January 12, 2015

Pong Gelato @ *Scape, Orchard ~ Thai-Style Coconut Gelato!

My fondest memory of Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok is not the shopping experience, but the stalls hawking coconut ice cream served in a coconut husk with peanut toppings. So lovely! So deliciously cooling in the sweltering heat!

Back to our shores..... Pong Gelato has recently started selling their version of Thai-style coconut gelato at *Scape (the unit next to Juicy Slush) in the convenience of Orchard Road! Yay!!!

Okay okay, I know that Co+Nut+Ink has already been offering coconut ice cream in husk for over a year in Singapore, but perhaps Pong has just that little bit more: Besides their signature coconut gelato, they also have a range of sorbet in flavors such as mango, passionfruit and banana, specially chosen to compliment the coconut gelato.

For a mere $5.50, we got our Coconut Gelato in Husk + Choice of Sorbet + Choice of 3 Toppings + Coconut Juice. Oh, and I was surprised to find juicy and tender slices of coconut flesh hidden beneath the combination too! Talk about value for money!

The young-looking owners (a pair of brother-in-laws) handcraft their coconut gelato freshly on-site everyday. 100% diary-free, naturally rich in vitamins, lusciously thick, full of wonderful coconutty flavors with just the right note of sweetness, I thoroughly love each spoonful of Pong's coconut gelato!

Equally enjoyable was our choice of refreshing mango sorbet made from fresh fruits, though I must say its creamier texture is not what one would expect of a sorbet, but quite similar to their gelato instead.

The tiny half-cup of coconut juice which came complimentary with our coconut gelato is supposed to serve as a palate cleanser before we start indulging in the dessert, but it was so refreshingly good, we decided we wanted more and ordered their Yakult Coconut Gelato Juice Float ($4.40), a combination of pure coconut juice with yakult topped with a scoop of coconut gelato. Another excellent choice!

Being just a takeaway stall, the drawback is that there is no seating area for us to enjoy the drinks and frozen treats in comfort. Nevermind, I will eat as I walk and pretend I'm back holidaying in Chatuchak again lol! Definitely will be coming back for more of Pong's coconut gelato! :D

Pong Gelato
Address: *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #02-18C, Singapore 237978
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pong.gelato
Opening Hours: Daily 12.30pm-10pm

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