February 04, 2014

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine @ Purvis Street ~ The Cold Angel Hair Pasta With Oscietra Caviar Is a Must-Try!

Having been to Gunther's Modern French Cuisine at Purvis Street a couple of months earlier during Singapore Restaurant Week, I was totally smitten with Chef Gunther Hubrechsen's spectacular cold angel hair pasta and told myself I will definitely want to return again for another experience of that awesome deliciousness. It wasn't so much of a planned visit though, as we called the restaurant for a table just before going over, but thankfully, the courteous voice on the other side of the line said they are able to accommodate us. Tongue and tummy, you are blessed! LOL!

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The classy fine-dining establishment was quite empty when we arrived at around 7pm, but was soon running on full house. Not an easy feat considering that it was a just a normal weekday and for mere working-class mortals like me, a meal here can be quite murderous on the wallet if you're easily seduced into ordering more than what you've intended. Everything on the menu sounds good!

I wouldn't describe the ala carte menu to be extensive, but it has a good selection within each category of appetizers, soup, seafood, mains and desserts. The food description will help you to visualize how your dish will turned out to be, or simply choose from the platter of fresh produce and go with the server's recommendation of preparation method. I must emphasize the word 'fresh' again. The lobster was still waving its claws at us!

Feeling not very adventurous that evening, we decided to simply order a few items from the menu. Starting off with a warm Mini Baguette and a yummy amuse bouche of Tempura Prawn each, it was a teasing prelude to the dish I came back for, Cold Angel Hair Pasta, Oscietra Caviar ($60), which blew our minds away!

Its look was deceptively unassuming and the taste, absolutely D.I.V.I.N.E.! Every strand of the angel hair pasta is nicely chilled and tossed in chives and konbu dressing, with generous infusion of truffle oil and luxurious touches of Oscietra caviar propelling every bite into intense orgasmic heights. So delightful, so gratifying, so exquisite in flavors, I was literally bubbling with excitement. This signature cold angel hair pasta is a definite must-try when you're at Gunther's.

As my friend and I had made known to the server earlier that we intend to share the dish, it was plated separately for us so that we don't have to fight over it. Haha just kidding! We appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

The Roast Smoked Foie Gras ($40) was still as beautiful as how I remembered it to be. A perfectly-executed slab of premium goose liver with crunchy nutty crust contrasted with an inner melting tenderness. Served alongside with mousseline of green apple which provided a refreshing tinge to the richness of this controversial yet irresistible indulgence.

I ordered the Floating Island of Champignons de Paris on Consommé of Poultry ($18) purely because of how poetic it sounded. The mushrooms came thinly sliced and meticulously arranged to resemble a flower in graceful bloom 'floating' atop the chicken broth. Alas clumsy me broke the egg yolk hidden beneath while lifting it up with my spoon, spoiling what could have been a picture of ethereal loveliness. Aiyah but nevermind, the soup still tasted delish. Its light savoriness coupled wonderfully with the creaminess of the egg yolk. Thoroughly comforting and enjoyable!

We moved on to the mains, another pasta dish of Angel Hair ($38). It's a warm dish this time round, with chili Monte Poro, dried prawns, seaweed, chives. The sauce gave the pasta a luscious creamy coat which I find to be a tad heavy as we progressed deeper, but still its unami flavor coupled with crisp dried prawns was addictive enough to have us polishing the plate clean.

Again the Roasted Rack of Black Pig ($75) was portioned into two for both of us, so what you see here is the 50% of what you would have paid for. Some substantial meat at last (I'm a carnivore!!), that was my thought as I devoured the delectable pork. The cut was well-marbled, satisfying us with juicy flavorful meat in every bite. Served along with sides of gratin potato and mushrooms. By the time I was done with this, my stomach had already "ballooned" haha. Maybe I was trying to see if it would burst, for we still went ahead to order dessert!

As we contemplated over the couple of dessert offerings, our server recommended the Fine Apple Tart "à la dragées" ($20), and assured us that it is really one of the finest and not too heavy as well. Indeed, the hot, crispy thin pastry topped with crushed nougat and filled with zesty green apples put smiles on our faces and nods on our heads. It went sensationally well with the dollops of Havana rum raisin ice cream. The meal ended with complimentary Petit Four.

Simple, honest and down-to-earth are the philosophies of Chef Gunther's food. I think he has exemplified all of these brilliantly. Their set lunch starts at only S$38++, really one of the best deal in town! For quality food in sophisticated setting, look no further. Gunther's is the place to go.

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine
Address: 36 Purvis Street, #01-03, Singapore 188613
Contact: +65 63388955 / +65 90103075 (sms)
Website: http://www.gunthers.com.sg/home/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gunthers
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm / Closed on Sunday

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