May 29, 2019

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ Wheelock Place, Orchard Road ~ Latest 2019 Grand Menu Unveiled!

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe is not unfamiliar to us residing in Singapore as the popular restaurant has been around for 14th years. Its location at level 3 of Wheelock Place remained unchanged even!

Not an easy feat considering how cutthroat the F&B industry can be. On a personal front, I guess one of the reasons Sun with Moon manages to stay in business is because of its consistent food quality, as well as the continuous effort in offering regional specialties (changes every 3 months) and yearly refreshed menus to keep the fickle tongues of diners interested.

In fact, the restaurant has just unveiled its latest 2019 grand menu, featuring a repertoire of brand-new creations, together with new spins on all-time favourites.

We started on a light note with the brand-new Kaisen Yukke ($13.80). The way to appreciate the dish is to combine well the diced salmon, tuna, yellowtail sashimi marinated in a spicy, sweet sauce with the soft-boiled egg, and wrapped the mix with roasted seaweed.

The Unagi & Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi ($20.80) featuring 3 pieces each of grilled unagi and flame-seared salmon, and Aburi Hotate Paradise Roll ($23.80), a combination of flame-seared scallops, asparagus, sweet omelette, fresh avocado slices and flying fish roll, was not exactly life-changing in any way, but crowd-pleasing certainly.

I was already quite happy with the Odamaki Moshi ($12.80) upon seeing the bowl as the steamed egg custard is a level-up rendition of the usual chawanmushi with generous toppings of prawn and grilled eel.

Imagine my double happiness as my chopstick discovered udon noodles buried within. The entire bowl was so satisfying and can even be considered an one-dish meal for smaller appetites.

While tonkatsu or deep-fried pork cutlet is a common Japanese dish, Sun with Moon specially uses Canadian Sangenton pork that is highly-favoured in Japan for its good quality and high-level food safety system.

The Canadian Sangenton Tonkatsu ($17.80) that we had was very well-executed to a light crisp on the outer, and tender juicy meat within. It was not as greasy as deep-fried food are typically. Excellently worth it for its pocket-friendly price too.

Nama Bara Chirashi ($28.80), a sushi rice bowl topped with a medley of diced salmon, grilled eel, scallop, prawn, salon roe, flying fish roe, avocado and sweet omelette, is another popular choice for those who love Japanese cuisine.

My favourites of the evening are Sun with Moon's signature Kamameshi (flavoured rice steamed with various ingredients in an iron pot), and the all-new Nabemono (Japanese hot pot).

The Kakuni & Mentaiko Kemameshi ($25.80) came brimming with chunks of tender braised pork, seasoned coe roe and soft-boiled egg over a bed of Japanese short grain rice steamed with mushroom, chestnut, konjak, carrot, lotus root, and shredded egg.

It was a harmonious melange of flavors providing blissful deliciousness at each mouthful. My dining companions would agree too.

Here's a tip: Keep some rice remaining, add the teapot soup to it, and savour the kamameshi like traditional Japanese chazuke. Oishii!

The nabe dishes come with a choice of four soups: Sweet & Clear Sukiyaki, Delicate Wafu, Mildly Spicy Pirikara Miso, and Rich Thick Miso.

To best taste the seafood freshness of the Premium Kaisen Mix Nabe ($26.80) which includes an array of snow crab legs, sliced salmon, scallops, prawns, squid and vegetables, we had it with the light and delicate wafu soup.

Mountain Pork Nabe ($18.80) would suit a stronger tasting pirikara miso soup. It was none too spicy at all and complement the sliced pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, beansprouts ideally.

Amazingly, we still had room for desserts after having all the main dishes lol.

The Caramel Pear Mousse ($8.80) made of Hokkaido milk, orange juice and honey would satisfy the sweet tooths. My recommendation would be the Crispy Fried Apple Pie ($8.80) for that moreish bite paired delightfully with vanilla ice cream.

Overall, Sun with Moon provides delectable and affordable fare in a casual and comfortable setting. Its convenient location in the heart of Orchard Road is also a major plus point to draw diners back.

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
Address: 501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place, SSingapore 238880
Contact: +65 6733 6636
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu & PH 11.30am-10pm | Fri-Sat & PH Eve 11.30am-10.30pm | Last orders at half an hour before closing

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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