October 11, 2015

Twins Korean Restaurant @ Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar ~ One Of The Best Korean Fried Chicken Around!

"Nicole, can dabao (takeaway) the twins chefs for me please?" That was my friend's reaction when she learned that I was at Twins Korean Restaurant for dinner. She likes delicious wings, and maybe delicious-looking twins even more? Haha!

It's already quite a well-known fact that Twins is opened by a pair of identical twins from Korea, both young, tall, good-looking and definitely equipped with cooking skills good enough to open up a restaurant offering a menu of perennial Korean favorites such as Fried Chicken, Tokkbokki (spicy rice cakes), Spicy Noodle Soup and Kimchi Pancake.

Verdict: I love Twins' Fried Chicken Wings!

It was love at first sight even before I sent the Soy & Garlic Chicken Wing ($15 ) into my mouth, because the plate of 10 pieces came entirely in my favorite mid-joint part with tips! True love began when a bite into the crunchy skin revealed juicy and tender meat. The coat of sticky sweet garlicky sauce was pronounced in flavor. Very likable, very lip-smacking yummy!

Thanks to Twins for using fresh chicken albeit the higher costs. It really makes a difference.

As it was just my friend and I for dinner, it's better to restrict ourselves and not get the chicken in other flavors too such as Cheese, Yangnyum (sweet & spicy) or Original in case we over-order and overeat. Our figures are very important to us haha.

The Seafood Pancake ($20) cooked predominately with leeks and prawns seemed to be a comparatively healthy choice. Batter was a tad thin though, if only it can be thicker for a more satisfying mouthfeel.

We finished our soft as snow Bean Powder Bingsoo ($12) though it felt that the dessert lacked the usual tinge of milky sweetness which would have made it more enjoyable. Only when we noticed the next table trying to capture a pouring shot on camera when we realized..... we were not given any accompanying cup of condensed milk -_-;

Well, I hope the servers wouldn't forget it again the next time, for the wings are reason enough for a return visit, and to end the meal with bingsoo or Honey/Vanilla Ice Cream Beer ($13.50) is unbeatably refreshing.

Lunch Set ($11.90) with choice of chicken + salad/rice, and Dinner Grand Opening Promotion ($40) of chicken combo for 2-3 pax are still available at point of this post's published date.

Twins Korean Fried Chicken

Address: 7 Craig Road, Singapore 089667
Contact: +65 6221 5205
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Twins.Korean.Restaurant
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm & 5pm-12am / Sun 5pm-11pm

Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge (no GST).

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