July 15, 2013

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ Macpherson Road ~ Makankakis, I'm Back!

It has been more than 2 years since I attended my first Makansutra dinner! The initial interest of simply checking out different food places has since evolved into a monthly affair where meeting up with my fellow makankakis matters more than the food itself. Where's the venue? What's on the menu? How much does it cost? All these doesn't concern me that much anymore, just go lah! Company takes precedence and I've faith in the event which is always well-planned by the organizers. After a 2 month hiatus due to the additional of a most privileged duty in my life, I'm back to attend the Makansutra dinner in June after some adjustment to my schedule. I'm so happy that things had worked out for my tummy good! Blessed much! PTL!

That June makan night was a night where the mountain tortoise (suaku) met the creatures of the sea lol. Haha ya, the mountain tortoise is suaku PinkyPiggu, who has never been to one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Singapore, Ming Kee Live Seafood at Macpherson Road. Ooh and what a meeting! Crabs! Lobsters! Oysters! The sparks flew and flew and flew!

I realised I went to the wrong restaurant (gosh am I suaku or sotong?) when I stepped into Ming Kee at 556 Macpherson Road. It turns out that dinner is supposed to be further down the road at 520 Macpherson Road, which is the new Ming Kee opened by the son of the owner of the original Ming Kee. At the new outlet, owner/chef Ivan does the cooking himself (for now) and accepts no walk-in customers. Dining here is strictly by reservations only, so do remember to call first before making a trip over if you're hankering for some scrumptious seafood.

The new Ming Kee is easily identifiable by the neon blue signboard fronting the restaurant. More blue awaits within as the ambience lighting illuminates the dining area in a sea of blue, casting its shade on whatever the light touched on, including the food... and us. All the photos are tinged... blue -_-;

But our mood were definitely not blue! Not when this huge plate of Steamed Boston Lobster with Garlic was presented in front of us. Though it was steamed with copious amount of garlic, the garlic flavor was wholesome yet not overpowering. The fresh springy lobster meat was a delightful start to the evening!

Our tummy were warmed next with the Braised Crocodile Horn-Strip in Superior Stock. I always associated glutinous textured food as collagen laden, so I'm wondering if this crocodile horn-strip has any benefits to that affect haha. Adding a few obligatory drops of vinegar to the soup with an intention to enhance the taste, I discovered it to be unnecessary upon my second serving as the broth itself was already very well-flavored.

I'm never a fan of oysters and even told Leroy he can have my share when I saw the item on the menu. But when the Jumbo Canadian Oyster appeared before my eyes, I knew I just had to give it a try. It was so huge and looked so enticing! Oh my, I can finally say I ate oyster and I love it! Slighty cooked in a delectable black bean sauce, it was easy on my palate without the raw taste which had been turning me away all the while. Purists may scoffed at the "un-raw"version but fans can be found within non-purists too. Who? Me lor!

It always looks more impressive if a whole fish is presented on a table, but this dish of Steamed Soon Hock in Hong Kong Style is no less impressive in terms of taste! The chunks of fish meat were firm and smooth. Very simple yet deeply gratifying.

The most famous dish in Ming Kee has to be this Triple Cooked Crab Bee Hoon. This is what returning customers always comes back for and certainly a no-brainer must-order item for any first-time visitors. The signature dish had me gripped in enjoyment with its thin vermicelli that was well braised till all the tasty flavors were absorbed in its soft flowing strings, so much so that I don't mind overlooking its slight saltiness that evening. The pincer meat was fresh and naturally sweet in taste, certainly a pleasurable treat indeed.

A deceptively boring looking plate of meat turned out to be awesome tasting Smoked Duck Breast! Every bite into the thickly sliced duck filled my mouth with meat which was springy and succulent in texture, somewhat bearing a close resemblance to ham. Its lingering smokey taste gave me another reason to love it!

Ming Kee not only excel in their sumptuous seafood, but handled this other meat dish, Guinness Sauce Short Rib, extremely well too. The pork ribs had a nice balance of fats and lean meat, each piece was well coated in a luxuriously rich caramelized sauce. A lip smacking good item which I would highly recommend!

The Home-made Coconut Jelly filled up whatever tummy space I had left after all the main courses. What a light and gentle refreshing treat to end the evening!

Happy juices of the night for our table of happy makankakis except me because I'm perfectly happy without it. I get my high in other ways! What ways? Food of course!! Food!!! Lol.

Ming Kee Live Seafood is a restaurant you must visit if you're a lover of seafood! Go live for it!

Ming Kee Live Seafood
Address: 520 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368213
Contact: +65 67445520
Opening Hours: By Reservations Only

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