October 10, 2017

Miffy Meets Kumoya! The Halal-Certified Japanese-French Café Presents The 1st Miffy Pop-Up Café In Singapore & Southeast Asia!

After ending a successful run with Sanrio's Cinnamoroll, Kumoya is back with another pop-up collaboration, this time with..... Miffy! Just in time to celebrate Kumoya's 1st anniversary too!

The little girl rabbit from Holland is created by Dutch author Dick Bruna, and is known as her Dutch name "Nijntje" in her homeland. She is featured in 30 over books, and has her own television series, movie, as well as a line of clothes, toys and various merchandise.

Now, you can catch her in Singapore from 5th October to 31st December 2017!

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Sporting long bunny ears and a cross for mouth, the innocent-looking rabbit overtakes the entire premises of Kumoya with much vibrancy.

The Halal-certified Japanese-French cafe is decked in a host of bold colors that are usually associated with Miffy. There are also Miffy plushies at each table for diners to take photos with.

Vibes are cheerful and almost carnival-like. We love the way the Miffy theme décor is done up!

The food and beverage menu is once again designed by the talented Shirley Wong @littlemissbento, who also co-create the offerings for Cinnamoroll pop-up and Gudetama Café Singapore.

Do expect carefully-crafted plates of edible Miffy-fied food, beverage and dessert creations. All looking adorable and Instagram-worthy of course.

While some items like waffles & karaage, curry rice and burger bore certain resemblance to the previous menu for Cinnamoroll, there was also "fresher" ideas such as the addictive specialty fries and comforting udon noodle soup.

Let's have a look at what's lined up on the special limited-time menu.

  • Miffy's Nice Nacho Cheese Fries ($10.90) ~ Enjoy a double cheesy combination of nacho cheese and mayonnaise.
  • Sunny Salted Egg-yolk Fries ($11.90) ~ Sprinkled with salted egg yolk creal crunch and served with housemade salted egg-yolk dip.
  • Egg-citing Miffy Smoked Duck Cold Pasta ($17.90) ~ Tri-colour cold pasta served with cute Miffy egg, hand-torched smoked duck, crispy renkon chips and fresh garden salad with goma shoyu dressing.
  • Splashing Good Fun Japanese Seafood Curry Rice ($24.90) ~ Fluffy Miffy Japanese rice served with fish kamaboko, cheese stars, steamed broccoli, breaded calamari, breaded ebi, breaded scallop and fresh tempura salmon on Japanese curry.

  • You, Me & Miffy Makes 3 Chicken Katsu Burger ($18.90) ~ Crunchy Japanese Chicken Katsu on Miffy mantou burger served with fries with BBQ dip, fresh garden salad with Teddy and cheese stars.
  • Souperlicious Hot Udon with Breaded Ebi ($20.90) ~ Slurping-hot Japanes udon served with Miffy kamaboko, wakame, shimeiji mushroom, Teddy carrot, chikuwa and Japanese leek. Accompanied by side of breaded ebi with shredded carrots.
  • Peek-A-Boo Miffy BLT ($17.90) ~ BLT with a difference! Tasty toasted bread, cheddar cheese slice, fresh tomato, crunchy lettuce, Teddy cheese, bacon and ham, Served with fries and housemade salted egg-yolk dip.
  • Wonderfully Waffles with Karaage Chicken ($21.90) ~ Buttery, fluffy waffles meets juicy Japanese karaage chicken, paired with housemade sweet shoyu glaze. Fresh garden salad with cute Miffy potato cakes, cheese stars and Miffy carrots.

  • Miffy Original Orange Soda ($14.90) ~ Juice up with orange syrup and nata de coco served with fizzy soda, fresh orange slices, and topped with a cute fluffy Miffy cotton candy.
  • Bunny Yuzu Delight ($10.90) ~ Refresh yourself with this beautiful Bunny tangy drink made with yuzu and cold butterfly pea-flower tea with nata de coco.
  • Miffy Mango Medley ($10.90) ~ What a juicy combination! Mango Juice mixed with butterfly pea-flower tea and nata de coco for a delightfully delicious drink!
  • Iced Chocolate Chocolate Cheer ($10.90) ~ Kumoya's popular Belgium Ice Chocolate, sprinkled with marshmallows, star bits, special collaboration logo and topped with fresh whipped cream.

  • Magnificent Matcha Azuki Lava Cake ($16.90) ~ Warm matcha lava cake served with fresh churned creamy Hokkaido soft serve. Paired with cute buttery Miffy cookie, fluffy cotton candy, dango and Hokkaido azuki.
  • Awesome Miffy Orange Sponge Cake ($16.90) ~ Tangy orange-infused Miffy sponge cake with orange peel, fresh cream, mango and fluffy cotton candy.
  • Double-Take Salted Caramel Cake ($15.90) ~ Salted caramel cake with double Miffy and Melanie buttery cookies, fluffy cotton candy, fresh fruits and chocolate sable.
  • Matcha Mountain Azuki Shibuya Toast ($23.90) ~ Shibuya toast served with fresh churned creamy Hokkaido soft serve, buttery Miffy cookies, fresh matcha cream with fruits, matcha sticks, dango, azuki, crunchy pistachio bits and matcha sauce.

Be it the venue transformation or food presentation, we were totally impressed by what we've experienced.

It's not difficult to imagine the time, effort and sincerity that was invested in the conceptualization and execution for this Miffy Meets Kumoya collaboration. Kudos to the team!

The pop-up is set to run for just a short period of 3 months, so quickly go before the little bunny hops away!

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Contact: +65 6297 3727
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kumoyasingapore/
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu & Sun 12pm-9.30pm / Fri-Sat 12pm-10.30pm / Closed on Mon

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge, no GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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