August 19, 2019

Sushiro Singapore @ Tiong Bahru Plaza ~ Largest Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain From Japan Serving Otoro Sushi At Only $4.80 Per Piece!

1.36 billion plates of sushi?!!

That's the number of plates Sushiro serves to more than 149 million customers a year in Japan, making it the largest conveyor belt sushi chain locally with the highest revenue for eight consecutive years from 2011 to 2018.

After an expansion to over 530 outlets in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Sushiro will be opening its first South East Asia outlet at Singapore's Tiong Bahru Plaza on 19th August 2019.

We were surprised to see that a piece of Otoro (Fatty Tuna) Sushi will cost us only $4.80 per piece, and it's even going at a lower price of $2.20 per piece during the opening special.

What?!! Just take our money!

And if that's not attractive enough, wait till you hear more about the opening specials where customers get to enjoy four sushi items handpicked by Sushiro at amazing prices.

Besides the Otoro Sushi at $2.20 per piece, the Swordfish Sushi and Ark Shell Sushi will be offered at $2.20 for two pieces, while Uni (Sea Urchin Sushi) is going for $4.80 for two pieces.

I wish the promotion will go on forever, but it's only while stocks lasts :(

Not to get too disappointed though, as the regular menu is very affordably-priced too. Ingredients used are directly imported from Japan.

Classified mainly into Red Plate - $2.20, Gold Plate - $3.20, and Black Plate - $4.80, there are over 100 varieties of sushi as well as side menu selections for diners to indulge in.

The top three popular sushi dishes in Japan are offered in Singapore too, including Tuna ($2.20 for 2pc), Yellowtail ($3.20 for 2pc), and Salmon Roe ($3.20 for 2pc).

Other than classic selection like Tuna ($2.20 for 2pc), Red Seabream ($4.80 for 2pc), and Big Red Shrimp ($2.20 per pc), you will also find many recommended sushi such as Shrimp Tempura ($2.20 for 2oc), Shrimp with Avocado ($2.20 for 2pc), Steamed Scallop with Lemon Basil ($3.20 for 2pc).

Octopus with Basil Cheese ($3.20 for 2pc)?! Dongpo Pork Sushi ($2.20 per pc)?! How innovative!

Other not-to-be-missed Sushiro's creation including Shrimp with Coriander ($2.20 for 2pc), Broiled Salmon Basil Cheese ($2.20 for 2pc), and the unique Mapo Eggplant ($2.20 for 2pc).

The Fried Shrimp & Avocado Roll Sushi ($2.20 for 2pcs) counts as one of my favourites with its perfect combination of crisp-fried tempura prawn with slices of creamy avocado and Japanese sweet egg omelette topped with tobiko. It was simple happiness in each bite.

My friends were happy that the fishes were fresh and sliced rather generously, all paired with vinegared rice that's prepared using different types of rice grains imported from Japan to achieve an ideal texture.

Besides sushi, there's also side dishes such as Shoyu Ramen ($5.50), Chawanmushi with Scallop ($3.50), and Chicken Karaage ($4.80).

To end the sushi feast on a sweet note, do go for desserts like Matcha Parfait ($6.50), Warabimochi ($3.80), and Mille Crepe ($3.80).

While Sushiro Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza is not exactly situated in the heart of town, it is still considered quite centrally-located and easily accessible. The shopping mall sits right above Tiong Bahru MRT Station EW17, exit B.

Given most Singaporeans' love of Japanese food, and with such wallet-friendly prices offered by Sushiro, we don't need a fortune teller to predict if crowds will be coming in, so here's a tip to cut the queue:-

Download the Sushiro Singapore Official App on iOS or Android, make reservations through the app, and check-in at the counter in-store with your booking number (details from Sushiro's Facebook page).

Sushiro Singapore
Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-118 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732
Contact: Not Available
Operating Hours: Daily 11am-10pm (last order 9:30pm | 11:30am-9pm during soft opening 19-25 Aug 2019 (last order 8:30pm)

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST unless otherwise stated. Information is correct at point of published date.

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