February 10, 2014

Burger VS Wings + Bar (B.W.B) ~ A New Vibrant Joint At Orchard Central

Woohoo there's a food fight going on at Burger VS Wings + Bar (B.W.B.) at the rooftop garden of Orchard Central! Who like burgers? Who like wings? Which will win over our hearts and palates? The competition heats up as the chefs at this new American-style restaurant attempts to tempt us with their creations!

B.W.B's concept sounds fun enough so there we went to check it out. Designed to look like a fight club, the bright spacious space is fitted with brick walls and plenty of metal elements with bursts of yellow hues, completed with punching bags and boxing gloves adorning the walls.

Music is thumping loud and vibes are definitely vibrant. Let the showdown begin!

The burger menu features no less than 9 varieties to suit different tastebuds, from signatures such as the B.W.B Classic Heavyweight Burger ($19.90) and Pumpkin Crispy Rice Cake Burger Benedict ($16.90) to premium offerings of Wagyu Beef Black Burger ($28). Ladies would probably take a fancy to the dainty trio of B.W.B Mini Burger Sampler ($20.50), or if you're experimental enough, try making Your Own Champion Burger ($21.90) from a selection of patties, toppings and buns.

Our choice of Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90) was an interesting one! Sandwiched between the soft sun-dried brioche, together with sunny side egg and cheddar cheese, is a patty of Stockyard Angus beef topped with a spread of creamy peanut butter! I've always loved peanut butter especially the chunky ones with bits of crushed roasted peanuts, giving a fragrant nutty crunch in every bite. Sounds weird but to have peanut butter in a burger works very well indeed.

The grilled beef patty could have been juicier, but then again, I'm very fussy when it comes to it. Pity that the bacon was burnt and inedible, which I feel the kitchen shouldn't have go ahead and serve. Well, If I can close one eye to all these and lower my standards a little, the burger is pretty decent and can still be quite satisfying. Portion is substantially huge. Can fill the tummy.

Fries are not included with the burger, so we ordered a serving of Add-on Fries ($3.80). Choice of flavors include Cheese, Garlic & Parsley and Sweet Potato.

Now, let's get to the chicken wings! The line-up of 9 different styles appears to be rather exciting. Heavyweight Wings ($14.50) are deep-fried drumlets with Thai sauce dip, Mozzarella Jumbo Wings ($14.80) seems to hint of oozing cheese and their deep-fried Hot Buffalo Wings ($15.80) comes in 3 levels of spiciness - mild, medium and suicide!

As we wanted variety, we ordered the Sampler Trio Wings ($18), a platter which includes Cajun Barbecue Wings, Sexy Flambé Jambalaya Wings which are essentially deep-fried deboned wing stuffed with Jambalaya spiced rice, Special Wings Wrap looking suspiciously like spring rolls, as well as a strangely out-of-place Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll.

The wings are supposed to take center stage but though fairly tasty, they were a tad scrawny and not crispy enough to grab this chicken wing lover's attention. Maybe the restaurant is still new and some tweaks to the preparation would make it better in time to come.

What's definitely value-for-money is the eat-all-you-can Tapas & Desserts Buffet at a top-up price of only $4.90 for lunch and $7.90 for dinner with every main course ordered. What a variety it offers! From pasta salads, grilled vegetables, black pepper meat balls, takoyaki, sous-vide eggs to desserts like carrot cake, oreo brownies, jellies and ice cream, surely these can challenge even the most ferocious of appetite lol! Too much food, this PinkyPiggu surrenders. But I can already think of a few friends who can conquer it!

Yes, B.W.B would be a suitable place to come with a group of friends and have a casual meal while soaking in the convivial atmosphere. Do look out for their limited "half-time specials" like one-for-one beer which might come on unexpectedly at any time. Have fun!

Burger VS Wings + Bar (B.W.B)
Address: Orchard Central, #11-03/04, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Contact: +65 66340423
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BWBSingapore
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm


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    1. If friends want to, I'm ok. Convenient for me.

  2. Although the food there is really good, the utensils and plates are horribly filthy. I wouldn't go back there ever again.