August 20, 2015

Katsuya @ East Coast Road ~ Possibly The Best Japanese Tonkatsu In Singapore!

It was a love for tonkatsu that brought us to Katsuya, a Japanese restaurant specializing in this deep-fried pork cutlet dish.

Though our visit was quite sometime back, the thought of those crispy indulgence is still making me salivate now.

The humble joint is easily located along East Coast Road, but finding a parking space can be quite a challenge. Best bet for a lot would be at 112 Katong Mall which is just diagonally across, and walk over. (Exercise a bit to justify eating more hehee :p)

Katsuya is helmed by chef Kervin Tay, who achieved his Japanese culinary skills and knowledge from Tokyo, and holds a certified chef license in Japan. (Catch him in action behind the glass walls of the open concept kitchen.)

His priority is in satisfaction of every customer, and the freshness of ingredients used. Dishes are prepared from scratch with no added MSG, no lard and less salt.

Using 100% premium sunflower oil (which is said to have better benefits compared to other types of oil) to cook his dishes, he touts his tonkatsu as the "healthiest tonkatsu around".

I say, his tonkatsu is one of the best around, possibly even the best in Singapore!

Love happened at the very first bite, as soon as my teeth sank into a piece of pork from the Iberico Pork Collar Set ($45) and felt its coat of crispy breadcrumbs and well-marbled tender meat bursting with juicy delight in my mouth. The outer stayed crisp even as we progressed well into the meal, and grease level was minimum. So so so lovely!

After tasting the flavorful premium cut, the Rosu & Ebi Set ($27) seemed to pale in comparison. But not to say it was no good, the pork loin was enjoyable with its layer of fat, and the prawn was huge and fresh. I like it! Just that there is a difference between "love" and "like".

The accompanying tonkatsu sauce is homemade. Pour it directly onto the meat, or mix a small amount to the Japanese mustard.

Besides pork and prawn, we can also enjoy the deep-fried goodness in form of Beef ($24), Chicken ($21), Dory Fish ($19), Oyster ($23), and even Lamb ($29)! I'd probably try something different, perhaps the Katsu Curry set next time.

What I wouldn't miss when I visit Katsuya again is the Buta Kakuni ($6), a side dish of utterly chopstick-soft, fatty pork belly simmered in appetizing savory-sweet soya sauce. I can wolf down an entire bowl of rice with it.

Service was efficient, and I admire that chef Kervin will not rush out the orders even when the place is packed, so as not to compromise on the food quality. There's so much to adore about Katsuya. What a gem in eastern Singapore!

Address: 85 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428787
Contact: +65 6344 8183 / 9656 8183
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12pm-3pm & 6pm-10pm / Closed on Mon

Prices stated are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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  1. Absolutely agree that the katsu here is fried to almost heavenly perfection. The crust so crispy, yet still allowing most of the oil to drip dry, leaving the juicy and tender meat within it.
    This is a place to come with the self or with family and friends. The homely setting makes Katsuya a rare gem indeed. Quality food along a street filled with other alternatives.
    Choose Katsuya anytime if you're craving for deep fried crusted meats.
    And if you like deep fried oysters, this is also the place to come to for that craving fix.