May 27, 2014

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar @ Dorsett Residences, North Bridge Road

Following our delicious dinner at Kok Sen Eating House, we decided we should chillax at a hipster café. Even though Cow has turned a year older, we are all still very young and... trying to be hip! lol!!! But we had no idea where we're heading to, as Cow just told the league to follow him. Only after some persistent asking, he then whispered to me, "we are going to Roosevelt's." "You are going to bring us to drink 'horsepiss'?!", I can't help but gave him this reaction haha. (There was quite a controversy sometime back when a local instagrammer commented that Roosevelt's coffee is worse than horsepiss).

Conveniently located at the ground level of Dorsett Residences right next to Outram Park mrt station, Roosevelt's is more of a diner and bar with an American influence, rather than a café, that offers all day dining as well as a wines, spirits and cocktails bar.

May 24, 2014

Kok Sen Restaurant @ Keong Saik Street ~ Delicious Zhi Char In The Heart Of Chinatown

I remember The Hungry Cow's previous birthday so vividly as it was such a last minute affair which sent the league ditching their plans, and me on an extended mrt ride so that we can make it for a celebration. Thankfully this year, Cow made advanced plan... erm well, one day in advance to be exact lol! But it's only on the day itself when he told us to meet at Kok Sen Restaurant located along Keong Saik Street in Chinatown for dinner. Woohoo good choice! We heard many positive reviews about this popular old-school eatery which was established more than 50 years ago. It is said to serve one of the best Cantonese-style zhi char in Singapore.

May 22, 2014

Omakase Burger Opens New Branch At Wisma Atria With New Exclusive Items

When Omasake Burger was launched two years ago at The Grandstand, it garnered many positive reviews and some even described it as possibly the best burger in Singapore. My first taste of it was indeed delicious, so when the burger joint recently opened its second branch in Orchard Road with the lure of a much more convenient location and new exclusive items, I thought "why not?" so, off I went.

May 17, 2014

One Man Coffee ~ A Lovely Café Along Upper Thomson Road. Must Order Their Brioche French Toast!

Sharing the same shophouse unit as Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar along Upper Thomson Road is One Man Coffee, a lovely café which I've visited just recently. As Crust only opens from 5pm onwards, I thought it's a brilliant win-win idea which maximizes the use of premises and facilities, with both business benefiting from an ease in rental costs as well. But I almost thought my friend took me to the wrong place when I missed spotting the cafe's logo on the glass panel near the entrance lol! Crust's signage is much more prominent so keep a lookout for it if you're planning to visit One Man Coffee, which I think you should because this place is really such a gem!

May 14, 2014

Shinzo Japanese Cuisine @ Carpenter Street

Japanese dining for me used to mean ordering a few of my favorite dishes, comforting and always safe. It was only recently that I started to go the 'omasake' route, leaving the selection of food items to the chef, trusting him to be innovative and surprising me with his best creations. With this mindset, I set out to Shinzo Japanese Cuisine, a restaurant located along Carpenter Street near Clarke Quay, drooling in anticipation of what deliciousness Chef Lawrence Chia has in store for me.

May 12, 2014

Little Hiro Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ & Grill @ Bukit Timah ~ Ramen Burger, Anyone?

Aloha! What was known before as Burger Shack is now revamped as Little Hiro, serving up an East meets West cuisine of Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ & Grill selections featuring exotic flavors such as their signature Sanzoku Black Pepper sauce and fiery Habanero Volcano sauce.

A trip to Hawaii inspired the owner to make this change while keeping the prices remaining affordable, probably to retain the largely student clientele which Burger Shack used to attract. Its location at King's Arcade along Bukit Timah Road is favorably within proximity of a few educational institutes. With the fairly new Botanic Gardens mrt station situated just 5 minutes walk away, the casual eatery has become more accessible than ever. What drew me to make this trip to Little Hiro is their unique offering of Shio Ramen Burger!

May 10, 2014

Sik Bao Sin Eating House 吃饱先 (Desmond's Creation) @ Geylang ~ Delicious Zhi Char That Is Worth Every Penny & Calorie!

For a discerning foodie to want to visit the same place again, the food served there must be super delicious! So I trusted Nat when he suggested going to Sik Bao Sin Eating House (吃饱先) for our usual makan outing. He had a yummy dining experience there previously, and in his words: "It's very nice, one of the best things I ate this year, worth traveling for." Wow when you hear praises like that, you will brave the colorful streets of Geylang for it. Geylang may be the red light district of Singapore where lonely men abounds, but many locals will tell you that's also where glorious food super abounds!

May 07, 2014

Black & White Caffebar @ The Plaza, Beach Road ~ Fantastic Paninis!

Nothing beats the convenience of grabbing a sandwich for lunch especially during those times when work gets too busy and whips out its invisible chain slaving me to my laptop. Well, that's how I've always viewed sandwiches - no more than a necessity to fill up my hungry tummy - until I tasted the paninis from Black & White at Caffebar at The Plaza (formerly known as "Furniture Mall") along Beach Road. Its paninis are fantastically delicious!

May 04, 2014

The Song Of India @ Scotts Road ~ Lunch Buffet Is Worth Going

The Song of India needs no elaborate introduction really. Many of us would have already know that this is one of the better-established restaurants in Singapore, serving up exquisite Indian cuisine since 2006. It has served to be a popular dining destination, one which provides an ideal tranquil setting even though it's located so near to the bustling Orchard area along Scotts Road.

May 02, 2014

Suju Japanese Restaurant 酢重シンガポール @ Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road ~ Highly Recommended For Fantastic Lunch Sets!

I do dine at Mandarin Gallery from time to time as I love the convenience of its location along Orchard Road. Having visited the more popular joints within like Ippudo Ramen, Lawry's Prime Ribs, Providore Café, Wild Honey, Arteastiq amongst others, there's also Suju Japanese Restaurant which I've been wanting to try but never did until a few days ago. Why??? Because it's situated right beside Ippudo and I always gave in to the temptation of delicious ramen instead lol. Well, better late than never, because it is here at Suju that I had one of the best dining experience in Singapore this year! Its teishoku lunch set and service were all top-notch!