August 02, 2017

NASI LEMAK BURGER! Find It At These 7 Places In Singapore! *With NEW Updates (There Is More!)*

The burger flavor that has been hogging the limelight (and tummy spaces) these few weeks is undeniably the... NASI LEMAK BURGER.

While some might have tasted the rendition created by local food guru KF Seetoh for a hawker at Gluttons Bay in 2016, it was on 13th July 2017 when McDonald's launched their version that ignited an islandwide appetite for Nasi Lemak Burger.

Many has commented that it is one of the better novelty burgers that the fast-food chain has introduced, while some felt that it is not localized enough without having a rice patty burger, and the usual peanuts and ikan bilis. The sambal sauce was also said to be without much kick.

A few local eateries has since started serving their version of nasi lemak burger as well, offering it with "real" rice patties, believing they can do better. One quipped, "how can we not join in the fun?" Let's not even count the increasing number of homemade nor our neighbouring country's versions as seen on social media platforms.

Though many of us still love nasi lemak in its truest form, what's not to like about the novelty of enjoying it as a burger?

So here it is, 7 places where you can find Nasi Lemak Burger in Singapore.

Antoinette ~ XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger

Antoinette [NEW: Updated on 10th August]
XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger

Price: $20++

When Chef Pang named it as the "XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger", he really means it. Launched on 9th August, the burger consist of nasi lemak rice patties, homemade otah, luncheon meat, sunny-side-up, cucumber, peanuts, ikan bilis and a crazily big piece of deep-fried chicken breast. While I'm not a big fan of chicken breast, the version here won me over with its well-marinated tender and juicy meat. It's coated with Chef Pang's favorite batter that reminds him of the fried chicken he had at school canteen when he was young. Noteworthy mention also goes to the delectable otah which is homemade with fresh mackerel and prawn, as well as the sambal chili which provided an aromatic spicy kick.

Available from 9th to 31st August 2017 (Weekdays: Lunch & Dinner / Weekends & PH: All Day) at Penhas Road branch only.

Website | Facebook | 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188 | +65 6293 3121 | Mon-Thu 11am-10pm / Fri & Eve of PH 11am-11pm / Sat 10am-11pm / Sun & PH 10am-10pm

Appetide Cafe ~ Nasi Lemak Burger

Appetide Cafe
Nasi Lemak Burger Set

Price: $12 nett (inclusive of one chilled rose syrup drink)

The no-frills eatery located at Boat Quay (level 2, above The Burger Bar) is rather popular for their nasi lemak rice sets. They have recently introduced a burger variant 3 weeks ago, featuring deep-fried chicken thigh cutlet, fried egg, cucumber slices, sambal sauce, crunchy peanut and ikan bilis, all sandwiched between soft brioche buns, and served with achar and keropok by the side. While the egg was a tad "over-fried" for my liking (no runny yolk), the rest of the components were fairly tasty. Especially that sambal sauce which really packed a fiery punch! Super shiok if you can take the heat.

Available as off-the-menu special till sold out.

Facebook | 35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824 | +65 6532 0419 | Mon-Fri 11.30am-8pm, Sat & Sun closed

Little House Of Dreams ~  Nasi Lemak Rice Burger

Little House Of Dreams
Nasi Lemak Rice Burger

Price: $19.90 nett

As part of the recently-revamped menu, Little House Of Dreams has introduced their Nasi Lemak Rice Burger using rice buns made from fragrant coconut Japanese pearl rice and paired with their signature sambal chili. Not too bad as a whole, but I prefer the rice buns to be less mushy, and have a better bite with crisp edges. The star element was undeniably that generous piece of hot, juicy chicken thigh encased in thick, crunchy batter.

Available as regular menu item.

Website | Facebook | Blk 8 Dempsey Road #01-14, Singapore 247696 | +65 6472 4977 | Mon-Thu 11am-10.30pm, Fri & Eve of PH 11am-12am, Sat 9am-12am, Sun & PH 9am-10.30pm (Last order for hot food is 1hr before closing.)

Makansutra Gluttons Bay ~ Nasi Lemak Burger by Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee

Makansutra Gluttons Bay
Nasi Lemak Burger by Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee

Price: $7.50 nett

Created by local food guru KF Seetoh for a hawker at Gluttons Bay, this nasi lemak burger first made its appearance last year and has recently made a revival due to overwhelming request! We thoroughly enjoyed the combination of crispy fish fillet, otah rice patties, sunny-side-up, peanuts, ikan bilis, cucumber and sambal chili. The pan-seared otah rice patties were especially delicious with fragrance of pandan and coconut milk, satisfying our mouths with an ideal texture that was soft on the inside and enveloped with a crisp exterior. If there is only one nasi lemak burger you must eat, make it this one!

Available from 26th July till end-August 2017.

Website | Facebook | 8 Raffles Avenue #01-15, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802 | +65 6438 4038 | Mon-Thu 5pm-2am, Fri & Sat 5pm-3am, Sun 4pm-1am

McDonald's "Nasi Lemak" Burger

"Nasi Lemak" Burger

Price: $5.95 nett ala-carte / $7.80 nett onwards in an Extra Value Meal

Launched on 13th July 2017 in celebration of the nation's birthday, McDonald's "Nasi Lemak" Burger is a hearty combination of cornflake-coated chicken thigh patty, fried egg, cucumber slices, caramelized onions and sweet-spicy sambal sauce nestled between lightly-toasted semolina buns. That distinct lovely coconut aroma of nasi lemak was unmistakable at first bite. The burger was so well-received that the fast-food chain announced on 25th July that it was sold out islandwide. Surprisingly, I actually managed to get my nasi lemak burger 3 days later. Are there still a few burgers lurking in some outlets somewhere? Will it make a comeback? We shall see.

Currently unavailable.

Website | Facebook | Outlets Islandwide

The Beast ~ The Beast Nasi Lemak Burger (photo credit @DanielFoodDiary)

The Beast
The Beast Nasi Lemak Burger

Price: $20++

To celebrate the nation's birthday, The Beast is dishing out Southern dishes with a local twist such as Salted Egg Yolk Chicken & Pandan Waffles, and The Beast Nasi Lemak Burger! Touted as the “Guaranteed damn shiok, DIE DIE MUST TRY!” burger with actual “nasi” (rice), it consist of coconut rice patties, southern fried chicken thigh, housemade sambal and runny egg, and served with a side of luncheon meat fries. DFD thinks this is a good-enough-to-try version, and sharing is highly recommended.

Available during dinner only till end-August 2017.

Website | Facebook | 17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329 | +65 6295 0017 | Mon-Wed 5pm-12am, Thu & Fri 5pm-1am, Sat & Sun 11am-12am

The Chop Chop Selections ~ Nasi Lemak Sio-Sio Crispy Chicken Burger

The Chop Chop Selections
Nasi Lemak Sio-Sio Crispy Chicken Burger

Price: $12.50 nett

Though it sounds promising with brioche bun, chicken thigh patty, hard boiled egg, cucumber, lettuce, raw onions, and onions rings as side, this nasi lemak burger was quite a letdown. We liked that the chicken thigh was fried to perfection with a nice crispy crust, but the chili sauce was disappointingly salty without any hint of caramelized onion sweetness normally found in nasi lemak chili. Also lacking is also the familiar coconutty fragrance. Personally, I find the nasi lemak theme hard to discern in this rendition.

Available from 1st to 31st August 2017

Facebook | 348 Bedok Road, Simpang Bedok, The Bedok Marketplace #02-01, Singapore 469560 | +65 9168 0300 | Tue-Sun 12pm-10pm, Closed on Mon

The Quarters ~ Nasi Lemak Burger

The Quarters 
Nasi Lemak Burger
Price: $16 nett

The Quarters is known for serving inspired Singapore cuisine such as salted egg fries and satay burger, so I guess it's not surprising to see them jumping on the nasi lemak burger bandwagon as well. Their chicken thigh was tender and fragrant with spices such as tumeric and lemongrass, while the rice patties had a subtle coconut aroma and pleasant sticky rice-like, chewy texture. It came across as a tad greasy overall though.

Available from 1st to 31st August 2017

Website | Facebook | Icon Village, 16 Enggor Street, 01-09, Singapore 079717 | +65 6834 4174 | Mon-Wed 5pm-12am, Thu & Fri 5pm-1am, Sat & Sun 11am-12am

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars. Information is correct at point of published date.

* Written by @PinkyPiggu and BFF
* Photos by @PinkyPiggu and BFF

* Additional photo and input by @DanielFoodDiary

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  1. My friend in Singapore told me a lot about it and I tried it on their insisting. It was just wonderful to have it. Its good that you shared the places to get the burger so its easy for the tourists.