March 25, 2015

Mad About Sucre @ Teo Hong Road, Outram ~ One Of The Best Cake Places In Singapore!

If there is only one patisserie which you have to spend your precious calories on, make it the best. Make it Mad About Sucre!

I thought my friends were exaggerating when they started raving about how good this European-inspired cakery at Teo Hong Road (2 minutes walk from Outram mrt) is. But guess what, I went a little crazy too, from the moment I stepped into its chic minimalist space, to the moment of truth when I lifted a spoonful of artisanal creation into my mouth and felt bursts of orgasmic delight. This place is a must-visit!

The pair of hands that meticulously craft every cake and confection from scratch belongs to Lena, an alumni of the famed Le Cordon Bleu. Specializing in bespoke wedding and celebratory tiered cakes, she is the undisputed patisserie talent, while her brother Eric takes on the role of manning the store front which he does with much vigor. His enthusiasm was infectious.

You can sense the pride they have in their offerings. Bake with love, bake for love, no cake premixes nor artificial flavorings are used. Eric put in efforts to explain the inspiration behind each cake flavor when he brought our orders to us (as he does to all customers). I thought the foreplay of words built up the anticipation in a way, and set the tone that a cake is not simply just a cake. It is to be appreciated and slowly savored.

Slowly indeed. As the 5 cakes (currently all that is available) we had were served one by one (akin a 5-course meal), from the lightest to the heaviest tasting. Focus on one, enjoy it to the max, before moving on to the next.

Did the deliberately paced gratification played a part in heightening the entire experience? Because for a moment the famous smokey cabaret of Moulin Rouge ($10.80) was felt coming alive in that little rectangular slice.

The interplay of slightly-charred caramel mousse, walnut parfait, savore sponge and sweet short pastry was gorgeous. It was surprisingly not cloying at all, even with the caramel element in it. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Lena has reduced between 20% to 60% of sugar required in all the recipes. Mad About Sucre (meaning 'sugar') isn't that mad on sugar afterall.

Next up was my favourite of the afternoon, the Coco Citron ($9.80)! True to what its name implies, the sablée tart was filled with smooth lemon curd, and paired with light coconut mousse enveloped in dessicated coconut. I love the well-balanced flavors of this lemon tart which is much superior to all the overly sour mediocre versions out there. I love the lingering fragrance which the coconut gave. I love the "crystal drops" made from sugar which added a delightful crunch to the overall texture. I love everything about it!

Passionné ($10.80), a light cheese cake with passion fruit sponge, sweet short pastry and coco nip crunch was altogether enjoyable too. Served in a martini glass was the Carpentras ($11.80), an elegant beauty of vanilla cream, strawberry vodka cream, strawberry coulis, raspberry glaze and white chocolate coated almond crisps. Let your spoon give a deep penetration right into bottom, before bringing up the mutiple layers together, and enjoy the alluring blend. It was more of a dessert than cake, and there was a slight bitter aftertaste to it, probably due to the addition of lychee liquor and gin too.

Lastly we had the San Domingue ($12.80), a bomb-shaped conception which was da bomb! The feel of rum jewel box erupting into lusciousness coupled with mousse made from 70% single origin chocolate, caramelized plantain, vanilla cream and Brittany crunch was wave after wave of decadent happiness. I fondly named it the "chocolate bomb".

The cakes at Mad About Sucre were certainly delectable treats, distinctive in style and I like them all (albeit to varying degree). Eric shared that they have many more up in their repertoire, and are looking at refreshing the present line-up soon. While a breath of fresh air is good, I do hope my favourites such as Coco Citron and chocolate bomb will be retained. Prices wise, the cakes are not exactly inexpensive, but the quality justifies it all. Yes, quality would be what I would look for in my cakes. Yes, I would return for more! Definitely!

Mad About Sucre
Address: 27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334
Contact: +65 6221 3969
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 12.30pm-10.30pm / Sun 12.30pm-5pm / Closed on Mon

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