June 18, 2016

HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN! Where To Find The BEST In Singapore!

Honey Butter + Fried Chicken? Yes! Yes! Yes!

After Honey Butter Chips and All Things Honey Butter, this post is dedicated to HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN, a divinely delicious combination of sweet savory taste with the sinful addictiveness of crispy fried chicken.

There might not be many food establishments in Singapore offering this flavor of fried chicken yet, but the few that do have it, most did a pretty awesome job of bringing out the unique lusciousness of honey and butter pairing.

Which rendition is the BEST among all? The only way to find out is..... to eat Eat EAT it all! Lol!

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Chir Chir 
Honey Butter Chicken, $28.90++

Chir Chir | Website | Facebook | Chinatown Point #01-43 | 313@Somerset #B3-04 | Bedok Point #02-05

Chir Chir is where I got my very first taste of Honey Butter Chicken, and fell hopelessly in LOVE with all things honey butter! Glazed with honey butter and generously showered with honey butter seasoning powder, the boneless, tender chicken chunks tasted buttery, sweet, savory all at once. Amazingly addictive! After trying various rendition of honey butter chicken in Singapore, I would say Chir Chir's version has the closest flavor profile to Haitai-Calbee's honey butter chips. Undoubtedly my personal BEST and FAVORITE!

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Joo Bar
Honey Butter Chick, $18++

Joo Bar | Website | Facebook | 5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188094

It has been quite awhile since my last visit to the modern Korean makgeolli bar and restaurant at Tan Quee Lan Street (near Bugis mrt), and what drew me back recently is this new item on their refreshed menu..... Honey Butter Chick! Using boneless chicken breast, the meat itself leaned towards the drier side, but the lip-smacking goodness of nectarous honey butter enveloping each morsel made up for it. Great as an accompanying bar snack to their in-house rice wine.

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Southern-style Fried Chicken with Honey Butter Sauce
Price: $108.90++ (part of Southern Family Platter, available till 26 June 2016, serves 3-4pax)

| Website | Facebook | The Star Vista #02-23

Morgansfield's is well-known for their pork ribs, but they do have other meat offerings on the menu too. Their version of honey butter chicken has deep-fried chicken drumsticks served with honey butter sauce by the side. We love how well-marinated the chicken drumsticks were, juicy, tender and flavorsome enough to eat on its own, but quite a pity the crisp batter did not adhere well and started falling off upon slightest handling. As for the sauce, the sweet honey taste was lovely but could do with a heavier touch for the butter. Not my personal best, but still enjoyable overall. Alas the chicken is not available as an ala-carte item but part of the Southern Family Platter (including a full slab of the signature sticky bones and a few side dishes), so the only way to try it is to come with friends or family.

MrQ Snacks
Honey Butter Chicken, Price: $5nett

MrQ Snacks | Facebook | Punggol Mrt 28th May to 28th June 2016 | Choa Chu Kang Mrt 11th June to 26th June 2016 | Check their Facebook page for latest location update

Korean Fried Chicken from a pasar malam (local night market) stall? Yes! I asked the owner Harry Quek why the thought of selling honey butter chicken at his stall, his swift reply was, "because honey butter flavor is very popular in Korea!". Not too far off to say this entrepreneur is quick to catch on the latest trend. The bite-sized chicken pieces were quite decent, hot and crispy to bite with a subtle trail of honey butter taste. Do check out their other offerings such as Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, and signature Fried Oreo which I heard are very well-received too.

Honey Butter Wings, Price: $12+ (7% GST, no service charge)

Slake | Website | 15 Swan Lake Avenue

It's my chicken wing fantasy come true! Slake, a contemporary Asian kitchen in Bedok, married pieces of deep-fried chicken mid-joint with a coat of honey butter glaze! Sweet, salty, sticky, luscious in every bite! Worth traveling to the remote part of east-Singapore for this! You are the honey to my butter. Love you deep deep <3

South Union Park
Fried Chicken, Price: $11nett

South Union Park | Facebook | 101 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 455711

South Union Park is a homey café nestled in the quiet residential estate of Kembangan, but the food that's being served here encompasses sufficient quality to wake up any tastebuds that's jaded by frequent bouts of mediocre café offerings. One such item on the menu is the fried chicken. It looked deceptively boring, just a gathering of deep-fried skin-on chicken pieces, cornbread and honey butter cream by the side, but..... surprise, surprise! The thigh meat was deliciously marinated and well-fried. Great enough on its own, but give it a generous dip of creamy honey butter cream, oh my my my..... the pairing sent off a wondrous flavor explosion in the mouth. Love it!

To be continued.....

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