December 10, 2015

Dapper Coffee @ Amoy Street ~ Café By Day, The Spiffy Dapper Bar By Night

Since I need to be at Tanjong Pagar to run some errands, so might as well meet my friend for lunch first as his office is in the vicinity. We thought Dapper Coffee at the nearby Amoy Street would be a nice place to catch-up over some food.

The café is located on level two of a shophouse unit, serving coffee in the day and morphing into The Spiffy Dapper, a hipster bar popular for their cocktails, when evening falls.

I like the feel of its premises: Heavily-wooded fixtures, dark and cosy with interesting details dotting each Instagram-worthy nook.

In fact, the setting was so comfortable that I wish I didn't have to rush off after lunch. This is the perfect place to spend a little more time enjoying its chillax "lazy kind of afternoon" vibes.

We do see some unique offerings on the beverage menu (which the service staff was quite eager to promote by the way), such as the Gold Brew and vibrant aquatic blue Unicorn Tears.

Photogenic drinks such as Earl Grey Yuan-Yang ($8) and Lemon-mint Jelly ($8) have been making rounds on Instagram as well.

If all these are not your thing, just stick to a glass of Latte ($5) or Long Black ($4, add $1 for ice). Their slogan says: #damngoodcoffee. We say: "it's okay lah".

We would have gone for a slice of the Mojito Tart or Azuki Black Sesame Cake (supplied by a home baker) if only they were not displayed uncovered along the bar counter.

Yes, my mind does suffer at being paranoid when it comes to such things, thinking and (over)thinking what could have transpired. Patrons salivating/sneezing/accidentally touching the cakes while looking the enticing selection? Err... no thanks.

Anyway, don't think we're missing much as a fellow blogger (who came over after her lunch at the opposite Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar) kept silent when I asked how was her Matcha Sesame Cake. Well, the silence said it all, doesn't it?

Lunch options are limited with just a few mains and bites such as Dapper Burger ($25) with beef & pork patty, cheese and bacon, Hawaiian-style Poke Don ($22) with tuna, caramelized egg yolk and squid ink rice, Mac & Cheese ($10) and Spanish Meatballs ($12).

Our order of Nori Pesto Aglio Olio ($15) and Baked Chicken Thigh & Moroccon-spiced Quinoa ($16) were palatable but nothing extraordinary to rave about.

Even though the ambience is great, we were not totally impressed with what we've tried during our visit and most probably will not make a return visit, unless something new and inviting on the menu comes up.

Having said that, I still do appreciate that Dapper Coffee offers a relatively affordable café lunch option in the area.

Dapper Coffee
Address: 73 Amoy Street, Second Floor, Singapore 069892
Contact: +65 9005 4790
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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  1. Seems like a nice place to have a coffee and have a 'business meeting'.