January 20, 2019

NEW! Omurice Keisuke By Celebrity Chef Keisuke Takeda Opens At @ Bugis+. Delicious Omurice From Only $9.90++ Onwards!

I was enjoying my meal at Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke by Celebrity Chef Keisuke Takeda when I was asked to make a guess what his next concept might be.

My first thought was, "could it be omurice?". Afterall, omurice is a popular dish in Japan that's much-loved by both adults and kids, and could possibly be well-received in Singapore too.

Looks like my hunch is correct as Omurice Keisuke recently-opened its door at Bugis+ a few days ago.

Time for some classic Japanese comfort food!

January 19, 2019

Paradise Dynasty Launches Brand-NEW Outlet At Wisma Atria! Enjoy FREE Beauty Collagen Xiao Long Bao!

Regulars who are wondering where Paradise Dynasty at ION has "disappeared" to, fret not as a brand-new outlet is now opened nearby at level one of Wisma Atria!

Besides its convenient location, I really like that the spacious 196-seater is all decked in beautiful rose gold and delicate pink colours, much like Beauty In The Pot. Such a pretty dining environment!

We wasted no time in quickly making our way over also because of the..... Complimentary Beauty Collagen Xiao Long Bao!!!

January 09, 2019

BEST Salted Egg Rice In Singapore! Chicken, Pork, & Halal Options Included!

Rather than being just a come-and-go food trend, Salted Egg Rice has somehow entered our lives as one of the comfort foods to enjoy on a regular basis, and gradually gained an endearing status in many of our hearts.

It is not uncommon to see most zhi char stalls, some economy rice eateries, and even a few Halal joints offering the dish on their menus.

With boneless chicken and/or pork ribs as usual available meat options, our choice of protein is then deep-fried before being doused with savoury salted egg sauce. Chili padi and curry leaves are usually added to the sauce for extra oomph.

The salted egg delight pairs perfectly with white rice, and is sometimes served with an fried egg too. You can say it's an ooh-so-perfect one-bowl rice dish.

As an ardent fan of Salted Egg Rice, PinkyPiggu decided to suss out the very best that our island has to offer!

January 03, 2019

Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental Presents Luxurious Pen Cai In "Basin" For CNY 2019

Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental is best known for their Cantonese cuisine presented with artistic modern flair.

To usher in the Year of the Earth Pig, Executive Chinese Chef Cheng Hon Chau has crafted a tantalising array of epicurean delights which will be available for both dining-in and takeaways from 18th January to 19th February 2019.

The dish that grabbed all our attention is the Luxurious Pen Cai. It is said to be Singapore's largest 'basin dish'!

January 02, 2019

CNY 2019 @ Jade Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel ~ Celebrating The Year Of The Pig With An Auspicious Grand Feast

I love the food at Jade! To say that I'm happy to be back at the Cantonese restaurant to try their Chinese New Year dishes is quite an understatement.

For the upcoming the Year of the Pig, Jade's Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng has specially-crafted six festive menus. The most sumptuous of it all has to be the 8-course Grand Fullerton Golden Feast 富丽豪华金猪宴 which features delicacies such as lobster, suckling piglet, caviar, and bird's nest.