September 05, 2015

Sistersfield Organic Granola! Healthy Deliciousness & Ways To Enjoy Them!

I don't normally include granola in my usual diet, but what did I do when a friend gave me a few packets of Sistersfield Organic Granola to try? I eat them, of course! Lol!

Sistersfield's range of products is said to be healthier, made using only organic ingredients and natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. Gently baked by hand to create a perfect golden crunch, the granola are certainly addictive and has since become a very satisfying addition to my diet nowadays.

I tried all the 3 flavors, each has their own merits and it ultimately boils down to individual preference. My personal favorite? The one with dark chocolate chips hehee :p

Original Grade A Granola - Blend of wholegrain oats, nuts, seeds and vanilla beans

Apple-spiced Quinoa Granola - Blend of apple-spiced wholegrain oats, quinoa, nuts and vanilla beans

Dark Chocolate Chia Granola - Blend of wholegrain oats, chia seeds, nuts, cocoa powder and vanilla beans

These are available in packs of 250g ($15), 500g ($29) and 1kg ($55).

When I'm feeling lazy, the fastest way to enjoy the granola is to eat it straight out of the pack as a Snack haha!

Some friends like it with Milk or Soy Drink, but the granola are such versatile goodness, it can be easily added to Yogurt, as well as layering it with fruits for a simple Parfait too.

It also paired beautifully with mashed avocado or cream cheese for a Delicious Spread over bread.

The granola also made excellent Toppings for French Toast/Pancakes/Waffles and Salad, giving it a lovely extra crunch.

You can imagine how happy I was preparing and eating all the food you see in this post here lol. #pinkpiggudomesticgoddesswannabe

I even thought of adding butter to the granola and bake them into granola bars, but since Sistersfield do have Energy Bar Bites (3 bars $6 / 6 bars $11 / 9 bars $15) and Soy Protein Bar Bites (3 bars $7 / 6 bars $12 / 9 bars $16), I might as well save myself the trouble and just get the bars instead.

Their other specialties include Nutty Pecan Cookies and Earl Grey Almond Cookies.

Sistersfield has also catered for events such as company roadshows, weddings, and other celebratory occasions.

Their Red Velvet and Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes have been their all-time hot seller for all who enjoy that sweet treat!

I seen photos of the event setup they've done on their facebook page. Very gorgeous!

The best way to get your hands on Sistersfield's products is to email or text them directly and have the items delivered to you. Self-collection at Somerset, Bugis, Ang Mo Kio and Thomson is possible too.

Their stocks are also retailing at:
  • Hvala Waffle Bar (313@Somerset, #B3-50) 
  • TANGS Orchard (Level 1) - Seasonal till end-Sep 2015
  • Orchard Central (Level 1) - Seasonal till 13 Sep 2015

Email: /
Contact: +65 9488 6212 / +65 9858 3066 (Teresa or Beverly)

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