July 02, 2013

Ristorante Pietrasanta @ Wessex Estate ~ A Leisure OpenRice Afternoon

OpenRice, Asia's No.1 dining guide has been known for bringing numerous honest and quality food reviews to hungry diners in Singapore and across the region. Always in the forefront with latest news and exciting events, it brought this PinkyPiggu to Ristorante Pietrasanta for an afternoon of scrumptious Italian feast. I'm excited to be part of this community and meet up with fellow food lovers!

Nestled in the idyllic surroundings of Wessex Village Square in Portsdown Road, the location of Pietrasanta might seemed difficult to get to without a car, but our local transport system overlooks not even the quietest of estates. I'm happy to know that Bus 191 stops right in front of the restaurant, my only wish is for its service intervals to be more frequent. The charming facade of the Pietrasanta suggested a laid-back and homely atmosphere and it felt definitely so upon stepping into the main dining area.

A brief walk through the alfresco dining area of the courtyard led us to the Casa Pietrasanta, a room designed for guests to experience private dining in a warm and cosy setting. The space is designed and equipped to accommodate groups of up to 36 people, making it an ideal location to host special events, private parties and even business meetings.

The appeal of the atmosphere of the restaurant is much apparent and what about the food? I'm pleased to report that Mozzarella couldn't get any fresher than the ones you can get at Pietrasanta! Our attention were all caught up with the demonstration by Chef Alfredo Colle as he kneaded and stretched the homemade cheese right before our very eyes. What manifested on our plates was balls of semi-soft chewiness with a delicate milky taste which is easy to like. We were also served Burrata, another fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The only condiments the cheeses need was a drizzle of extra virgin live oil and balsamic vinegar to enhance the taste.

The rich luscious taste of the burrata is a creamy delight which went well with the basket of warm crispy Focaccia, though it would be great if there is a bed of arugula and fresh tomatoes to accompany it too. Another appetizer which pleased is the Parma Ham Mozzarella Rolls, which is a nice combination of cheese and salty flavor characteristically of a cured ham.

You know how precious an ingredient truffles are, when shaved ones rarely makes their appearance in abundance on a single dish. Not that I'm complaining, because the truffles' heavenly notes is already wonderfully infused in our delicious plate of Homemade Fettuccine tossed in mushroom truffle sauce with minced sausages. Another noteworthy pasta dish is the Homemade Green Raviolli. Filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, it is smothered in a richly flavored butter and sage sauce which yielded satisfaction in each mouthful.

The Risotto Porcini with Marrow Bones is another delight! For me who have tried cooking risotto before, I know how tedious it can be with the constant stirring to get the rice to its ideal consistency, which should be creamy and soft, yet with a little firmness remaining in the center. The risotto here is well executed to that effect and coupled with generous servings of porcini mushrooms. Threads of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, turns the dish into a cheerful shade of yellow and imparts a subtle flavor.

Moving on to the mains, we were impressed by deft skills of the server who deboned the whole Grilled Lemon Sole in no time, allowing us to savour the light and fresh taste of the fish with much ease. While the fish is easy on the palate, the same cannot be said of the Mixed Sausages, which is much of an acquired taste with its cottony, liver-like texture and indescribable complex flavour.

Braising the Lamb Shank for 4 hours resulted in juicy meat which is extremely fall-off-the-bones tender! Well permeated with flavours from the braising sauce and Chianti wine, there is none of the distinct gamely taste which is usually associated with lamb. Would you like to have some of this too? :p

One would have thought that the group are full after all the dishes above but hey, haven't you heard that there's always a separate stomach for desserts haha! Well, at least the saying holds true for this PinkyPiggu who can't say no to the sour and refreshing notes of this Lemon Tart topped with meringue.

The classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu was very well received by the group, "picking us up" and "made us happy" lol!! Layers of mascarpone cheese, coffee-soaked sponge and cocoa powder come together in a well balanced taste which surreally light and delicious. Last came the Semifreddo, a gelato-based creamy dessert presented in two equally heavenly flavours, Hazelnut and Pistachio.

It was a great afternoon leisurely spent with delectable food and jovial company! Many thanks to Estelle and OpenRice for the invitation as well as Chef Alfredo Colle and Ristorante for hosting us :)

Ristorante Pietrasantra
Address: 5B Portsdown Road, #01-03 Singapore 139311
Contact: +65 6479 9521
Website: http://ristorante-pietrasanta.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RistorantePietrasanta
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.45am-2.30pm & 5.45pm-10.30pm / Sat & Sun 11.45am-10.30pm / Closed on Tuesdays

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