May 10, 2017

Nesuto @ Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar ~ New Patisserie Café With Japanese-French Inspired Cakes

Nesuto (meaning "nest" in Japanese) has built its nest at Tras Street, right next to Birders.

That's where we sinfully indulged in some desserts before dinner lol! It was actually more manageable than it sounds, as Nesuto's Japanese-French inspired creations were mostly light in texture and doesn't rest too heavily on the tummy.

Opened just a few weeks ago, the patisserie is brought to us by the same folks behind SHUU, best known for their fluffy cream choux puffs which we can find at Koki Tamagoyaki (Raffles City).

I wished SHUU choux puffs are available here as well, but there are more than enough enticing offerings at Nesuto to quickly distract me from this thought.

Their menu features a good mix of selection ranging from Cakes to Entremet, Verrine, and Tarts.

Recommended signatures includes Yuzu Raspberry ($9), Blush Berry ($9), Le OMM ($9), Noisette Rochor ($10.50), Suzette ($9.80) and Coco-Nana ($9).

Gonna eat 'em all!!! #justkidding #dietneedstostart

As the cakes are best enjoyed with tea, Nesuto partners up with Antea Social, a local specialty tea company that carefully curates its tea leaves from countries like Taiwan and Japan.

Cake and tea pairing? The concept somewhat reminds me of Mad About Sucre.

Each tea pot goes for $9, and comes in flavors such as Oolong Dong Ding, Black Oriental Red, and Green Hojicha.

I particularly like the blended Lychee Oolong tea for its subtle fruity flavor which is a harmonious match with the flowery scent of oolong.

This lychee oolong tea also complemented well with the tangy, refreshing flavor of the Yuzu Raspberry Cake ($9).

The moment I sank the fork into the pretty-in-pink cake, my excitement bubbled up at its soft, pillowy texture. Each bite was like a fluffy dream in the mouth, floating with an ethereal combination of vanilla cotton sponge, yuzu meringue mousse, raspberry bits and raspberry white chocolate cream.

It was so lovely! The yuzu raspberry cake easily takes the cake as my current favorite at Nesuto.

My guy friend preferred the Le OMM ($9), a cake layered with matcha cotton sponge, matcha mascarpone and azuki red beans.

While the matcha azuki cake was pleasing on the whole, I found it to be a tad cloying after a while.

Maybe it's an age thing, but during this and also the subsequent visit, I realized that most of the desserts we've tried generally slant towards the sweeter side.

For chocolate lovers, entremet such as Le Chocolat ($9), Foret Noire ($9.80), Noisette Rocher ($10.50) will be suitable for that chocolatey gratification.

The Noisette Rocher ($10.50) was particularly delightful with its textural interplay of nutty hazelnut praline mousse, smooth guanaja 70% ganache, crisp caramelized hazelnut feuilletine and almond dacquoise.

Come end-May, Nesuto will be launching plated desserts such as the Duo Crème Brûlée featuring madagascar vanilla custard with a chocolate twist.

Whole cakes are available (advance ordering required) as well, if you need one for any special or celebratory occasion.

Will we return again? Why not? We were instantaneously drawn to Nesuto's instagrammable little space that is softly brushed in pastel shades, and enlivened with a handpainted floral wall mural. Besides, there is always space for desserts, be it before or after dinner :p

Address: 53 Tras Street, Singapore 078992
Contact: +65 6920 2922
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-8.30pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and Nett. Information is correct at point of published date.

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