April 25, 2017

SENS @ Raffles Holland Village ~ New Japanese Restaurant Located Within TASTE Gourmet Grocer

Customers doing their shopping at gourmet grocer TASTE would probably have noticed the new addition that recently-opened in late March: SENS!

Located at the basement of Raffles Holland Village (accessible via Exit A of Holland Village Mrt CC21), the cozy 42-seater dining joint is easy to spot. It is here where a wide repertoire of Japanese delights such as sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura and yakitori can be enjoyed.

We can also grab ingredients from TASTE and have the chefs at SENS whipped up a meal for us. Charges are at $8 for every 100 grams of ingredients which can be pan-seared, charcoal-grilled or prepared tataki-style.

We skipped the bespoke experience because the menu selection at SENS is titillating enough for us. The only danger we faced is falling into an over-ordering mode lol! #firstworldproblem

A good gauge of most Japanese restaurants would be the freshness of its sashimi offerings. SENS' sashimi is air-flown from Japan and we enjoyed our platter of Sashimi Moriawase Mix (3-kinds $25.80 / 5-kinds $48.80 / 7-kinds $78.80).

Especially those slices of fatty chutoro... oishii!!!

The Salmon Mentai Aburi Maki Roll ($18.80) features a good mix of flavors and textures in one mouthful. I only wish there is more mentai sauce for extra creaminess.

It is quite commonplace nowadays to see Japanese restaurants having foie gras on their menu, and SENS prepares theirs charcoal-grilled and serve it with teriyaki sauce and Sansho pepper.

What can I say about our piece of Foie Gras Teriyaki ($16) then? I guess the way we finished every bit says it all. This is one "good-er" than good goose liver with a well-caramelized exterior and creamy inner.

Both our beef orders were excellent!

The tender and well-marbled charcoal-grilled Miyazaki Wagyu Tataki ($68.80) is worth every penny of the price, and the well-braised Beef Kaku-Ni ($16.80) melted our hearts with its melt-in-the mouth luscious bite.

We also had a bowl of light, clear Asari Clam Soup ($8) each, before moving on to something more sinful: Kurobuta Rosu Katsu ($17.50).

Its price is surprisingly reasonable considering that the deep-fried breaded pork loin is of a premium black pig cut and portion is generous.

Though the pork was not the most juicy piece that I had before, it was still very enjoyable with that coat of golden-brown crispiness.

The Surume Ika ($18.80) or charcoal-grilled giant squid was another well-executed dish. Texture was soft and tender, with none of that rubbery bite which most people dread. It was very appetizing when paired with teriyaki sauce.

I would want to eat it with some Japanese white rice, but wait..... there is the Niniku Chahan ($8) or garlic fried rice! Can never resist this tasty and fragrant combination.

Believe it or not, the four of us still have tummy space after all the above food, so we decided to round off the meal with some Yakitori ($3 to $6.90 per 2 pc/stick). The skewers could do with more char and aroma, but still, the chicken wings made me very happy.

The meal at SENS left us feeling satisfied, but for you who need a tipple to go along, SENS boasts one of the largest selection of Japanese craft beers, sake and wines from breweries located across all the regions of Japan.

SENS might not be the most fancy of places, nor have any Instagram-drooling food, but is winsome in its own way. Straightforward, unpretentious with a wide variety of crowd-pleasing dishes. Good if you're looking for a pit stop in between errands, lunchtime getaway, or quiet dinner.

Address: 118 Holland Avenue, Raffles Holland Village, #B1-12/13, Singapore 278997
Contact: +65 6262 5618
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senssingapore/
Website: https://www.sensrestaurant.com/
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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