October 12, 2015

Korea's Churro 101 Opens At Singapore's Bugis+! Go Get Those Long, Crispy Dough Of Happy Indulgence!

Churro 101, Better Than A Boyfriend. It's not easy not to grab any attention with such a cheeky tagline :p

We were told that the wait for the perfect churro is over, as the popular specialty chain from Korea opens its first international outpost at Singapore's Bugis+. Even top K-Pop groups like Girls' Generation, F(x), Miss A, and Girls' Day are fans.

It sure buzzed up quite a fair bit of excitement among the few of us during the media preview. Our eyes gleamed up at those approximately 30cm long, deep-fried dough of indulgence. Our mouths couldn't wait to chomp it all down.

Its founder, Iris Choi, sure knows a thing or two about what sells. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Australia, she formulated the winning recipe with an aim to elevate churro from just mere carnival food. It eventually kick-started the churro trend in Korea, and went on to establish over nine stores in the country alone.

Will the success be replicated in Singapore?

We love that the dough is made on site daily with ingredients specially imported from Korea, and fried a-la-minute to ensure freshness in taste. The churro came to us piping hot, with awesome crispiness on the outer yet retaining an airy inner. What a killer combination of desirous texture. My waistline has been killed after eating more than I should. Oops.

The classic flavors like Plain ($3.30), Sugar ($3.50) and Cinnamon ($3.50) are enjoyable enough on its own, or with an accompanying Spanish Chocolate Dip ($0.80), but do go for those filled with Milk Custard (4.50), Cream Cheese ($4.70) and Chocolate ($4.50) too.

I count cream cheese (with its pleasant tanginess) and chocolate (oozing with luscious sweetness) as my current favorites.

Those who like their churro with an added layer of texture might fancy the Dark Chocolate Churro ($5.40) coated with toppings such as Almond Slices ($0.50), Strawberry Crunch ($0.50) and Coconut Powder ($0.50).

For a thrill of hot and cold sensation gliding down your throat, go for the Ice Cream & Churro Set ($5.90 onwards).

Prices are reasonable, considered a small amount to pay for some fleeting moments of happiness, but I say, a boyfriend would still be better lah hehee :p

Don't miss this! In celebration of Churro 101's grand opening in Singapore, all customers can enjoy a full-day promotion of 1-for-1 Churros on its grand opening date, 12 October 2015.

Update (12 Oct 2015): We went to check out Churro 101 in the afternoon of its opening day, and was greeted by a long queue! Think there must be at least more than 100 people in line. We wouldn't have time to wait for at least an hour or two, so left without having any churro. Feedback left on my Instagram post wasn't favorable, citing mixed-up orders and less-than-tasty products. Looks like we will wait for the hype to die down before returning, and hopefully, they have their teething issues sorted out by then.

Churro 101 Singapore
Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #04-01, Singapore 188067
Website: http://www.churro101.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/churro101sg
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Prices stated are nett.

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