September 28, 2015

Café & Meal MUJI, Singapore @ Orchard Paragon ~ Simple, Fuss-Free, Satisfying Meal.

After having "ang mo chap chye png" at Grain Traders for lunch, I went to eat "Japanese chap chye png" at Café & Meal MUJI for dinner! Oh my goodness! Low-carbs diet? What diet? (chap chye png = economy mixed vegetable rice)

Popular Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI finally opened their first café in Singapore at Orchard Paragon earlier this month, mirroring a dining concept which is not unlike the ones they currently have in Japan itself, as well as Hong Kong, Chengdu and Taiwan.

Its deli counter displays a host of dishes, you pick what you prefer to go with your rice, make payment, bring your food to your table, sit down, take photo, eat. Straightforward and fuss-free meal.

A Selection of 3 Deli (1 hot deli + 2 cold deli + white rice/bread) goes for $12.90, while a Selection Selection of 4 Deli (2 hot deli + 2 cold deli + white rice/bread) is at $16.90.

Upgrade from White Rice to 10-Grain Rice is at an additional $1. If you like to complete the set with Miso Soup, it's at $1.50.

Prices are not exactly "economy" by "economy rice" standards, but here, we're talking not just about the food. It's about the total dining experience. The difference in quality shows too.

For instance, the white rice used is premium Niigata Koshihikari Rice known for its nutritious value and natural sweet taste. Add multi-grains to it, it becomes a healthy mix that provide nutrients and heightened enjoyment in every mouthful. I like!

My combination choice of Saba w/Sweet & Spicy Miso Sauce, Prawn & Edamame Salad w/Spiced Mayo Sauce and Vegetables Omelette was very pleasing overall.

It felt light and clean-tasting, healthier and definitely less greasy than the usual chap chye png without any excessive drenching of gravies. I polished everything off even though I wasn't really hungry.

But I can imagine some friends complaining about the lukewarm food and dainty portions.

A small selection of desserts such as Caramel Pudding ($4.90) and Roasted Tea Pudding ($5.40) is available too. The latter is a hit with not just me but my friends as well, for its smooth and creamy texture, not-too-sweet taste and lingering aroma of Houji-cha (roasted Japanese green tea).

MUJI has always been well-received for its minimalist appeal, and their café arm is very much aligned on that approach.

I wouldn't come here expecting to have anything over-the-top fancy. But if I'm looking to have a simple meal in a relaxed and comfortable environment, this is greatly satisfying. Oh yes, and it's time to do some shopping at the adjoining MUJI store after that hehee :p

Café & Meal MUJI
Address: Orchard Paragon, #04-36/40, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Contact: +65 6735 0123
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9.30pm / Full menu available after 11am / Last order at 8.45pm

Prices stated are nett (inclusive of GST, no service charge).

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