December 28, 2020

Dip 'n' Go by Old Chang Kee @ Woodlands MRT Station ~ FRIED CHICKEN SKINS! The Perfect Snack For All Times!

Calories matter less when it comes to your favourite snack! That's the inexcusable excuse I always use to overcome the guilt whenever I place an order for FRIED CHICKEN SKINS at Dip 'n' Go, which is becoming way too often nowadays. Oh no!

But it always turns into more of a "Oh YES!!!" moment once I bite into those pieces of fried chicken skins. The sound of cracking skins is melodious on the ears, and its savoury tastiness is like fireworks exploding in my mouth.

Best paired with Cheddar Cheese Dip for an "screw-that-diet-plan" indulgence!

December 26, 2020

Café Bakeaholic @ Springside Green ~ New Café Opened by Daughter Of Veteran Hong Kong Actor Benz Hui


From home-baker to café owner, Charmaine Hui did it!

The Covid-19 pandemic left this young lady with little choice but to shelve plans to pursue her Masters degree in UK this year. Stuck in Singapore and with time on her hands, Charmaine picked up baking and started an online bakery business from her home kitchen.

Fast forward a few months later, Charmaine's dream of opening a bakery cafe is materialized as Café Bakeholic opened its doors to welcome its dine-in customers just before Christmas.