May 26, 2019

Burger & Lobster Singapore @ Jewel Changi Airport ~ The Famed Lobster Rolls Have Finally Arrived! With Exclusive Sambal Glazed Lobsters!

The acclaimed lobster rolls from Burger & Lobster are finally in our hands!!! Right here in Singapore!

Hailing from London, many positive things have been said about Burger & Lobster's famed lobster roll that has already debuted in cities like New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Genting Highlands, and Kuwait City.

Even way before the restaurant's official launch at Jewel Changi Airport on 23rd May this week, friends and colleagues are already buzzing me with questions," you know when Burger & Lobster is opening huh? I want to eat leh! You think will be expensive anot?"

Of course, there is the hype on both traditional and social media outlets. The level of anticipation is undeniably high.

I'd be honest and admit I'm also among those who are looking forward to the restaurant's opening.

Being situated at Canopy Park - Jewel's topmost floor - there is this imagined setting of dining right under the dome-shaped facade with spectacular views of the gorgeous Shiseido Forest Valley and majestic HSBC Rain Vortex - the world's tallest indoor waterfall. My imagination came true haha.

The 81-seater space spans across two levels, and you can feast your eyes on those fresh lobster tanks too.

Be prepared as the restaurant does not accept reservations, so the only way to get inside is to stand in line outside.

If your intention is mainly for the lobster roll, our tip is to go early in the morning when a limited menu (lobster roll and beverages only) is served between 9am to 11am, because..... no queue!

Lobster roll for breakfast?? Haha why not!? We reached at 9.30am on a Saturday morning and got a table straightway. There were quite a bit of people waiting to get in when we left at 10.30am.

But even if you come later, any patience (in queuing) will pay off as diners will be duly rewarded with full menu options which includes the core offerings of prime burgers and fresh Atlantic lobsters, as well as some starters and sides after 11am.

For purists, perhaps the best way to enjoy these live lobsters (flown in at least twice a week from Nova Scotia, Canada) is to have it simply steamed or grilled.

We were impressed by how fresh the Original Lobster ($65) is. The steamed lobster meat was especially succulent with a delightful soft, bouncy texture, while the grilled version had a flavor boost of smokey aroma.

To get a localised Burger & Lobster experience available no where else in the world, be sure not to miss the Sambal Glazed Lobster ($65), a Singapore-exclusive dish!

A nod to our beloved sambal sauce, the dish marries a whole steamed lobster with a mildly spicy fusion of dried shrimp, chilli, and Asian spices. The sauce was a little sweet at first taste, and slowly morphed into an appetizing tangy spiciness that's best described as..... shiok!

Being a fan of lobster rolls, I have my fair share of various renditions in different local restaurants, and I think I've found the one that triumphs them all.

Burger & Lobster's Original Roll ($40) has everything that one wishes for in a delicious lobster roll. The chunks of lobster meat were tender, juicy, nicely-chilled, and tossed in light Japanese mayo. It pairs brilliantly with the toasted, buttery brioche roll. Each bite was exceedingly gratifying!

And that accompanying lemon garlic sauce! It was so moreish that we doused our roll in it and wiped it clean with those addictive crispy fries.

I love the lobster roll so much that I ate it twice in four days. Still craving for it even as I'm writing now lol.

As we are so taken by the lobsters, it's easy to forget about the "burger" component in Burger & Lobster. Oops.

There's a reason why The Mayfair Burger ($25) remains as a signature item on the menu. Comprising of a juicy, grilled Angus beef patty using pemium beef sourced from Nebraska in America, bacon, melted cheese, housemade pickles, onions, and secret B&L burger sauce sandwiched in brioche bun, it all came together deliciously.

The Impossible Burger ($20) with minced soya and beetroot flavor burger patty on pumpkin brioche with avocado, jalapenos, and crunchy iceberg is the no-meat option on the menu.

If you still have stomach space after all the lobster feasting, it might be worthwhile to check out the desserts including Chocolate Jewels ($12), Pistachio Tres Leches ($12), and Mango Eaton Mess ($12).

The bar serves up an extensive beverage list, and the one that caught my attention is the B&L Pineapple Ice Tea ($9). A concoction of black tea, pineapple puree, lemon juice, and palm sugar, it's presented interesting in a biodegradable kopitiam-like bag. A tad sweet for me but still refreshing enough to cut through the richness of the meal.

Considering the quality of the food served at Burger & Lobster, prices are very reasonable. Friends who had the lobster roll in Bangkok and Genting Highlands shared with me that the price for a roll here in Singapore is lower than those two cities. We are blessed.

Burger & Lobster Singapore is an absolute gem worth travelling to Jewel for.

Burger & Lobster Singapore
Address: Jewel Changi Airport, #05-203, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663
Contact: Not available
Opening Hours: Daily 9am-3am

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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