July 10, 2013

One Pan + One Pot = One Blessed Home-cooked Meal

You know, no matter how many old or new eating places there are, or whether if you have a list of to-try-restaurants, there will always be times when you just can’t decide where to eat. It has to be centrally located for easy access for everyone, must satisfy what the mouth craves for and most importantly, portions must be substantial enough to fill up our voracious appetite without breaking our wallets.

After attending the Singapore Blog Awards ceremony, BFF and I were “window supermarketing” to pass time while waiting for the cow to wake up and join us for dinner. Where huh, where? Every place we thought of seem tempting but somehow not tempting enough. When the cow finally awakes from his amazing laze and suggested that we do our own cooking, the choice is obvious ~ A home-cooked meal will be the most satisfying choice above all choices.

Supermarketing was quickly done at Changi City Point. We got the greens from NTUC and proteins from Mmmm! I think the name of the shop Mmmm!, which stands for Meats, Marinates and Much More!, says it all lol. This is the place to head to if you wanna buy some meat for your cooking. From Wagyu, Angus, barley-fed Aussie Omugi Gyu to Iberico Pork and a variety of sausages, I would say there is quite a decent range of chilled meat to choose from. Definitely can satisfy any ravenous carnivore desires!

I've always advocate the motto of minimum ingredients, minimum fuss when it comes to cooking as I believe a meal of clean flavors using simple preparation methods can still be delicious. What we whipped up that evening was an epitome of this!

The cow called it the One Pan + One Pot Cooking. Why? Because everything was cooked using only one pan and one pot lol!!

One Pan
Our choice grub of the evening was Angus Ribeye (grassfed/250gm), Angus Striploin (grassfed/250gm) and Iberico Pork Collar (300gm). Feeling adventurous, we decided to have both cuts of beef marinated with herbs and a bit of extra spices for the ribeye. The pork was left au naturel, until it was sprinkled with salt and pepper when it went into the pan and grilled to our preferred doneness.

The beef and pork left behind a coat of fragrant oil in the pan which was used to sauté the Asparagus and Willow Mushrooms.

One Pot
More side dishes came in form of Potatoes and Carrots, which was simply boiled in a pot of hot bubbling water. Their skin was scrubbed cleaned and left intact, retaining its rustic feel.

We also dressed up some Cherry Tomatoes in balsamic vinaigrette.

Oops, but I spoiled the cow's one pan one + pot cooking when I requested to have a sunny side up, so a mini egg pan was used too haha. Sorry lah, I love eggs and just need to have one even though the food is sufficient! We ended up all having one egg each!

One Blessed Home-cooked Meal
And... our blessed home-cooked meal is ready. Remember to say grace before eating yo!

Angus Ribeye
Angus Striploin
Iberico Pork Collar

Doesn't the food look mouthwatering? If they do not, it's only because my photography skills didn't do due justice to it. My favourite was the ribeye for its succulent tenderness, followed by the Iberico pork, both were seared to perfection. The pork's well marbled fats melted in my mouth and melted my heart, its meat filled with intense flavor despite the light handling. Pity the striploin was a tad tough, which I think was due to the cut itself rather than the chef's skills.

It didn't take us too long to whip up this meal. And it's very economical too, costing less than $50 in total but filled our tummies 100%. If you have time this weekend, why not try to cook something simple like this too?

Before I end this post, I must introduce you to Prince and Thunder! Prince is the shy guy while Thunder is the foodie boy lol. He was ignoring me until I took out the pack of biscuit to munch on while dinner is still being prepared. Obviously, little Thunder loves food! He practically watched over our cooking in the kitchen, and faithfully stayed next to the dining table, imploring us through his eyes for a taste of what we are eating. Be good boy okay, no human food for you for your health sake. You can bite on your "carrot".

That evening, I was blessed with a home-cooked meal. BFF and cow are like my kid brothers! They cooked, the helper washed. I only relaxed around, took photos, and ate. These are simple but blissful moments which not even the finest of fine dining experience can beat. I've received much. TYL, for surrounding me with so much love ♥

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