April 20, 2017

Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant @ East Coast Road ~ The Place To Get Artisanal Breads!

Give us this day our daily bread! For many people, they do mean that literally. I don't think I'm alone in growing up in a household where bread is one of our favorite breakfast staples.

With the opening of Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant at East Coast Road, bread takes on an artisanal front. All of that doughy goodness are made using European historical techniques of breadmaking, and churned out from a full-scale woodfire bread oven. Probably the first in Singapore!

Yes, Firebake has come to the Yeast!

If you're wondering which part of East Coast Road (the stretch of road is rather long) is Firebake on, it is diagonally across Holy Family Church, nearer to the side of Still Road.

Outfitted with a combination of wood, bricks, corrugated metal sheets and vintage tiles, Firebake is full of rustic appeal. The vintage cutlery, porcelain and classic-style earthernware which are specially-sourced added to the overall charm. We can imagine ourselves to be in some European countryside already.

But what caught our eye is definitely the restaurant pièce de résistance: A pair of woodfire bread ovens that is hand-built from some 5,000 bricks by specialized craftsmen over 6 weeks. Wow!

This is in which bread is baked and selected dishes are slow-cooked.

It certainly took much effort and dedication for founder Konstantino Blokbergen, or Tino as he is known, to turn his passion for woodfire cooking and sourdough breadmaking into the present reality.

A trained chef in French cuisine and 25-year veteran of hosptality and F&B, Tino believes in back-to-basic cooking and the use of all-natural, sustainable ingredients.

For instance, organic flour from Western Australia and wild yeast is used for the dough, which then go through a natural leavening process. Even the water used goes through an elaborate Nordaq Fresh water filtration system so that it is as pure as humanly possible with natural salts and minerals intact.

After saying so much, the question on everyone's minds now would probably be, "So how? The bread nice or not?"

My answer is..... "Nice lah!"

For all you bread lovers out there, Firebake offers the current Organic Sourdough Loaf selection of The Wave - White ($8), The Field - Wholemeal ($9), The Rock - Rye ($11) and The Valley - Fruits ($13).

All the bread are woodfire-baked freshly in the afternoon just before dinner service (lunch and breakfast will be launched soon).

To best get a sampling of all the sourdough variety, I would suggest to order the Firebake Bread Board ($10). This is served with good quality Greek extra virgin olive oil and premium Norwegian butter.

The 4 different slices came non-toasted, though the restaurant do accommodate request for toasted bread. We prefer the latter for that added crisp and aroma. Our favorite is the fruit loaf which is spiked with a generous portion of dried fruits. Simply lovely.

We like to enjoy the bread with smooth and creamy 4-Spice Chicken Liver Pate ($12) too.

Food-wise, Firebake's menu features tartines and sandwiches, salads, soups, stews, grilled and smoked meat and fish, mostly tailored to complement the sourdough breads used in form of sandwiches, toasts, chips, croutons and breadcrumb.

One such dish is the Cured Norwegian Salmon ($25) where its skin is removed and replaced with a thin, crisp layer of bread crust instead.

The refreshing mix of Heirloom Tomato ($17) with pickled cucumber, feta and mountain oregano comes with a sprinkling of croutons made from sourdough bread, while the accompanying white sourdough for the Norwegian Blue Mussel ($25) is perfect for soaking up the savory deliciousness of its broth.

We also enjoyed the more substantial meat offerings such as the Grilled Pork Belly ($$22) paired with garden vegetable broth, and Rangers Valley Striploin 300gm ($38), though my sense is that the Roast Half Spring Chicken ($23) would appeal to the wider audience (thinking of my "I can't eat pork, I can't eat beef" friends as I type this).

Being a pasta lover, the Australian Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio ($19) caught my immediate attention. The al-dente bite of each strand enveloped with umami flavors and crunchy Sakura ebi did not disappoint.

The capellini was well-executed on all fronts and deserves an order!

To end the meal on a lighter note, the medley of Peach, Vanilla, Sourdough Ice Cream & Rye Chip ($12) will suit, but when at a bread-centric restaurant, go go go for the Firebake Bread & Butter Pudding ($10)!

Served piping hot in a mini cast iron pot, the bread and butter pudding showcased Firebake's sourdough as a dessert. The chunks of bread smothered in egg custard is most aptly described as comfort food at its best. It can be a heavy choice though, so do save some tummy space for it.

With such carbolicious breads and delectable eats, Firebake has fired its way into my heart as a worthy place to visit.

Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant
Address: 237 East Coast Road, Level 1, Singapore 428930
Contact: +65 6440 1228
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firebakesg/
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 6pm-10pm / Closed on Mon

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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