December 29, 2015

PinkyPiggu's Best Nine On Instagram! #2015bestnine

Absolutely love this feature of Instagram which allows us to see our Most-Like Instagram Photos of 2015! It's like a recap of our food journey of the year and feeling the deliciousness all over again.

So here are PinkyPiggu's Best Nine On Instagram. You can get yours here too!

Thanks everyone for the likes and the support at my Instagram account @PinkyPiggu.

#1 Nan Hwa Fishboat

I guess everyone loves an overhead shot of a table brimming with familar, comforting food lol! One of the oldest charcoal fish head steamboat restaurants in Singapore finally unveiled its second outlet in November, that's after 88 years! It's easy to taste why the dish has been an endearing favorite for many. What an arresting moment when I had my first sip of the broth! Silky smooth and wondrously full-bodied in flavor, it was further scented with tinges of smokey aroma imparted by the burning charcoal embers.

Read: Nan Hwa Fishboat @ Owen Road, Farrer Park ~ Popular Fish Steamboat At North Bridge Road Finally Opens 2nd Branch! 

#2 Chateraise Patisserie

PinkyPiggu loves pink color and eats pink food too! There is even a hashtag on Instagram specially dedicated to this. Check out #pinkyeats and feel free to tag your pink food as well! :D

#3 Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant

It was a quest for the Best Beef Bowl In Singapore when some online research alerted me to Haru Haru. I went, I ate, and I thought, "Their Wagyu don nice. Can come again to try some other dishes". And so I did. You can see from the picture above that we ended up trying a lot of items lol! But as the food was overall good, it was worthwhile busting the calories intake for that day.

Read: Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant @ Ang Mo Kio's Jubilee Square ~ Satisfying Fare At Affordable Prices!

#4 Churro101 Singapore

These churros from Korea which is touted as "better than a boyfriend" certainly got people getting excited! It's not easy not to grab any attention with such a cheeky tagline :p

Read: Korea's Churro 101 Opens At Singapore's Bugis+! Go Get Those Long, Crispy Dough Of Happy Indulgence! 

#5 Pong's Gelato

Besides their signature coconut gelato, Pong's also have a range of sorbet in flavors such as mango, passionfruit and banana, specially chosen to compliment the coconut gelato. The young-looking owners (a pair of brother-in-laws) handcraft their coconut gelato freshly on-site everyday. 100% diary-free, naturally rich in vitamins, lusciously thick, full of wonderful coconutty flavors with just the right note of sweetness, I thoroughly love each spoonful of Pong's coconut gelato!

Read: Pong Gelato @ *Scape, Orchard ~ Thai-Style Coconut Gelato!

#6 Tampopo

Tampopo is one of my favorite restaurants for Tonkatsu or deep-fried pork cutlet. Thanks to the many recommendations because of this post, I discovered more favorites and it has made my tummy belly happy!

Read: Katsuya @ East Coast Road ~ Possibly The Best Japanese Tonkatsu In Singapore! 

#7 Benjamin Browns

This came as a great surprise because any pictures with my face on it usually get less likes. Thanks to Daniel's Food Diary for capturing this candid shot of me with the OTT Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake. I think he would make a super awesome Instagram husband hahaha! Can take photos, can take videos too!

Watch the hilarious Instagram Husband video here:

#8 Potato Head Folk

Our return visit to Potato Head Folk to indulge in some deep-fried sinful goodness. Who could resist it with truffles upping the game?

Read: Potato Head Folk Opens In Singapore's Keong Saik Road, Chinatown 

#9 AmaSoy

Amasoy Matcha Soft Serve + Churros = Yumminess. This was taken when Daniel and I did a video at the store together. Never fails to give us a great laugh whenever we watch it!

Read Daniel's Food Diary's post here: AmaSoy – Matcha Softserve with Churros & JCone!

Read PinkyPiggu's post here: NEW at AmaSoy ~ JCone, Churro Twist, Hokkaido Milk Soft Servce + YouTube Video with Daniel's Food Diary!

Watch our video here: PinkyPiggu Goes Amasoy with Daniel's Food Diary!

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