April 06, 2016

BEST ANGEL HAIR PASTA In Singapore! Served Chilled Or Warm, Here Are 22 Places To Try!

After 25 Beef Bowls and 33 Different Foie Gras Dishes, my friends thought I'm a bit crazy to embark on a quest for 22 BEST ANGEL HAIR PASTA in Singapore.

"Aren't you currently on #pinkypiggu100daysof salad diet?" Haha, well yes, but those flowing strands of slender angel hair are just too irresistible.

Being thinner and lighter in texture, angel hair couples better with delicate sauces. More often than not, it is served chilled and infused with flavors of kombu, chives and truffle oil at most establishments. Given the current spell of rising temperatures, a plate of chilled angel hair would be a most suitable "summer dish" to have. Shall we fancify it with caviar, uni (sea urchin), or oysters? Yes! Yes! Yes!

This guide also includes warm versions of the dish, as well as capellini which is said to be just a wee thicker than angel hair. PinkyPiggu's personal Best 5 Angel Hair Pasta is revealed at end of post.

Let's start our angel hair journey here!

The below are listed in alphabetical order by restaurant name.

999.99 (Five Nines) ~ Chilled Caviar Capellini, $20++

1. 999.99 (Five Nines)
Chilled Caviar Capellini, $20++

All that glisten is not just gold but also the black pearls of caviar that adorned the Chilled Caviar Capellini. The cured fish roe did provide a bit of salty profile to the dish, but otherwise the pasta itself was in dire need of a stronger hand in flavoring. Good for those who have a light palate.

Facebook | 29 Keong Saik Road, S(089136) | +65 6221 7098 | Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-12am / Sat & Sun 6pm-12am

Arteastiq ~ Salted Egg Capellini, $23++

2. Arteastiq
Salted Egg Yolk Capellini, $23++

The current "salted-egg-yolk-anything" craze is now making its mark on pasta dishes too. Recently launched as part of Arteastia's revamped menu, the Salted Egg Yolk Capellini features strands of thin pasta tossed with slightly spicy egg yolk cream, and served with prawns by the side. We thought the salted egg yolk flavor could be stronger.

Website | Facebook | Mandarin Gallery - 333 Orchard Road, #04-14/15, S(238867) | +65 62358730 | Weekday 11am-10.30pm & Weekends 10am-10.30pm | Plaza Singapura - 68 Orchard Road, #03-70/72, S(238839) | +65 63360951 | Daily 10am-10pm

Chotto Matte ~ Aglio Olio Angel Hair, $38++

3. Chotto Matte
Aglio Olio Angel Hair, $38++

Served with crispy sakura ebi, sea urchin, and spiked with chili padi, the mildly-spicy dish would be pleasing especially if you're a fan of aglio olio style pasta. I can close one eye to the slightly under-cooked angel hair (a tad firm is better than being mushy), but was irked that its presentation totally differed from the alluring picture on their website. Portion can also be more generous when this is supposed to be a main dish.

Website | Facebook | 54 Blair Road #01-01, S(089954) | +65 6222 8846 | Mon-Sun 11.30am-12am (last order for lunch at 2pm)

Da Luca Italian Restaurant ~ Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops, $35++

4. Da Luca Italian Restaurant
Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops, $35++

Oh my goodness, this is a G.E.M. found! The al-dente bite of the cold pasta, the well-balanced flavors enhanced with scent of truffle oil, the fastidious care of serving it on a chilled plate, every detail was faultless! There was a sense of familiarity as I was relishing in every delicious moment. Turns out that Chef Luca used to work in Gunther's before setting up his eponymous restaurant. Ahh.... no wonder!

Website | Facebook | No.1 Goldhill Plaza #01-19/21, S(308899) | +65 62584846 | Mon-Sun Lunch 12pm-3pm & Dinner 6.30pm-11pm

Dazzling Café Pink ~ Lobster Cold Capellini, $26.90++

5. Dazzling Café Pink
Lobster Cold Capellini, $26.90++

So chio! Who can resist such a beautifully-plated dish? Still, I went to Dazzling Café's latest outlet at Orchardgateway with expectations managed as my previous experience at the Capitol Piazza store was memorable in a less than positive way. Surprisingly, the chilled capellini turned out to be better than expected. Though the pasta was a little too soft and bland for my liking, it was made palatable when mixed with the creamy pink mentaiko sauce and minty green basil powder. Certainly no complaints about that succulent chunk of lobster. Very refreshing dish as a whole. Exclusive to Orchardgateway branch only.

Website | Facebook | Orchardgateway, #01-12/13/14, 277 Orchard Road, S(238858) | +65 63853639 | Sun-Thu 12pm-10pm, Fri & Sat 12pm-10.30pm

Ember ~ Ebi Pasta, $28++

6. Ember
Ebi Pasta, $28++

Heard much about the Ebi Pasta from Ember, and it truly deserved all the good comments. Well-cooked capellini pasta, crisp Sakura ebi, wonderous pairing of kombu and crustacean oil, lovely umaminess in every mouthful. What a well-rounded rendition of the warm pasta dish. I polished the whole plate clean and hankered for more.

Website | Facebook | 50 Keong Saik Road, S(089154) | +65 63471928 | Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm & 6.30pm-10pm, Sat 6.30pm-10pm, closed on Sun

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant ~ Cold Angel Hair with Hokkaido Scallop & Carelian Caviar, $48++

7. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant
Cold Angel Hair with Hokkaido Scallop & Carelian Caviar, $48++

Garibaldi prides itself on using Carelian caviar, harvested from Siberian sturgeon and is said to be "silky in the mouth, with a perfectly integrated saltiness and a long finishing tone of lake and sea" (as described on their menu). Well, nothing to nitpick about the caviar, nor the freshness of the scallops used, and pasta was cooked just nice. But even with truffle oil and a dash of tabasco to lift up the flavors, the entire combination still came across as too subtle to make any impression.

Website | Facebook | 36 Purvis Street, #01-02, S(188613) | +65 6837 1468 | Daily Lunch 12pm-2.30pm & Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm

Gattopardo ~ Cold Angel Hair, $58++

8. Gattopardo
Cold Angel Hair, $58++

Another good looker! This is also one of the more decadent ones luxuriating with toppings of sea urchin, caviar and oyster. Pricey but every bite was worth the splurge!

Website | Facebook | 34 Tras Street, S(079026) | +65 63385498 | Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm & 6.30pm-10.30pm, Sat 6.30pm-10.30pm, Closed on Sun

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine ~ Cold Angel Hair Pasta, $60++

9. Gunther's Modern French Cuisine
Cold Angel Hair Pasta, $60++

Its look was deceptively unassuming (my colleague said it appeared too "pale" haha) and the taste, absolutely D.I.V.I.N.E.! Every strand of the angel hair pasta is nicely chilled and tossed in chives and kombu dressing, with generous infusion of truffle oil and luxurious touches of Oscietra caviar propelling every bite into intense orgasmic heights. So delightful, so gratifying, so exquisite in flavors, I was literally bubbling with excitement. This signature cold angel hair pasta is a definite must-try when you're at Gunther's.

Website | Facebook | 36 Purvis Street, #01-03, S(188613) | Tel +65 63388955, SMS +65 90103075 | Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Closed on Sun

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine, Warm Angel Hair Pasta, $38++

10. Gunther's Modern French Cuisine
Warm Angel Hair Pasta, $38++

The cold pasta might be Gunther's signature, but the warm angel hair pasta coated with luscious seafood nantua sauce and toppings of Sakura prawns well deserves some attention too. This time round, it tasted even better than how I remember it to be. Strongly recommended if you prefer something rich and savory to warm your tummy.

Website | Facebook | 36 Purvis Street, #01-03, S(188613) | Tel +65 63388955, SMS +65 90103075 | Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Closed on Sun

Hakumai Sushi & Omakase ~ Truffle Angel Hair, $20++

11. Hakumai Sushi & Omakase
Truffle Angel Hair, $20++

This plate of deceptively simple chilled truffle angel hair took me by surprise! Besides the crispy ebi, each mouthful was accompanied by enjoyable pops of tobiko. The lingering whiff of truffle was unmistakable too. You know how much it says when I delayed finishing off the last few bites just to prolong the gratification lol! Definitely returning for this again!

Website | Facebook | International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #01-50A, S(079903) | Tel +65 62244790 | Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm & 6pm-10.30pm

Horizon Bistronomy ~ Chilled Truffle Angel Hair, $8+ (no GST)

12. Horizon Bistronomy
Chilled Truffle Angel Hair, $8+ (no GST)

The rendition at Horizon Bistronomy has a distinctly sharp taste due to the white balsamic vinegar added. Invigorating as a starter to the meal, but I can't help but feel that in terms of flavor, there is too much going on and perhaps better harmony is needed. Otherwise, the appetizer is undoubtedly a steal for its price with generous topping of ikura, golden tobiko, and lump crab meat.

Facebook | Fragrance Empire Building - #01-03, 456 Alexandra Road, S(119962) | +65 62743655 | Mon-Fri 11am-11pm | Facebook | The Punggol Settlement - #02-04, 3 Punggol Point Road, S(828694) | +65 67022855 | Wed-Mon 6pm-10pm, closed on Tue

Ikyu ~ Chilled Angel Hair, $28.50++

13. Ikyu
Chilled Angel Hair, $28.50++

The quaint neighborhood of Tiong Bahru might be more known for its numerous cafes and local delicacies, but this restaurant is quite a standout for its contemporary take on Japanese cuisine. Their rendition of Chilled Angel Hair is thoroughly delightful! I took the advice of the waiter and mixed well the pasta, ebi, salmon roe, chives and edible petals before partaking the colorful medley. Certainly ranks up there as one of the better ones.

Website | Facebook | 5 Yong Siak Street, S(168643) | +65 62239003 | Tue-Sun 11.30am-2.30pm & 6pm-10.30pm, closed on Mon

Les Amis ~ Cold Angel Hair Pasta, $50++

14. Les Amis
Cold Angel Hair Pasta, $50++

If there is an award for most elegant-looking angel hair dish, the one at Les Amis will effortlessly clinch it. Immaculately twirled, crowned with caviar and edible gold flakes, the angel hair teases the eyes and awakes all senses the moment its umami bomb of truffle oil, kombu and seaweed exploded in the mouth. It was altogether lovely. I wouldn't have asked for anything more, except another plate... and another plate.

Website | Facebook | 1 Scotts Road, #01-16 Shaw Centre, S(228208) | +65 67332225 | Mon-Sun Lunch 12.00pm (Last seating at 2.00pm) & Dinner 7.00pm (Last seating at 9.30pm)

Napoleon Food & Winer Bar ~ Shrimps Truffle Angel Hair, $21++

15. Napoleon Food & Wine Bar
Shrimps Truffle Angel Hair, $21++

When the bowl of Truffle Angel Hair arrived at my table, I thought "wow, what a big bowl with such generosity of ingredients!" Just look at the amount of shrimps! It also included a 75 °C egg which imparted a pleasing creaminess to the pasta. A very good option if you're looking for a warm and hearty angel hair pasta meal in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Website | Facebook | 206 Telok Ayer Street, S(068641) | +65 6221 9282 | Mon-Fri 11.45am-12am, Sat 6pm-12am, closed on Sun

Portico Prime ~ Chilled Truffle-scented Angel Hair Pasta, $28++

16. Portico Prime
Chilled Truffle-scented Angel Hair Pasta, $28++

Portico Prime's version of the chilled pasta dish looked superbly promising with lavish portions of Avruga caviar and Kawa ebi shrimps over perfectly twirled angel hair seasoned with dehydrated konbu shio. It was a tad salty for my palate though, and can be better chilled.

Website | Facebook | 10 Dempsey Road, #01-20, S(247700) | +65 6474 7427 & +65 9114 1926 | Mon-Sun Lunch 11.30am-3pm / Dinner (Weekday) 6pm-10.30pm & (Weekend) 6pm-11.30pm / Open for drinks at 5pm

Roots Kitchen Bar ~ Ocean Crab Pasta, $18nett

17. Roots Kitchen Bar
Ocean Crab Pasta, $18nett

My friend suggested that I check out the Ocean Crab Pasta at Roots when I mentioned that I'm putting together a list of angel hair pasta dishes. Indeed, the angel hair was infused with a lip-smacking lobster bisque that was greatly intense in flavor, and had a comforting feel with generous slivers of crabmeat accompanying each mouthful. Worth a try, even though it got a tad surfeit towards the end.

Website | Facebook | 30 Dickson Road, S(209512) | +65 6291 5679 | Wed-Mon 11am-11pm, closed on Tue

Rubato Italian Kitchen & Bar ~ Chilled Angel Hair Pasta, $50++

18. Rubato Italian Kitchen & Bar
Chilled Angel Hair Pasta, $50++

Rubato's angel hair's pallid appearance corresponded to its lack in taste and flavors. The staff was concerned that I left more than half of the pasta untouched and later explained to me that the usual chef wasn't around to prepare the dish and thus it was not of its usual standard. Other online reviews are not too bad though. Looks like I must make a return visit to try it again.

Facebook | 12 Greenwood Avenue, S(289204) | +65 62523200 | Mon-Sun 11.30am-10.30pm

Saveur ~ Tiger Prawn with Caviar & Crispy Ebi, $9.90++

19. Saveur
Tiger Prawn Pasta with Caviar & Crispy Ebi, $9.90++

Most of us would already be familiar with Saveur's Pasta with chili oil, chopped kombu, pork sauce and sakura ebi, so I decided to try the recently-introduced Tiger Prawn Pasta for a change. Its coat of savory sauce was appetizing and the entire dish was finished in no time. Though the caviar was not of premium quality, I'm certainly not complaining considering the price point. Those pieces of prawns and crispy ebi were sufficient in rounding up the pasta dish to a satisfying note.

Website | Facebook | Purvis Street - 5 Purvis Street #01-01 S(188584) | +65 63333121 | Lunch 12am-2.30pm & Dinner 6pm-9.30pm | Far East Plaza - 14 Scotts Rd #01-07B, S(228213) | +65 67361121 | Daily 11.30am-9.30pm | The Cathay - 2 Handy Road #01-11/12, S(229233) | +65 67351141 | Daily 12pm-9.30pm

Saveur Art ~ Saveur's Pasta, $8++

20. Saveur Art
Saveur's Pasta, $8++

Saveur's more upmarket sister joint, Saveur Art, has their own version of Saveur's Pasta too. The angel hair pasta is served with chorizo, grilled prawn and dressed in chopped kombu and chilli oil. Tastewise, it was okay. Not bad but not something which I'd come back especially for either.

Website | Facebook | Ion Orchard #04-11, S(238801) | +65 66341141 | Daily 12pm-9.30pm

Violet Herbs ~ Cold Pasta, $36++

21. Violet Herbs
Cold Pasta, $36++

The angel hair was immaculately prepared! Every strand was evenly-cooked to an al-dente texture and chilled nicely, irresistibly tasty in its seasoning of shio seaweed, chive and perfumed with the lingering scent of truffle oil. But the rubbery abalone slices did nothing to enhance the dish. I would opt for different topping if given a choice.

Website | Facebook | 81 Tras Street, S(079020) | +65 6221 3988 | Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm & 6pm-10pm, closed on Sun

Violet Herbs ~ Warm Pasta, $36++

22. Violet Herbs
Warm Pasta, $36++

Super shiok! To use this local slang to express the feeling of extreme satisfaction would be the most apt for this plate of angel hair dressed in lobster essence and fiery tones of bird eye chili (aka chili padi) with rayu oil. It's the kind of torturous pleasure that reduced the flesh to lust for bites after bites. The simple topping of Sakura ebi made a most ideal pairing.

Website | Facebook | 81 Tras Street, S(079020) | +65 6221 3988 | Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm & 6pm-10pm, closed on Sun

  PinkyPiggu's Best 5 Angel Hair Pasta 

1. Gunther's Modern French Cuisine ~ Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Oscietra Caviar
2. Les Amis ~ Cold Angel Hair Pasta
3. Da Luca Italian Restaurant ~ Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops
4. Hakumai Sushi & Omakase ~ Truffle Angel Hair
5. Ember ~ Ebi Pasta

All prices stated are in Singapore dollars.

The photos in this post were shot entirely by PinkyPiggu. What about the angel hair dishes? All in her tummy of course! Lol!

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