July 14, 2013

What to eat in Admiralty? YCC Kitchen Zhi Char (煮炒) Opens Late till 2am!

Sometimes you still go out for dinner even though you don't feel like eating only because you wanna see your friends more than anything else. I'm glad I did, because it was a great impromptu catch-up with everyone. They took me to YCC Kitchen, a zhi char (煮炒) stall located in 688 Eating House, a coffeeshop which is 10 minutes walk away from Admiralty mrt station, very close to where we live.

I remembered driving here once for a late supper, business was brisk in this tiny coffeeshop though it was past midnight. It turns out that there's a factory nearby so I guess that's where the late night crowd came from. YCC Kitchen opens late till 2am.

We were there during dinner time around 7plus and the place was packed! No doubt YCC Kitchen is the anchor tenant and the main draw is their wide variety of zhi char items in wallet friendly prices. Almost all the tables has diners tucking into some kind of zhi char dishes. The aroma from the surrounding tables while we were waiting for our food to arrive is almost unbearable. And to think that I wasn't even hungry!

Spoiled for choice with the variety, we took quite a while to decide and eventually ordered Spring Onion Ginger Pork Hor Fun ($4.30), Sambal Kangkong ($6), Prawn Paste Chicken Wings ($8), Specialty Homemade Beancurd ($8) and Bean Sauce Fish Head ($20).

Prawn paste chicken (har cheong gai) is a must-order zhi char item for me, unless objections are raised lol. The hor fun we had slightly defers from the usual egg gravy, being smothered in spring onion ginger gravy with slices of pork instead.

The most memorable dish of the evening went to the fish head. Drenched in a lip smacking savory, slightly spicy bean sauce, it was a perfect match with the tender fish meat. But you know what made this dish heavenly? Pork lard! Yes, pieces of PORK LARD! The inexplicably unparalleled fragrance of the pork lard elevated the dish to a shiokness dimension. Shiok lah! SHIOK!!!

Best thing about eating zhi char is that the dishes are cooked à-la-minute and always arrives at the table piping hot. The dishes we had satisfied us with its home-style deliciousness. No fancy plating, no truffle-this-truffle-that extravagance, just simple hearty food at their very best. So, if you live in the vicinity, you know where to go for dinner or a late night supper now :)

YCC Kitchen @ 688 Eating House
Address: Blk 688, Woodlands Drive 75, Singapore 730688
Contact: +65 64647103
Opening Hours: 5pm to 2am Daily

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