December 16, 2018

Folklore @ Destination Hotel, Beach Road ~ An Heritage Eurasian Christmas Feast Awaits

The kind of food that goes onto the Christmas dinner table differs from family to family, and for Folklore's Chef Damian D'Silva, an elaborate fare featuring a myriad of traditional Eurasian dishes prepared by his grandfather would mark the spirit of celebration at the D'Silva's home.

This festive season from 14th to 31st December, diners will get to have a taste of his family traditions too as Chef Damian will be showcasing lesser-know heritage dishes from his grandfather's repertoire.

To be honest, I wasn't too sure of what to expect as Eurasian cuisine is one that I'm not at all familiar with. The rich and heavy spread that was in front of us threatened like calorie bombs waiting to explode, yet looked so mouthwatering and smelled inviting too.

We made a wise decision of surrendering our diet plans, and opened our mouths quickly to let in the White Debal (Dine-in $42++ | Takeaway $45nett), Eurasian Pork Vindaloo (Dine-in $35++ | Takeaway $38)), Dry Mutton Curry (Dine-in $42++ | Takeaway $45nett), and Feng (Dine-in $30++ | Takeaway $32nett), a pig offal stew cooked in a blend of 18 spices.

It didn't take us too long to each find our favourites.

Mine was obviously the White Debal as I pulled a sudden stop at conversation, and immersed myself entirely in the appetizing deliciousness of the dish. Commonly referred to as Curry Devil, the Eurasian spicy stew is traditionally made with an amalgamation of leftover meats from the Christmas feasts.

Chef Damian's use of chicken was appropriate and its meat was cooked to a perfect softness. The rempah of chili, blue ginger, shallots, candlenuts, lemongrass and tumeric has done its job well, permeating the dish with well-rounded flavors. The addition of vinegar, mustard seeds, and housemade achar (pickled vegetables) elevated the taste even further.

My dining companion quipped, "Nicole is in love with the chicken!". She couldn't be more right.

The Eurasian Pork Vindaloo has gained quite a number of fans from around our table too. Prepared using bone-in pork chops, the meat retained a nice chew and each bite released the lovely aroma of spices that it was marinated and cooked in.

We were not too sure of Feng though. The stew consisting of an assortment of pig's offal like head, ears, cheeks, jowl, tongue, heart, liver, intestines, stomach, kidney, pork belly may be deemed too adventurous for the uninititated. I would described it as an acquired taste.

Do not be deceived by the Dry Mutton Curry's gentle appearance for it harboured a fiery spiciness which hits the tongue only a while after. Superbly shiok with with heaps of white rice.

Though the main reason we were at Folklore is to check out their Christmas offerings, we also ordered Beef Brisket Semur ($28++) and Sambal Julianna with Fried Brinjal ($16++) from the a-la-carte menu because these are well-loved dishes which we don't want to miss.

The Sugee Cake (Dine-in $10++, 3 slices | Takeaway $54nett, whole cake 1kg), and Bolu Cocu or Coconut Cake (Dine-in only $8++ per slice) made the most ideal traditional desserts to round off the Eurasian Christmas feast experience.

Folklore's Christmas menu is available for lunch and dinner from 14th December to 31st December 2018. Festive meal takeaways are available with an advance booking of 5 working days (last day to order is 25th December). Takeaways are available for all items except Eurasian Christmas Pie and Bolu Cocu.

Address: Destination Singapore Beach Road, Level 2, 700 Beach Road, Singapore 199598
Contact: +65 6679 2900 | +65 9021 9700
Opening Hours: Daily Lunch 12pm-2.30pm (last order 2.15pm) | Dinner 6pm-9.30pm (last order 9.15pm)

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