May 05, 2017

Monument Lifestyle Goods & Café @ Duxton Road ~ Where Coffee Meets Shopping

Guy waits while the girl shops? Not anymore.

Nestled in the quaint Duxton Road, Monument Lifestyle is a café, and also a retail store that offers a collection of clothing and accessories... for men! The goods are all imported from US and mostly exclusive to Monument in Singapore. Expect American brands like Katin, Alex Mill and Hari Mari.

Girl enjoys her coffee while the guy shops? Yes!

Not a bad thing, as Monument is designed in such a way that it is both stylish and cozy. Easily puts one in a relaxing mood.

I like how the coffee and shopping concept fits seamlessly in one space. The retail section might assert its presence right in front, but the café at the back is no less alluring.

That couch that's smacked in the center is especially inviting and exactly where we lazed some post-lunch moments away. With a good cuppa in hands of course.

Coffee ($4 to $7) are brewed using beans sourced from Four Barrel Coffee, known to be one of the best coffee roasters in San Francisco.

Monument also serves a range of Tea ($7) by Samovar Tea & Chai, from San Francisco too.

Light bites such as open-faced Artisan Toasts ($6.50 to $9.50) with choice of toppings including cinnamon, avocado, nutella, lemon and apple over sourdough bread, as well as Croissants ($3.70 to $4.10) are available if you're feeling peckish.

For something heartier, there is the Sandwich selection by Park Bench Deli.

It was pretty quiet when we visited on a weekday afternoon, except for a couple of customers and those who came in to quickly grab coffee.

Service was relatively prompt and friendly.

While gentlemen can shop for some quality products, ladies who are in search of gifts ideas for their male friends might find something suitable at Monument Lifestyle too.

Monument Lifestyle
Address: 75 Duxton Road, Singapore 089534
Contact: Not available
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm / Sat 10am-6pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars. Information is correct at point of published date.

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