May 22, 2019

Man Fu Yuan 满福苑 @ InterContinental Singapore ~ New Chef! New Signature Dishes!

Man Fu Yuan 满福苑 at InterContinental Singapore has unveiled a collection of 13 signature dishes crafted by its new chef at helm, Executive Sous Chef Aaron Tan.

New chef, new dishes! This is certainly a way to draw new diners in, and keep existing customers (like us) interested enough to make returning visits.

While the offerings are ingenious in concept and contemporary in presentation, the integrity of Cantonese cuisine that Man Fu Yuan stands for is maintained.

Our meal commenced with Roma Tomatoes ($18 per serving), a visually-appealing appetizer served "floating" on a cloud of tea-infused smoke.

Filled with chunks of delicate crab meat and topped with ikura, it complemented the sweet juiciness of the tomatoes perfectly. The drizzle of yuzu dressing invigorated the flavors further with its zesty notes. What a refreshing start to rouse our hunger for more dishes to come!

So ideal that the next dish is a serving of hearty Slowed-Braised Pork Ribs ($36).

Slow-cooked for hours in a braising sauce made of Chinese spices, herbs, and red glutinous rice, the pork ribs were superbly tender and fell off the bones easily. The meat was deeply permeated with savoury flavours, and paired perfectly with the accompanying steamed 'mantou' buns.

Other highlights from the new signature menu includes the lip-smacking delicious Braised Three-Head Abalone ($128 per person) with fish maw, black truffle, and broccoli, Deep-fried Lobster ($38 half lobster) topped with egg floss and paired with an Asian cream sauce made with pumpkin, as well as Roasted Suckling Pig ($420 whole pig) stuffed with five grain glutinous rice.

These sumptuous dishes are certainly set to impress, and Chef Aaron executed it all with finesse.

But I guess none of it can beat the Double-boiled Premium Bird's Nest ($98) with almond cream, preserved mandarin orange, and edible gold flakes when it comes to having an ultimate indulgence.

The exorbitant price is justified when we learned that each bowl contained 70-80grams of bird's nest, a Chinese delicacy treasured for its nutritional value and beauty benefits. As bird's nest itself doesn't have much flavour, it is paired here with almond cream which is surprisingly light and none at all too overpowering. The overall bowl was delightfully well-balanced.

Definitely worth an order to end the meal on a super high note.

Man Fu Yuan 满福苑
Address: 80 Middle Road, InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966
Contact: +65 6338 7600
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.45am-3pm (Mon-Fri) & 11.30am-3.15pm (Sat, Sun, PH) | Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm (Daily)

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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