February 12, 2021

Luke's Lobster @ Jewel Changi ~ Latest Outlet With NEW Truffle Butter Lobster Roll


Truffle fans who loves "everything-truffled" have another option to explore now..... Truffle Butter Lobster Roll from Luke's Lobster!

While Luke's Lobster at Isetan Scotts is a more convenient location for us in town, we made the trip all the way to Jewel Changi on the far far far east side of Singapore as the Truffle Butter Lobster Roll is a limited-period-only special available till mid-March, and is exclusive to the Jewel shack first before arriving at the Orchard outpost.

Yes, we're determined to get that first bite as fast as we can.

February 10, 2021

Yakiniku-Go @ Seletar Mall, Sengkang ~ Great Value, Quality Meat Sets From Only $9.80++


Seletar Mall is located in Sengkang which isn't the most accessible for most of us, but we found a good reason to visit because..... Yakiniku-Go has opened!

The quick service restaurant is RE&S Enterprises' first-ever yakiniku concept, offering quality meat sets at affordable prices.

I almost couldn't believe my eyes seeing that the Karubi sets are priced only from $9.80++. Talk about super value!

February 05, 2021

肖战代言 ~ 开小灶自热米饭 | Kai Xiao Zao Self-Heating Instant Rice ~ Endorsed By Xiao Zhan, Hottest Male Actor In China


Piping hot rice meal that takes only 15 minutes to be ready? A product that has the hottest male celebrity in China right now as its brand ambassador?!!

I'm totally sold. Why wouldn't I when 肖战 (Xiao Zhan) holds a spoonful of rice, looks at me the camera, and asks, "想不想吃?" ("want to eat?") as my tummy grumbled. My heart melted at the same time too. Omg what a potent double strike!

Touted to be a combination of "instant cooking technology" with "Northeast China rice and exquisite cooking techniques", the self-heating instant rice is produced by 开小灶 (Kai Xiao Zao), a brand under 統一企業 (Uni-President) which also manufactures beverages and instant noodles.