October 30, 2015

Masizzim Singapore @ 313 Somerset ~ A New Korean Restaurant That Serves Delicious Meat Stew!

Some people surely possess business acumen and discerning tastes when it comes to identifying good food! After bringing in Chir Chir, the popular Korean fried chicken joint into Singapore, the same folks now serve up stew dishes by Masizzim 마시찜 , which is also a famous Korean casual restaurant with stores all over South Korea.

"Masizzim "is a combination of two Korean words: "masi" (delicious) + "jjim" (stew).

Delicious stew indeed! The mini hot pot bubbling with chunks of slow-cooked meat might not come across as the most trendy of dishes, but is certainly one that gratified our tongues and tummies with much comforting warmth and appetizing yumminess.

Best, we get to customize the pot to our personal preference with choice of meat, noodles, spice level and toppings!

Step 1 - Choose the Stew: Beef, Pork, or Spicy Chicken
Step 2 - Choose the Flavor: Soy or Spicy (level 1 to 4)
Step 3 - Choose Noodles: Udon or Glass Noodles
Optional Add-Ons - Choose Cheese ($2), Toppoki ($2) and Extra Noodles ($2)

Each pot is available in two sizes suitable for 1 pax, or 2 pax for sharing.

Beef Rib Stew ($18/$32), Pork Rib Stew ($16/$29), or Spicy Chicken Stew ($16/$29)? Which one, which one? You can order all if you want, and share just like what we did! Friends who share calories together, stay together.

We started off with the Pork Rib Stew in soy flavor, which turned out to be my favorite among all that we tried.

There was just something about the savory sauce that brought forth a familiar sense of homecooked goodness, and made us want to down a few bowls of rice with it. The added sweetness from pineapples and Korean pears could have contributed to that. So so so tasty!

And those pieces of pork ribs which were slow-cooked for 6 hours to ooh so lovely fall-off-the-bone tenderness gave such exceeding joy in the mouth.

The Beef Rib Stew pleased much with its soft meaty texture too, and paired well with the broth in level 2 spiciness. Sufficient heat to give that fiery kick, yet tolerable enough without having to resort to immediate gulps of water.

Can't say the same for the Spicy Chicken Stew in level 4 spiciness. The spiciness seemed to be rather mild initially, but the real sting unveiled itself gradually as we progressed further into each bite. Our tongues are "chilli-padi trained", yet was set "on fire". Oh my goodness!

If you're up for a challenge, do give it a try! My advice would be to stand by at least a jar of Sikhye ($9.50), a super refreshing traditional Korean beverage made from malt barley and rice, to douse the fire if needed.

Masizzim is not just about hotpot stews, they do have other offerings such as Rice Ball ($8) in Anchovy and Tuna flavors which are utterly fun to eat! Put on the gloves, mix well the bowl of ingredients and roll it into riceballs.

My friend wanted to just eat the rice balls, but I moulded a big heart-shaped one and made him took photos of me first haha! Having tried both flavors, we preferred the anchovy which had this addictive salty crunchiness, a tad more.

Koreans seemed to have a fascination with cheese (were they the first to add cheese to instant noodles?), so it is not too surprising to see it being added to fried rice and pancake as well.

The Spicy Cheese Fried Rice ($9) features mixed grain rice and kimchi fried with rib stew sauce and topped with melted mozzarella cheese, and Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake ($13) is like a alternate version of pizza with a layer of stretchy mozzarella cheese and tomato paste over minced beef and kimchi pancake.

Traditionalists might still stick to classics such as Squid & Leek Pancake ($14) and Potato Pancake ($12).

For us, it's anything goes as long as food is tasty and suits the palate. Masizzim's delicious stews are definitely one of it. I will certainly return for more!

Masizzim 마시찜 Singapore Korean Restaurant
Address: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #B3-02, Singapore 238895
Contact: +65 6509 5808
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masizzimsingapore
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm / Fri & Sat 11am-11pm

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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