July 10, 2015

Aqua S ~ Lovely Blue Sea Salt Soft Serve!

[Sydney, Australia] If there is an award for most dreamy-looking soft serve, please let it go to Aqua S.

Swirls of sea-salted aqua blue creaminess on dark cone surrounded by ethereal fluffy floss and sweet popcorn with sprinkles of colorful popping candy crowned by a grilled marshmallow.

Almost fairy-like. Definitely Instagram-worthy.

Launched since January 2015 in Regent Place at George Street, it is none too surprising that the photogenic ice cream rose up quickly to be the trending social media darling. So pretty, there is no way we could let it slip through our tongues during the recent Sydney trip.

The idea of doing sea salt soft serve initially came from Okinawa, Japan, but the founders of Aqua S upped the game by dressing it in a lovely shade of aqua blue, with choice of fancy toppings such as Fairy Floss, Sweet Popcorn, Popping Candy and Grilled Marshmallow adding a whimsical touch.

Much like in a fairytale, the humble soft serve is transformed.

With signature Blue Sea Salt as the permanent flavor, there are two other varieties which will be changed every two weeks. Vibrant shades of Green (green apple), Pink (grapefruit), Hot Pink (watermelon), Purple (apple blackcurrant) and adventurous flavors such Pumpkin Soup, Taro and Milo were unleashed. It made us think "what's next?".

So clever. It gives fans another reason for wanting to return again and again.

I must say the silky creaminess of the soft serve was amazingly enjoyable as it glided smoothly down my throat, and the combined flavors of sea salt and caramello was pleasing and not artificial nor cloyingly sweet as imagined. Then again, it is not life-changing in any way.

But for just A$3.80 to A$8, it has given me fleeting moments of soft serve happiness. Would I want to experience it again when I next visit Sydney? That would be "Yes" :)

Aqua S
Address: Shop 29, 501 George Street, Regent Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Contact: +612 8668 5957
Website: http://www.aquas.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aquasaustralia
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm

New Outlet (coming soon in mid-July 2015)
Macquarie Shopping Centre , Shop K3550, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia

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