February 02, 2018

Care Bears X Kumoya! The Halal-Friendly Café At Jalan Klapa Is Back With Another Pop-Up Collaboration!

"Care Bears... prepare to stare!"

For you who still remember, the "Care Bear Stare" is when the Care Bears stand together to radiate rays of love and good cheer from their bellies! From 1st February to end-March 2018, our bellies will be made happy with a limited-time menu featuring these adorable bears!

The place to be at is Kumoya, the Halal-friendly café located at Jalan Klapa. This is the first full-fledged Care Bears centric pop-up cafe in Singapore and South-East Asia!

Kumoya is no stranger to such collaborations, as it is also behind the themed concept for Cinnamoroll Café, and Miffy Café.

We also see Shirley @littlemissbento, an award-winning bento/food artist and blogger, returning once again to contribute her talent in the menu design. She also co-created the menu at Gudetama Café Singapore.

The offerings are nothing short of delightful, looking all adorable and instagram-worthy yet mostly delivers in terms of taste.

Here's a look at what you can expect.

Care Bears Special Snacks

  • Truffles Fries ($11.90) ~ Tossed with parmesan cheese and infused with premium truffle oil. Served with house-made truffle mayo dip.
  • Salted Egg Yolk Fries ($11.90) ~ Sprinkled with salted egg yolk cereal crunch and served with house-made salted egg yolk dip.
  • Chicken and Corn Sticks with Nacho Cheese ($12.90) ~ The perfect combination of chicken nuggets and corn, topped with a double yummy combo of nacho cheese and mayo! You can't resist it!
  • Karaage Chicken with Shoyu Glaze ($12.90) ~ Kumoya's original crispy karaage chicken tossed with house-made sweet shoyu glaze. Simply fantastic!


  • The Seafood Chowder You'll Love-a-Lot! ($28.90) ~ Love-a-lot Bear care-fully picked all her favorite ingredients for this yummy dish! A healthy bed of fluffy Japanese beetroot rice, served with a fresh catch-of-the-day seafood chowder stew! What's not to love-a-lot? Every order of Love-a-lot seafood chowder comes with a free 5" Love-a-lot beanie plush (worth $14.90)! While stocks lasts!
  • Kumoya's Star Attraction ($18.90) ~ As rare as a beautiful rainbow, Kumoya's favorite pasta Pomodoro is given a tender dose of care! Try it with perfectly-cooked beef meatballs and a delightful melody of shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomato confit and parmesan sprinkle. The cute cheese stars will add a huge smile to your meal!
  • Fish & Chips & Friends ($20.90) ~ Best Friend Bear shares his favorite ocean fresh fish and chips, paired with a salad from the garden of Care-a-lot! Complete with a cup of house-made cream of mushroom soup.
  • Cheer-Up Chicken Katsu ($21.90) ~ When Grumpy Bear is grumpy, nothing almost puts a smile on his face like juicy Japanese katsu chicken dipped in teriyaki sauce, topped with a brighten-your-day sunny egg, cheddar cheese slice and lettuce! Garden salad, friendly French fries and mushroom soup featuring Grumpy Bear complete the meal!


  • Spread-The-Cheer-Waffles ($19.90) ~ Kumoya's signature waffles with fresh-churn strawberry Hokkaido soft serve, mixed berries sauce, meringue drops, wafer sticks and sprinkled with cute Cheer Bear cookies. You'll certainly be cheery with this!
  • Rainbow Garden Strawberry Parfait ($18.90) ~ What do you get when love, caring and rainbow colors are mixed? A special swirl of strawberry Hokkaido soft serve, with vanilla pudding, fresh fruits, meringue drops, chocolate sable, a surprise rainbow candy strip and mixed berries sauce.
  • Tender, Loving Pink Velvet Cake with Chocolate ($14.90) ~ Love-a-lot Bear's most loved cake is here! Fill your heart with love, and fill your tummy with yummy pink velvet cake, fresh garden strawberries with cream and a special side of tender heart konnyaku jelly and chocolate sable. You'll love-a-lot.
  • Feeling Blue Berries Cake Jar ($12.90) ~ Grumpy Bear Blue doesn't really like desserts, but when he does, he loves his berries cake jar with fresh cream, mixed berries compote, meringue drops and a Grumpy bear cookie. We know he loves it, despite his grumpiness.


  • Cute Cuddly Calpis ($11.90) ~ Berries Japanese Calpis (healthy yoghurt drink topped with a fluffy cloud of fresh cream and a sprinkle of magic stars to brighten your day!
  • Live with Passion ($9.90) ~ Fresh cold brew passion fruit tea with cocktail fruits and kiwi seeds and topped off with a unique Care Bears straw.
  • Care-Bear-ccino ($10.90) ~ Brewed with premium UCC Japanese coffee beans, topped with fresh cream, colorful rainbow wafer sticks and sprinkled with magic stars, this delightful coffee will brighten your day!
  • Berry Fun Brew ($8.90) ~ Fun Shine Bear is showing how much he truly cares with this yummy hot latte, handcrafted and brewed from premium UCC Japanese coffee beans.
  • Magic Mango Strawberry ($11.90) ~ Discover this magical blend of mango strawberry Japanese Calpis topped with fresh cream, a sprinkle of little stars and a cute Care Bear Straw.
  • Beary Berry Tea ($9.90) ~ Fresh cold brew berries tea served with a menagerie of farm fresh mixed berries that is "beary" hard to resist.
  • The Care-a-lot Choc-a-lot ($10.90) ~ Kumoya's popular Belgium iced chocolate topped with fresh cream, a dazzling rainbow wafer stick and sprinkled with magic stars.
  • Warm-your-heart Hot Chocolate ($8.90) ~ Love-a-lot Bear has added even more love to Kumoya's popular Belgium hot chocolate, which is now served with a cute floating heart Love-a-Lot Bear marshmallow.

At the end of our dining experience, we left the character café feeling impressed that Kumoya has executed another theme concept successfully.

The team totally nailed it especially with transformation of its space to be reminiscent of colorful Care-a-lot, home of the Care Bears, with rainbows and hanging stars.

We happily want to go home to these lovable, fluffy bears... and the little kid in us :p

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Contact: +65 6297 3727
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kumoyasingapore/
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu & Sun 12pm-9.30pm / Fri-Sat 12pm-10.30pm / Closed on Mon

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge, no GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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