June 30, 2015

SabX2 Wanton Mee @ Soi Petchburi 19 ~ Best In Bangkok? Better Than The Best In Singapore?

[Bangkok, Thailand] SabX2 Wanton Mee needs little introduction. The humble noodle eatery located at Soi Petchuri 19 (a side street across Platinum Fashion Mall) is like a wanton mee mecca of sorts for visitors to Bangkok.

Some say it serves the best wanton mee in Bangkok. Some even say it's better than the best in Singapore!

Really? True or not? Is it really that delicious?

June 27, 2015

Antoinette Unveils 5 New Cakes Inspired By The Deliciousness Of Summer. A Sweet New Season Is Here!

A: "Why do you like to eat desserts?
B: "Because I'm not sweet enough so trying to make myself sweeter!"

Lol! Okay, seriously, who doesn't enjoy desserts? Chef Pang Kok Keong aka Sugar Daddy makes sure we keep our sweet tooth happy by unveiling 5 new cakes to his repertoire of desserts at Antoinette.

Inspired by the fruits and flowers of summer and their accompanying smells, flavors and colors, each of these new creations brings its own distinct delight, promising something for everyone.

June 25, 2015

My Best 10 Food Memories of Sydney 2014

[Sydney, Australia] Oops this post came a year after my visit to Sydney last June haha. But as the purpose of having this blog is to share my dining experiences, so it's never too late for what's on my heart right? And I'm happy to be leaving for Sydney again in two day's time (hello winter!)

The main purpose of the trip last year (and this year as well) is to attend the Hillsong Conference. I must say I'm incredibly blessed with the best travel mates. I've never taken a trip more purposeful than this and came back exceedingly well fed, both spiritually and physically. #thankyouJesus

Here's sharing with you just 10 of the food places I've visited in Sydney last year, which are certainly worth remembering and revisiting (if time/location/tummy space allows haha). Perhaps it can give you an idea of where to go if you're unfamiliar with the city. I'm also excited to check out more good food, and promise not to wait another year before writing about it again :p

See you in Sydney (if you're there!) or follow PinkyPiggu on Instagram (#PinkyPigguInSydney) :D

June 20, 2015

Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro @ Great World City ~ 3-course Set Lunch At Only $16.80++. Steak Included!

Let you on a secret. Whenever I want to get away from the office or need a quiet moment by myself during lunch hour with a proper meal, Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro is usually where I will hide to.

Nestled next to the Kim Seng Road entrance at Great World City, I initially gave the nondescript restaurant the pass a couple of times because it looked well... boring. Cedele which is located right opposite always had the greater draw with its energizing vibes and wider menu selection of wholesome-sounding food. But but but.....

June 17, 2015

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant @ Mohamed Sultan Road ~ The First Japanese Restaurant In Singapore That Specializes In Pufferfish!

Pufferfish, or Fugu in Japanese, is notorious for being one of the most toxic fishes around but is also celebrated as one of the finest delicacies in Japanese cuisine. It can be lethally poisonous if not treated properly, but therein lies the heart-racing thrill for many fugu aficionados.

PinkyPiggu had a multi-course fugu meal at FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant, the first-ever restaurant in Asia outside of Japan that specializes in fugu, and survived to share with you the dining experience! Yay!

June 15, 2015

Amber Nectar, The Beer Garden @ Robertson Walk Launches Beer Growlers! Enjoy Fresh Draught To Go!

Beer... what again? Beer Growlers! Dictionary.com will throw up several definitions for growler, but in this case, it refers to "a pitcher, a pitcher, pail, or other container brought by a customer for beer".

Yes, you can now "dabao" (local slang for takeaway) freshly-tapped, quality draft beers back home to drink. The beautiful tinted glass bottles provide us this flexibility not commonly found in retail shops, all thanks to Amber Nectar, a casual bar and beer specialist at Robertson Walk who introduced this relatively new concept in Singapore recently.

June 12, 2015

Weekender Foodmania Awards 2015 ~ It's Back! And Bigger This Year!

Exciting Announcement! Weekender Foodmania Awards 2015 is back and even bigger this year! And guess what..... PinkyPiggu is honored to be part of the judging panel! :D

Weekender is Singapore's largest circulation lifestyle paper inspiring weekend happiness, with a circulation of 230,000. Presented by UnionPay, the global leader in credit card payments, the Foodmania Awards 2015 features over 70 restaurants, and you get to Vote For Your Favorite Restaurants in each of this year's 8 popular dining categories.

The top 3 restaurants with the most votes in each category will be reviewed by a panel of judges to decide the final winning restaurants.

June 10, 2015

The Sushi Bar ~ Popular Japanese Eatery At Far East Plaza Opens New Branch At Ngee Ann City!

There was once when I almost made it to The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza, but did a u-turn upon sighting the queue at its entrance. Heart wanted to go in and understand the reason for the popularity of this humble Japanese eatery located in Orchard Road, but growling tummy said cannot wait. Heart lost, tummy won.

Fast forward to a few days ago: The Sushi Bar opens a new branch at Ngee Ann City, and there was no queue (yet)! Yay! Both heart and tummy are happy now! :D

June 09, 2015

Singapore Blog Awards 2015 ~ PinkyPiggu Is In The Finals For BEST FOOD BLOG!

Happy Announcement!

PinkyPiggu is in the Singapore Blog Award's finals again this year for BEST FOOD BLOG!

Much thanks to you who is supportive of this little space here where I share my dining experiences and cooking experiments.

"Organised by omy.sg, the Singapore Blog Awards honour tireless "new age wordsmith" who devote much time and energy in maintaining informative, regularly updated and innovative blogs, often out of interest rather than for personal gains." (source: Singapore Blog Awards Facebook Page)

June 07, 2015

Dragon Boat Festival 2015 ~ Glutinous Rice Dumplings! 粽子! Bak Chang Bak Chang I love You!

The tradition of eating Glutinous Rice Dumplings or 粽子 or Bak Chang to honor Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet known for his patriotism in 278BC, is so synonymous with Dragon Boat Festival (端午节), that sometimes we conveniently refer it as dumpling festival lol.

It falls on every 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, which is on 20th June for year 2015.

Even though these sticky rice treats are available all year round, it is usually during this season when most Chinese restaurants will 出 pattern come out with a host of tantalizing choices with luscious fillings such as truffles and kurobuta pork.

I love to eat bak chang, I just don't like to look like one haha. Here are some dumplings which I've been stuffing myself with this year.

June 05, 2015

Food + Socialikes Connect 2015 ~ A Food And Social Media Conference For And By Food Bloggers And Instagrammers #fscsg15

Organizing conferences has been part of my work portfolio for the last couple of years, but it did not cross my mind at any point that someday I will be part of a team putting together one on a personal front on a topic that relates closely to my heart: Food.

Food + Socialikes Connect 2015 is the inaugural Food And Social Media Conference in Singapore for food bloggers and instagrammers. PinkyPiggu is happy to be in the organizing committee with Aries (@ironsage), Derrick (SG Food On Foot), Nat (Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow) and Nicholas (@stormscape).

The idea came about when Nat attended the Eat, Drink, Blog, the 5th National Australian Food Bloggers' Conference in Brisbane last year as a keynote speaker. He feels that a similar conference would benefit the food social media scene in Singapore, by building knowledge and community spirit among social media users. Like in all sectors, the social media sphere has some skeptical bloggers/instagrammers who create bad blood, and cause controversy. We hope to counter the negativity, and produce goodwill and understanding among the community.

Next came the actual work: Brainstorming, Planning, and Execution. It kept us busy for the last 5 months!

June 02, 2015

Legendary Hong Kong @ Jurong Point ~ Best Of Hong Kong Cuisine Within One Location, And Ooh That Awesome Duck!

The thought of traveling to the far far far west of our island did not really appeal to me, but who would have guessed that I did that for two consecutive days..... all because of..... A DUCK!

Yes, it was the specialty Roasted London Duck from Legendary Hong Kong in Jurong Point (next to Boon Lay mrt station) which drew my lazy bum over haha. Needless to say, it was one heaven of a DELICIOUS duck! Certainly one of the very best I've ever tried!