May 17, 2017

Ninja Cut @ Seah Street ~ New & Nostalgic Menu Additions Inspired By Childhood Favorites

We swiftly ninja our way out of the office as soon as it's lunch hour because... it's time for Ninja Cut!

Opened in Seah Street late last year and sister outlet to Ninja Bowl, Ninja Cut is one of our to-go-places for Japanese-inspired rice bowls and hearty brunch items. What piqued our particular interest this time is their new menu items that are inspired by childhood favorites.

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The Beefy Patty Macaroni ($16) is one such dish which would probably evoke memories of those comforting bowls of macaroni soup that we grew up eating.

But, this rendition is anything but the light and simple version which my mum would cook. Ninja Cut's macaroni is served in tangy tomato broth, and the homemade beef hamburg itself is stuffed with melted cheese!

Topped with a perfectly-poached egg, it was certainly an hearty indulgence.

($16)? Yes! I want! I want!

We love this Japanese chawanmushi spin on the classic Chinese steamed egg dish that is typically served during a family meal! The egg custard was smooth and delicate in flavor, and can be paired with either shabu pork belly or Hokkaido scallops (+$2).

Our choice of scallops was plump, and cooked to an ideal succulent bite. Just as I was wishing for some rice to go along with this lovely creation, there it was: Cheese rice hidden at the bottom! What a pleasant surprise as we dug deeper into the bowl!

Another highlight was the Crab Rosti ($18) featuring crisp cheese-stuffed potato rosti with onion, poached egg, mesclun mix, refreshing crab pate and tobiko.

The mix of textures and flavors was delightful! Easily my favorite!

Hello Ebi-Bardy ($16) was equally enjoyable with pan-seared prawns tossed in zesty lemon butter sauce. I opted for quinoa (+$3) to go with it, but later thought that soba noodles (+$2) or garden greens (+$2) might perhaps be a better match.

Our well-loved coffeeshop-style kaya toast is also elevated with an ingredient boost at Ninja Cut. Their Kaya Toast ($18) uses soft, thickly-cut brioche French toast, and is stuffed with homemade coconut jam and soft mochi cheese!

Best enjoyed when the toast is still warm, along with sea salt mascarpone ice-cream, crunchy crumble, and drizzles of gula melaka. Perfect!

Ninja Cut nails it once again with these well-thought new and nostalgic dishes. This is one ninja that is dangerously inviting and worthy of repeated visits.

Ninja Cut
Address: 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388
Contact: +65 6264 7727
Opening Hours: Weekdays 9.30am-9.30pm / Weekends 9am-6pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and nett. Information is correct at point of published date.

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