October 27, 2015

Karafuru Desserts カラフル @ Jalan Klapa ~ A Japanese-Inspired Café Serving Sweet Sweet Sweet Éclairs.

Our experience at Karafuru Desserts カラフル was so so so sweet (literally), my friend weaned herself from anything sweet for the next couple of days.

"Karafuru" means "colorful" in Japanese katakana-form, and most aptly describe the rows of vibrant-hued éclairs behind the display counter of this Japanese-inspired café at Jalan Klapa.

Pretty éclairs, intricately-plated yogurt parfaits, aesthetic-pleasing minimalist white interior, this is another of those places that highly attract creatures of the visual-loving kind (yes, my friend and I are one of them). Most photos taken here would probably garner numerous likes on any Instagram feed. Effortlessly.

Beauty doesn't come cheap though. These appealing-looking pastries made with choux dough and filled with a variety of cream and toppings starts at $6, and goes up to $7 for the alcoholic flavored ones. Quite pricey if you consider its dainty size.

Desserts Set, available at $16 (2 éclairs + 1 coffee/tea) and $20 (1 parfait + 1 coffee/tea), serves to mitigate the wallet damage a little bit.

I'm a most willing customer, and even made a return visit despite that the éclairs wasn't impressive during our first visit. I wanted to try enough of different flavors and give it another chance before making any conclusive thoughts.

With a selection of 12 flavors ranging from Yuzu, Ichigo Cheesecake, Sakura Rose, to Black Forest, Gianduja, Café Au Lait, as well as Ume Shiso, Marc De Champagne and Irish Cream, it is indeed varied enough to cater to different taste preferences. But not all are available if you visit later in the day as popular ones naturally tend to get sold out earlier.

The classic pairing of Matcha Azuki should be quite fail-proof, but there was none of the expected pleasant bitterness from the green tea créme. It was just one-dimensional sweet. Perhaps the same term can be used to describe all other flavors we tried too.

If we have to identify the best among the bad, it would be Passionfruit which had a zesty tinge that was rather delightful.

Flavors aside, we thought that the pastry texture was a tad soft too.

The Matchazuke Parfait ($16) is served with Karafuru's in-house signature yogurt, matcha souffle, vanilla pudding, jasmine creme anglaise, mizu-yokan, dango, and matcha langue de chat. Not too bad a combination, but nothing magical to warrant a repeat order either.

We love the concept of Karafuru, and what we see on the menu are very well-designed and promising. If its execution can be improved, this could become one of the best places in Singapore for a Japanese-inspired dessert experience.

Karafuru Desserts カラフル (Closed)
Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Contact: +65 6291 4430
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karafurusg
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 1pm-10pm / Closed on Mon

Prices stated are inclusive of GST (no service charge).


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