April 22, 2017

Be Frank Hotdogs @ Orchard Paragon ~ Gourmet Hotdogs With A Variety Of Toppings & Raclette Cheese!

Let's be frank about it. Who doesn't love sausages?!

This drums up the excitement when news broke that Be Frank has opened two weeks ago at the basement of Paragon Shopping Centre. The kisok might be a humble setup, but is conceptualized to serve gourmet hotdogs topped with a variety of toppings including..... Raclette cheese!

The striking electric blue and pastel pink hues of the stall front is hard to miss.

First thing first. Let's talk about Be Frank's hotdog. How long? How big? How delicious?

Oops I did not get its measurements, but can tell you that the pork bratwurst itself is of a full-filling length, and adequately plump.

Its bite is pleasantly firm and crunchy. Soft and limp hotdogs doesn't work well for me, so the ones at Be Frank fit the bill perfectly.

What makes the hotdog offerings at Be Frank different from the typical is the way it is jazzed up with sauces and ingredients, all housemade using their own recipes.

How do you like your hotdog, honey? There are at least a few different ways to enjoy it.

The Coney's Island ($6.50) is Be Frank's take on the American classic. Topped with minced beef cooked in tomato paste, mustard and Worcestershire sauce, as well as a generous heap of diced onion, it can be a truly meaty treat for hearty appetites.

I can take cheesy stuff rather well, so the Bac & Cheese ($6.50) with bacon bits and Cheezy Mushroom ($6.50) are more to my liking.

Both feature a blanket of gooey Raclette Cheese that is melted and scraped onto the hotdogs upon order.

The Cheezy Mushroom combination of creamy cheese, sautéed fresh white button mushrooms and hotdog blended beautifully into one lovely mouthfeel. Undeniably my favorite.

Slaw & Order ($6.50) with refreshing,juicy pineapple as well as crunchy julienned carrots and cabbage is comparatively the lightest choice.

Our group generally felt that the generic buns can be improved. Perhaps giving it some butter and a little toast for added crisp and aroma would do the trick.

If you prefer to go bun-less, the S'mash ($6.50) where a single pork sausage is paired with chunky mashed potato, caramelized onion in brown gravy could be suitable.

We also hope to see some Asian-inspired flavors for the hotdog too. Monthly specials topped with chili crabmeat, buah kelauk, or kimchi maybe? I would love to spice it up with wasabi mayonnaise or even green curry sauce too.

Though the spotlight falls on the hotdogs at Be Frank, the Croquettes ($3.30 for 3 pieces / $4.50 for 5 pieces) stole much of the show. Those amaze-balls of mashed potato, bacon bits and melted mozzarella encased in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden-brown crispiness were simply irresistible!

Be Frank serves as an affordable, fuss-free option when in need of a convenient grab-and-go. For those who can't wait to wolf down your hotdog as soon as possible, the small area decked with a bar counter at the kisok offers some standing space for you to quickly get on with it.

Do make use of the Set Meal ($9.90) value option by topping up a few dollars on any main to get a soft drink and a choice of 2-piece croquette or fries as well.

Be Frank
Address: #B1-K26 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/befrank.sg
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-9.30pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and Nett. Information is correct at point of published date.

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