January 12, 2016

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒 @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza ~ New Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Presents Lunar New Year Epicurean Treasures!

[CNY 2016] As award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒 at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza welcomes its new Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean, what diners can expect are signature creations by this talented 32 year-old young man who already has more than 15 years of culinary expertise under his apron.

He also presents a host of epicurean treasures and an exquisite line-up of prosperity set menus for the upcoming Lunar New Year, available from 18 January to 22 February 2016.

Highlights include the Salmon, Scallop, Caviar, Tuna & Lobster Yu Sheng (至尊捞鱼生), Wan Hao Deluxe Pen Cai with Pig Trotter (黄金盆菜), Braised 3-head Whole Abalone with Baby White Cabbage & Brown Sauce (原只红烧三头鲍拌白菜苗), and Barbecued Whole Boneless Suckling Pig (乳猪全体).

We had a preview of some the dishes of course (must eat already then can tell you nice or not hehee :p), and the session started off with us doing the quintessential prosperity toss. Huat ahhhhh!

The Salmon, Scallop, Caviar, Tuna & Lobster Yu Sheng (至尊捞鱼生) was quite an extravagant set up with an auspicious greeting "恭喜发财 2016" delicately laid out, and the premium ingredients used are definitely notches up from the typical.

If you're looking for a version that is simpler and more suitable for takeaways, options include Salmon Yu Sheng with Shredded Cod Fish ($68nett small / $136nett large), Tuna Yu Sheng with Jellyfish ($68nett small / $136nett large), and Abalone Yu Sheng with Bonito Flakes ($8nett small / $176nett large).

Another dish that is an epitome of lavish feasting is undoubtedly the Deluxe Pen Cai with Pig Trotter (黄金盆菜) ($738nett for 6 persons / $1388nett for 10 persons).

Wan Hao's rendition of the all-time favourite Chinese New Year delicacy was beautifully presented in a casserole hot pot containing 14 luxuriant ingredients including 3-head Australian Abalone, Japanese Large Conpoy, Sea Cucumber, Hua Jiao Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Black Mushroom, Prawn, Whole Pig Trotter, Roast Duck, Chinese Cabbage, Black Moss, Mustard Greens, Japanese Turnip and Bean Curd.

The explosion of flavors was fabulous! Besides the plump and succulent abalone, and the wondrous gelatinous texture of hua jiao fish maw, I especially enjoyed the pig trotters which was so meltingly soft and richly brimming with collagen for a boost in complexion. A highly recommended dish that is well-worth the splurge.

We also had a taste of Chef Brian's signature dishes such as the highly pleasing Pork Rib with Mandarin Orange (金橘蜜汁肉骨) that is coated in a savory sweet sauce with tinges of zesty flavors from the Mandarin orange.

Wok-fried Beef Cube with Black Garlic Sauce (黑金蒜煎牛柳) was another strong contender for my favorite dish of the evening. The beef was cooked just about right, remaining ooh-so-juicy and tender to bite. The black garlic sauce had a good balance of flavors and complemented the beef well.

By the time I got to the Fragrant Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (香芋腊味荷叶饭), my tummy was already bursting from all the earlier courses. Still, the combination of warm glutinous rice with pieces of preserved meat and diced taro scented with aroma from the lotus leaf was too alluring to resist.

Rounding up the meal was the Koi Fish Fresh Mango Pudding (香芒鲤鱼布丁). The refreshing dessert took form of a Koi fish which symbolizes good fortune, bringing forth success and prosperity into the coming year.

The quality fare once again left me feeling that Wan Hao certainly continues to live up to its reputation as one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore. It is worth all my repeated visits.

Prosperity Set Menus

Auspicious Lunar New Year Eve Reunions at Grand Ballroom is available on 7 February 2016.
Lunar New Year Epicurean Treasures is available at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant from 18 January to 22 February 2016.

For dining reservations or takeaway pre-orders, please call +65 6831 4605 or email mhrs.sindt.fb.reservations@marriotthotels.com

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒
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