May 10, 2023

Enjoy Xia Hokkein Mee Kitchen @ Jalan Besar ~ Is This The Best In Singapore?

"The Best Hokkein Mee in Singapore" - I was checking out Enjoy Xia Hokkein Mee Kitchen on Instagram when this grandiose phrase on their profile attracted us to make a visit.

Enjoy Xia Hokkein Mee Kitchen is rebranded from Enjoy Eating House & Bar, taking over its original location at Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar.

Launched as a new pop-up concept, the menu shines the spotlight on its signature Hokkein Mee. The dish was first offered by Enjoy Eating House for delivery back in 2021 during the covid pandemic, and was always sold out.

Customers who love the dish would be thrilled to know that they can now eat it every day if they want :D

BFF and I decided to go for the Super Big Xia HKM ($24.80) which comes with big succulent prawns, thick slices of squid and roast pork, and topped with generous chunks of pork lard (yes! yes!).

Interestingly, the dish is prepared with three types of noodles: yellow mee, thick bee hoon and thin bee hoon (the typical hawker version uses yellow mee with either bee hoon type).

We enjoyed the combination of textures! The noodles has also absorbed the flavorful prawn stock really well, but I thought the wok hei in our plate was a tad weak.

Something was missing from our hokkein mee until we realized... there's no sambal?!! Servers will bring it to you only upon request so remember to ask for it if you prefer your noodles with some spicy kick.

Nu Er Hong Braised Pork Rice Bowl
($14.80) is another hearty main worth trying.

Touted to be "guaranteed shiok", it has almost all the makings of a great rice bowl with braised pork, sauerkraut, Shiitake mushroom, vegetable, lava egg, tau kwa and Jasmine rice (my personal preference is for short grain rice).

The fatty pork belly is braised to superb melting tenderness! I tried to pick up a piece with my chopstick and it just fell apart ooh so seductively.

Not sure what magic went into the savory braising sauce, but open secret is: Flavors are deepened by Nu Er Hong, a type of aged Chinese rice wine.

The braised pork belly by itself, was indeed very shiok.

Grilled Banana Leaf Sambal Stingray (S $16.80 / L $22.80) is offered in two portion sizes. Our advice is... just go for the bigger plate. The succulent grilled stingray paired with spicy-sweet sambal made us wanting for more.

I greatly enjoyed the Wok Hei Cabbage in Fish Sauce ($11.80)!

The plate of fried vegetable looked deceptively simple but was so full of crunchy goodness and lovely wok hei. Happy that the smoky aroma is easily discernible here or else it would be a total fail to the dish name and expectations.

One visit to Enjoy Xia alone cannot conclude if it indeed serves the best hokkein mee in Singapore... unless one has tried all the available versions in the country.

But surely there are supporters who think it's "one of the best", "possibly the best", "my personal best", and make repeat visits to enjoy it again and again. That, is considered a win already for any business. Agree? :)

Enjoy Xia Hokkein Mee Kitchen
Address: 383 Jalan Besar, Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore 209001
Contact: +65 9299 1601

All prices are in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 8% GST unless otherwise stated. Information is correct at point of published date.

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