October 02, 2015

Five By Five (5x5) @ Thomson V One ~ Former November 8 Resurfaced As New Café

Though November 8 was kind of short-lived (ceasing operations after 18 months when lease was up), fans of the popular café would be happy to know that it has quickly resurfaced 2 weeks ago as Five By Five (5x5).

Yes, it's the same guys behind both establishments. They're back! New name, new concept, new location.

Hei hei! 5 is definitely much better than 8!

Located just round the corner in the same building at Thomson V One, 5x5 spots a comparatively brighter space.

White tile walls, white marble tables, minimalist wooden accents all bathed in natural daylight, this is an instagrammer's wonderland. Lovely!

First thing first, let's have a perk-me-up. The Café Latte ($4.50) is brewed with 22 Martin Blend supplied by Common Man Coffee Roasters. We love the lingering aroma and full-bodied taste that was adequately smooth on the palate.

The food menu presents brunch staples such as Eggs Benedict ($15.50) and Salmon Florentine ($16.50), as well as 5by5 Breakfast ($15.50) with choice of sunny or scrambled eggs, chorizo sausages, bacon, honey ham, mushroom & tomato, served on toast with greens by the side.

We were not expecting much from our order of B.S.T. ($8.50) which is just a simple combination of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. Though the eggs could do with a runnier texture, the bacon glazed with sugar was an unexpected delight and made it a worthy order.

Heavier mains include Chicken Bleu ($15.50), Portobello Beef Burger ($15.50) and Japanese Beef Stew ($18.50). The miso taste of our Miso Roasted Pork ($16.50) was barely discernable, and we wished it had a layer of crackling skin to complement that beautifully tender meat. Still, it was an overall pleaser with well-executed al-dente orzo rice pasta. The plate was wiped clean.

When I wanted to order the Mac & Cheese ($13.50), my dining companion remarked, "it's not photogenic leh". It's okay as I wasn't feeling too well and was craving for some comfort food. The softer than usual macaroni smothered in a medley of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with honey ham & bacon proved to be comforting indeed, and brought forth a sense of familiarity. The slightly spicy aftertaste reminded us of a certain mass-market brand haha. We meant it in a good way.

For something photogenic and definitely instagram worthy, go go go for the Classic Waffle ($6) topped with ice cream flavors such as Coconut Taro, Matcha Azuki, Thai Ice Tea and Bubblegum (deluxe $4.20 / premium $4.80 per scoop).

The freshly-made waffle whiffed of alluring buttery fragrance even before it reached our table. Smelled and looked very promising but the taste was somehow a tad bland. Fortunately, with its moist fluffiness and crispy outer texture, it was still enjoyable.

5x5 closes late at midnight, making it a suitable late-evening hangout as much as it is a daytime chillax joint. For you alcoholic peeps, happy hours are from 5pm to 9pm where draft beer goes for only $5 per 1/2 pint and $10 per pint.

Five By Five (5 x 5)
Address: 9 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Thomson V One, Singapore 575630
Contact: +65 64527449
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fivebyfive.sg
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 11am-12am / Sat-Sun 10am-12am / Closed on Tue

Prices stated are subject to 7% GST (no service charge).

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