanese restaurant specializing in this deep-fried pork cutlet dish.

Though our visit was quite sometime back, the thought of those crispy indulgence is still making me salivate now.

The humble joint is easily located along East Coast Road, but finding a parking space can be quite a challenge. Best bet for a lot would be at 112 Katong Mall which is just diagonally across, and walk over. (Exercise a bit to justify eating more hehee :p)

August 18, 2015

Crab In Da Bag Opens New Branch At Singapore Sports Hub!

Crab in da Bag, the popular Southern Louisi-Asian (Louisiana-Asian) seafood restaurant at Big Splash (East Coast) has recently opened a second branch at Singapore Sports Hub. Yay to more of their signature Cajun-style crustacean delights with a local twist, which is inspired by the founder's travel and her mum's recipes!

For the uninitiated, this is the place to enjoy communal-style dining where the unspoken rule of the meal is... you have to use your hands to eat. So unglam, so not suitable for first dates, but but but... so fun! Haha!

It's time to put the (provided) bibs on, and get your hands and mouth ready for a messy sucking, licking, savoring good time! Ahoy!

August 15, 2015

Nadaman Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore ~ Japanese Dining At Its Finest

I felt a sense of tranquility as I stepped into Nadaman Restaurant, an ambience most apt for an evening of Japanese fine dining. It was there that we enjoyed their Exclusive Kaiseki Menu at $260++ per person. Expensive, but worth every cent of indulgence.

Tip: Think of reasons to have your business meetings, department welcome/farewell/celebratory lunches there, and put the tab under company expenses! (Yay, wallet is saved!)

August 12, 2015

Bottura @ Suntec City ~ Best Of Casual Italian Dining With Quality Food & Affordable Prices!

Eat! Drink! Italiano! Bottura is undoubtedly one of the best new dining additions to the freshly refurbished Suntec City Mall.

An Italian restaurant, wine bar, café, gelato place and gourmet supply store all rolled into one, the multi-faceted concept certainly left us spoilt for choices.

We stuffed our tummies to the brim with pastas, pizzas and much more. Best thing is, the food are of palatable quality and prices are gentle on the wallet. I can imagine the working crowd there to be very happy with the Weekday Set Lunch at only $14.50++ (inclusive of pasta or pizza, dessert of the day and soft drink).

August 10, 2015

Chin Chin Chicken Rice 津津餐室 @ Purvis Street

Whenever Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice is too crowded and our hungry tummies don't allow us to wait for a table, we will cross over to Chin Chin Eating House, which is located at Purvis Street as well, to get our fix of the well-loved local delicacy. Chin Chin has been established since 1934 and is also another legendary Hainanese chicken rice institute in Singapore.

Being our second choice doesn't mean it's no good. Both rendition of chicken rice are simply different and delightful in their own ways, so ultimately it really boils down to personal preference.

August 08, 2015

Shibuya Omakasei & Sushi Bar @ Seah Street ~ Affordable Japanese Set Lunch In Heart Of Town

My quest for the Best Beef Bowl in Singapore led me to Shibuya Omakasei & Sushi Bar, a rather new Japanese joint located at Seah Street (right next to TESS Bar & Kitchen).

The premises itself is somewhat tiny, with just a sushi bar and a few alfresco tables. Not a place which I would recommend for big group or family gatherings, but if you're looking for an affordable lunch or quiet dinner option in town for 2 to 3 pax, this will suit just fine.

August 05, 2015

SAHA, Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar At Duxton Hill

My recent judging commitment with Weekender's Foodmania Awards 2015 brought me (and the fellow judges) to SAHA, Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar located at the dining enclave of Duxton Hill.

Indian cuisine is one which I do not usually partake on a regular basis. Not that I don't like it, but the usual richness always reduced me to an aftermath of calories guilt. The dining experience at SAHA was surprising light on the palate and easy on the tummy. I enjoyed it!

August 02, 2015

Looking For Your BEST BEEF BOWL In Singapore? Here Are 25 Places To Try!

25 Beef Bowls! PinkyPiggu ate them all!

"Beef bowl" literally means "Gyudon" in Japanese. It is a dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef in savory-sweet sauce, and is popular in Japan as a fuss-free and affordable meal option. Though beef bowl is essentially a Japanese dish, it is not just limited to Japanese restaurants which serves them. In Singapore, we can find beef bowls in cafés, and even hawker centres too!

Being a beef bowl lover myself, I couldn't resist ordering a bowl each time. Many places nowadays uses Wagyu (Japanese beef) which is known for their well-marbled meat, and more often than not, fancified it further with the addition of onsen egg, foie gras, truffle oil and even freshly shaved truffles! The satisfaction of having a beef bowl luxuriating with quality ingredients yet fills you with a touch of comforting hominess in each mouthful is unexplainable. You don't know what you're missing, until you've tried a bowl.

There are too many discouragements and disappointments in life which take away the joy of living at times. Let's just sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure of eating. One bowl at a time.

So, which bowl is PinkyPiggu's personal best and favorites? It shall be revealed at the end of this post. But first, the 25 beef bowls (listed in alphabetical order).